Purple Trainwreck Marijuana Strain Review and Photos

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    Popular along the eastern seaboard – Purple Trainwreck is a dope cross between the much loved Granddaddy Purple gene pool, and the West Coast favorite trainwreck marijuana strain.

    With a pungent lemony scent – the relaxing high leaves you floating euphorically through Nirvana. An evening stress reliever, or a daytime creative enhancement – either way purple trainwreck will keep you on track.

    For those that have never experienced the invigorating high, you can easily search for dispensaries near you like who sell purple trainwreck, like headquarters MMC in Longmont Colorado, who have purple trainwreck on the menu for $14 a gram, $38 and eight, $75 a quarter, $135 for a half, and $250 per ounce – it's a smoking good deal.


    Some Trainwreck History

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