Purple weed?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by Graham, Jan 2, 2010.

  1. Graham

    Graham New Member

    I just purchased some purple indica from my guy but he doesnt know the name cause he said dealers make up names. What Strain could this be?
  2. newpotmoker

    newpotmoker New Member

    couldent tell you man but purple buds are usually a good sign so i think your in the clear man. Smoke-N-See

    CRIMSONxSOLDIER All Aboard the Canni-bus!

    Yeah.. there are hundreds of strains that turn purple, it's practically impossible to find out which specific strian that is. Also, a plant can turn purple due to being exposed to drastic temperature changes and a few other things too, i think.
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  4. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    That's correct. That along with a lessor degree of light during later stages of development.
    Additionally, In a small percentage of strains the purple occurs naturally.

    Regardless, it's misleading to think that 'purple' guarantees quality.
    It doesn't.

    So Graham, don't worry about a name (give it one yourself if you like), Just smoke it and all will become clear.
  5. shake_junt

    shake_junt New Member

    das dat purp.

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