Psychemedics Hair Test - Passed! Here's my story...

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    I have never written a "thread" before but here is goes...

    Today: 07/16/2010
    As i sit here, with my bowl and lighter in hand, I'm please to inform you that I am one of the lucky people who have used drugs, only marijuana, and passed the "dreaded" Psychemedics hair follicle test.

    I'll make as quick as I can, but its going to be long as I'd like to make this as easy as possible. I am a Caucasian female 5'6'', average build with an average metabolism. I have long medium brown hair. I've been a social smoker for the past 3 years, smoking a bowl or 2 during the week, and then the equivalent of 2 joints on weekends.

    I have no idea why, but about a month ago was when i bought my last bag. Since then, I have smoked 3 times:
    06/19 - 4 big hits off a piece, KB
    07/01 - 3 hits of hash (Residue left in my grinder)
    07/07 - Was told I had to take the test
    07/08 - 1 hit of hash - searched like crazy for a method that would work

    On July 9th, I spent close to $150 between Wal-mart and CVS. My "Grocery" list included :
    5% Acidic Apple Cider Vinegar
    2% Acid Clean and Clear
    Tide powered laundry detergent
    Nexxus Aloe Rid TREATMENT - Not Shampoo -
    (Now discontinued, found it in a tiny pharmacy next to my work)
    Coal Tar Shampoo
    3% Salicylic acid hair shampoo for Psoriasis (Also known as T-Sal)
    Clear choice shampoo
    Loreal Super Blond Bleach Blond
    Hair dye - My natural color
    Shower Caps
    New Combs
    New Towels
    New hair ties
    You'll need a cup to apply this stuff

    Here is what I did:
    07/08 (1 week before test):
    A method called the Mac Method - My modified version of it.
    Pour vinegar on your head (don't forget to rub in and get the back of your head), Shower cap it for 20 minutes, DO NOT WASH OUT VINEGAR and add Salicylic acid to head, Shower cap for 20 minutes. Wash out and "Shampoo" with the Tide detergent. Then, after the Tide was out, I shampooed with the Coal Tar shampoo/TSal Combo, left in for 5 minutes. Washed out and applied Nexxus Aloe Rid, left in for 3 minutes, then washed out.
    This process takes about and hour and a half to complete.

    07/09 I did nothing to my hair

    07/10 - Mac Method

    07/11 - Pool and Sun for 5 Hours (UV Rays ad Chlorine are suppose to easily break up THC in the hair). Bleached hair. Redyed Hair. Hair color doesn
    t come out as dark as you want it to be and its kind of orange, so I redyed again. Washed dyed out with Coal Tar Shampoo and Salicylic acid. Didn't use the conditioner that came with the Dye. Then Aloe Rid Treatment.

    07/12 - Pool and sun for 4 hours

    07/13 - Night before the test - Mac Method. Bleached, dyed, and redye hair regimen. Left Nexxus Aloe Rid treatment in overnight. Wrapped my hair with a clean towel.

    07/14 - Day of test - Washed my hair briefly with Vinegar and Clean and Clear together, Washing it out with Coal Tar and TSal wash. I applied the Clear Choice shampoo following the instructions on the box. Got an appointment early morning at Concentra. Put a towel around my shoulders and let my hair air dry without touching "contaminated" clothes. Got there, filled out my paperwork, and got my hair snipped within an hour. This was important because the masking shampoos like Clear Choice are most effective in the first hour.

    Got the news today that I passed. Thank God. I hope this wasn't too throughout (at this point I have been sitting here for 2 hours typing because I got stoned off one hit). I just know that when i did this, i got all these ideas from all these different websites and just tried to make sense of it all. The truth is everyone is different. Different metabolisms, different hair color.... the woman told me at Concentra that most companies only pay to check the hair for 30 days of use, because companies have to pay a lot more the longer you go back. Other methods include baking soda, scalps burning... through this whole thing my scalp just tingled a little bit... Keep your head up. I did all this just so I could at least feel better about my chances taking the test so I could be less stressed out. I wasn't the prime candidate to pass this test with long dark hair but I did it. Good luck to everyone, and thank you for everyone that helped me with your posts. If anyone does it and it works, lets call it the "Honey Bunny Method".:angel::p
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    Hello! Need info for results coming back please!


    I had a preemployment hair drug test (Psychemedics) on my first day of permanent employment with a FTSE 100 US company, position is in the UK. Test was on the 1st of Dec and up to today I have heard nothing!
    Is that normal?
    I was 85 days clean, had a haircut (no 1) 5 days after quitting.

    Any help appreciated:confused:

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