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Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by plantlife12, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. plantlife12

    plantlife12 New Member

    It was one of my first times purchasing weed so I didn't know what I was doing. I gave 20 bucks to my friend and he said he would hook me up. Well now he tells me he's got it, and says its purple kush. I believe him and we've been friends for a while, and he told me he paid 35 for it from his dealer and now I owe him 15 bucks, which I plan to pay off next week. My two questions are, how much should I get for 35 bucks, I'm thinken a little less than an eigth, due to the quality, and how good is purple kush, I heard its beast. I know now that I should go to his house for pot and not front money, but I was kinda even more of a newbie four months ago than I am now. So, weight and quality? All answers will be apreciated
  2. TurnToTrees

    TurnToTrees New Member

    Honestly it sounds like you got fucked. The dealer can easily break your sack into what they're selling for 20 dollars worth. I don't think you owe your friend anything. You gave him 20 bucks, he should've either bought 20 dollars worth of weed or not boughten anything at all if he couldn't get it for that much. Doesn't he have a cell phone? God forbid call you and ask you if that was okay?

    More to your question, Purple Kush is typically pretty good. I wouldn't get hung up on the name though. If my intuition about your friend hustling you is right, then he probably made up the name to get you hooked. Dealers do that too all the time. Unless you yourself know the grower, and that grower knows for a fact what he's growing, then it is probably purple kush.

    Also, prices for amount vary WIDELY. I'm KS and unless you're buying from the same guys I am, then I (along with everyone else on this site) have zero idea what your prices are, wherever you are. Typically in KS i can get a half e of Purple Kush for 20 bucks. I mean, it really comes down to what the dealer thinks he can make off of you and what the dude who sold it to him thought he could get out of your dealer. On a side note, what your friend also thinks he can get out of you would be something to take into consideration lol.

    I know i'm kinda cynical, but you kinda have to have that mindset going into this business. I mean, it's illegal. There's nobody regulating your friend or the dealer into making sure you're not getting fucked. It's sad, but you can thank our lovely men and woman in Congress for that one. God Bless America.

    P.S. I really do hope this helps. It's a tough lesson to learn, but we've all been there. Next time, go with your friend and buy your own weed. You will eliminate so many ways of being taken advantage of if you do so.
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  3. 420circle

    420circle New Member

    it really depends.true purple kush is very good and 30 a gram is what i would pay at max.(i live in texas)where do you live? liek TurnToTrees said it probably isnt purple kush but some other purple shit.idk about purple kush but TRUE purple haze is practically extinct so you never really knwo what your getting.oh and i bit of advice i wouldnt front anyone anything ever unless you trust that person with your life.fronts get asses whipped and break up freindships and connections.
  4. Dankitydankness

    Dankitydankness Sr. Member

    For purple kush I wud pay $20-25 for a gram. Anything over that is too much. For $35, you should be getting atleast 1.5. And I don't understand why your friend wouldn't call you before he bought $35 worth. That sounds really sketchy and like you might be getting ripped off. But who knows. Let us know what happens though.
  5. plantlife12

    plantlife12 New Member

    Thanks. I'm (hopefully) going to be picking up my "purple kush" tomorrow. Hopefully it will go well :D
  6. Love4TheNugg

    Love4TheNugg NorCal MushroomCloud

    Rule of thumb: An eighth of even the most chron bud should be $40 or less, but some places I could understand $45.

    If you ever pay more than that then you're getting screwed.
  7. cheesebud

    cheesebud New Member

    Yeah I wouldn't pay more than $20. I live in Alabama where it's illegal and I still get that and better stuff for $20 a g. But it really does depend on where you live and what type of person you are buying from..
  8. Smokey McBongwater

    Smokey McBongwater Sr. Member

    Sorry to break it to you but that kid is ripping you off. I used to do the same thing to uneducated stoners lol. Give them a nug, tell them its maui wowie, say it costs more because its danker, then skimp them, Its a win win win for the dealer.

    Best way to stop it is to call him out. It helps if your not 12. If you are stop smoking weed or be prepared to be skimped,ripped off, or jacked for the next 3 to 4 years.
  9. devintheskater51

    devintheskater51 New Member

    $20-1 gram
    $30-1.5 grams
    I've never heard of a 35 dollar purchase either 30 or 40

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