put tap water in my drug test, what will happen

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by piff, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. piff

    piff New Member

    I started rehab the other day, and since I smoked, and no one came into the bathroom with me, I put a little bit of urine and water in the cup, and gave it to the lady..

    what will happen? Will they know I cheated? Its one of those test where they send it away to get tested.
  2. BassPirate

    BassPirate New Member

    No offense, as I don't know you...but you prrrrobably don't need to be smoking if you're in rehab, first off. And secondly, your sample will come back as dilluted at best. Adding water to piss doesn't remove THC...it just dillutes the taste...I mean, er jk. Good luck.
  3. trade04

    trade04 New Member

    hey dont listen to this guy. If it gets tested by a computer than they will know you tried to cheat. but heres a tip: ive been in rehab about 10 months. When your new the first month or so your in rehab you are expected to be dirty, so dont worry about it, if they tell u something about it just be honest and say u were worried because u havent smoked in some time but u know thc stays int he system longer and you thought it would jeopardize your freedom (they already know that) so just be cool. In rehab being honest is the best thing u could do trust me.

    Oh and to the poster before me, REHAB SUCKS i get tested 2wice a phukin week almost done though WEEeeeeeeeee
  4. piff

    piff New Member

    its 3 days a week drug treatment. I dont want or need lectures. I need to know what they will say, and what my defense could be. For example I could say I work out and drink tons of water. If it comes back diluted, I dont care. If they say, he we know you cheated, I need to know what my defense could be. I wont be smoking, just need to know what will happen. Lets say, if I fill it all up with water? How do they test for this urine? How does it work. Will they know that I filled it up with water? Dilution can be basically just drinking alot of water.
  5. BassPirate

    BassPirate New Member

    "hey don't listen to this guy."

    Oh please. Don't be a jerk, I gave my honest input. And from the way I read the post whilst stoned off my ass, I interpreted it that the original poster was smoking while in rehab. Did I say anything that was incorrect in my post? Didn't think so. And, the test will most likely be done by a computer if it is being "sent away" ...
  6. piff

    piff New Member

    can someone just please tell me what will happen? Yes its getting sent away, its the accurate tests. Now, will they know that I put water in it? Or could I just say, I drank alot of water that day? Why cant anyone answer my question on this forum? I am not smoking anymore, nor will I be, I just need to know if they will know that water was put in the cup. I did urinate a little in the cup, but most of it is water.

    Also, the nurse put my urine in the refrigerator.
  7. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active

    Don't Smoke

    Don't smoke untill you finish Probation. If you do and you get into the bathroom unobservered, SUB!
  8. piff

    piff New Member

    listen, I dont want to sub, I dont care. What happens if you put water in the cup? Will they know its water, and can I say I drank alot of water?

    I will be clean for now on, its just this first time.
  9. oneluv4boognish

    oneluv4boognish New Member


    hey pissy azz....they're trying to help you....since you obviously can't help yourself....don't cop a damn attitude!
  10. piff

    piff New Member

    no one has answered my question...what will come up on the test? 1000 nanograms of H2o? seriously.

    I dont need advice, I need to know what will the test say!!!
  11. oneluv4boognish

    oneluv4boognish New Member

    here's your answer

    Wait For The Results! Then You Will Know! ;)
  12. okplayer

    okplayer New Member

    we already told you that your sample will come back as tampered with, we don't know how many nanograms of H20 will be in your damn piss so stop getting angry at the people who already told you what they know
  13. knyukster

    knyukster New Member

    Plaiin and simple, they will know you cheated.
  14. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active

    You Are Right!!!!
  15. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    Bingo you have your answer. They expect you to be dirty for your first test I would think but not for the others. Putting water in a urine sample will make it negative dillute. Just so you know get a home test ant then a validity strip and piss in a cup and test it then check for adulteration, and see for your self
  16. oneluv4boognish

    oneluv4boognish New Member

    validity strips

    Any idea where you'd get them?
  17. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    Walgreens for the thc tests or ebay a batch of ten for 25 bucks or something, and the other ebay also or an online head shop or a local head shop.
  18. LivinInWisc

    LivinInWisc New Member

    uck, Rehab rocks it taught me how to be happy without drugs

    im even happier when i'm stoned though :eek:
  19. ShoreThing2005

    ShoreThing2005 New Member

    Piff, to answer your question, here is what I think. Urine is made up of many compunds such as urea, creatnin, glucose, ketones etc. So what happens when you peed in the cup is you did supply those necessary elements that the lab looks for to identify human urine. Here is where it gets shady. Since you placed mostly water in the cup, you have a concentration of these components that is greatly diminshed. In this case, it will come back dilute. In reading many websites, I came to the conclusion that it will come back tampered with. It will come back this way b/c the human body does not produce such high concentrations of water in relation to ketones, glucose, etc. When a person drinks excessive amounts of water and urinate it, that urine still has the components of urine just in a lesser amount. I believe that adding straight tap water would really throw off the specific gravity where as they would label it as tampered with. Hope that helps and best of luck to youu in rehab.
  20. grillmeats

    grillmeats No Longer Active

    Great response, tell him were to get the strips also.

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