Q Carbo 16 w/ Eliminex, does this work?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by misskris1983, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Hi All!

    I have a drug test in the morning and was told to use the Q Carbo flush drink. I am about 5'4 140 lbs and I am a daily smoker for about 2 years. I havent smoked in 7 days and have been drinking plenty of fluids in hopes to help flush my system. I was just curious if anyone has had any success with this method while following the exact instructions. I was also advised to take a multi-vitamin as well as 2 full bottles of water after drinking the Carbo. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thank you all in advance :)
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    An excersie in futility on your part. THC is not water soluable and therefore you cannot "flush" it out of your system drinking plenty of anyting days before your screen. You can however use it to your advantage in the hours just before a test by diluting the concentration of the metabolites in your urine.

    None of the so called "detox" products work in and of themselves. They all rely on dilution and you could replace them with any other liquid and you would achieve the same results. In other words, all of those miracle products are nothing more then a shameful marketing scam that prey upon the undeducated and misinformed. Your money can be better spent.

    A little late for much insight. With your history it would not be a stretch to believe that you are still hot and at this late date you have few options to consider.

    You need to take some personal resposibilty for your own well being and do some quick research if you want a shot at passing. Review this thread, http://www.marijuana.com/urine-testing/12956-dilution-tips-tricks-guidelines-n2.html and study Post #1

    At this late date you will not be able to meet some of the criteria, but pay close attention to the amount of liquids to drink and in the time frames recommended. Consume any more and you will find yourself over diluted. This will give you a shot and with your test being tomorrow, it's the only bullet you have.

    Best of luck ~

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