Quebec city dwellers, I need info

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by Arsenic, Feb 2, 2002.

  1. Arsenic

    Arsenic Guest

    I am travelling to Quebec city on March break for a Grad trip.
    I will be staying in a hotel right near the Dag. Now I have never been there myself but people tell me there are some really good accesory shops there.

    Can anyone from Quebec city confirm this for me?

    Also I'm just curious as to the quality of bud up there, and how readily available it is. I live in Southern Ontario and our bud here is awesome and pretty cheap. I think I'll be bringing up about 2 Oz for the trip.

    Anyway any input as to the MJ situation happenin in Quebec City would be much appreciated.
  2. Ah sweet sweet quebec...

    We do have really fukn!!! good weed...

    Schwagg doesn't exist here... don't count to buy any... You'll only get dank, and that's for sure... On the streets there are some teens who deal for bikers *hell's angels*, I know a couple, and you can get some freaking great strains, like purple haze, quebec gold anyways...

    As for headshops, We do have a lot of em, You'll be able to find anything you want, from lighting, to pipes, to herb grinders, to anything weed related :)

    As for laws, If u get caught 1st time they will take it away(1-2g), that's it, if ure a minor theyll talk to ure parents... if u get caught another time u might be charged with possession, or they might just take it away :) A cop told me once that all the weed he took away, he smoked it... so yeah, quebec has no big deal with weed.

    Anyways, Have a nice trip, and tell us what you got...
  3. Arsenic

    Arsenic Guest

    Hey thanks for all that info.
    I'll think I'll bring up my own just in case.
    But I will definitely hold out for a nice piece until I get there.
  4. DeltaLima

    DeltaLima New Member

    2 places really close one from each other (in fact neighbors competition) are on "Côte de la montagne" street. Ask for it, it is really close to Château Frontenac.
  5. Arsenic

    Arsenic Guest

    thanks for the info delta. I am in dire need of a pipe, I broke my old one and am making do with my friends pipe and joints.
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