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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by oopsismoked, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. oopsismoked

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    From personal experience within the last week.

    They ask you to wash your hands with water (no soap) then give you container, show you the fill line. Tell you that you may finish in the toilet, but don't flush and don't wash your hands.

    The cup they gave me had no temperature markings on it. I did exactly as they requested and opened the bathroom door, the woman came back and took the sample. No temperature test that I could discern.

    I flushed my system for 3 days and had only smoked 3 times in the last month. Used Ready Clean (thin) as directed. Results will be in later today.

    I have to take yet another test from Quest Diagnostics within the next 24 hours (pre-employment for a different job)

    Problem is I didn't expect the offer today, and smoked LAST NIGHT!!!!

    I've already drunk a gallon of water and plan on drinking 2-3 more plus ready clean again. (only if I passed my test from last week though.)

    I'm looking into substitution method because I know the system now and 60-80 ml container of urine would be VERY easy to conceal, keep warm (even though it doesn't appear they bother with the temp test.)

    I need to find a clean source of urine in the next 4 hours. When I collect it from whoever agrees what should I do with it? can it be stored over night? what temp should I keep it at? Any specific advice for this situation is welcome.

    Thanks in advance
  2. CheebaMonkey

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    Although this is too late now, you can store it in the freezer overnight, and thaw it out in the morning. If there are any floaters in it, filter it with a coffee filter.
  3. ZoSoToker

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    Quest Diagnostics & temperature

    I took a urine test at a local Quest Diagnostics last week, and they did in fact test for temperature. They poured my piss from the container into a smaller on that had a temperature gauge on it similar to those found on fishtanks. The lady said something like "your temperature is within range" before packing up the vial of urine.

    So, maybe depending on the Quest Diagnostics location, or even who takes your sample, they may do a temperature test. Good luck either way with your test. I'm confident that I passed mine, as I've been working for 2 days now, and took the test 5 days ago.
  4. eXotic

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    I went today for a urine test at Qwest. The cup did have a temperature strip. All the rest was just as you describe.
  5. brewstation

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    Has anyone had experience with Quest Diagnostics doing a monitored/supervised urine test for a pre-employment drug screening?
  6. MissLatin

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    Legally, you are not to be supervised for a pre-emplyment drug test. Only if you are involved with the legal system is when those rights are removed. However, if your results show suspicions of alteration, the company may request for a 2nd supervised specimen
  7. Ruckus

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    Actually, an employer can order a monitored or observed collection if they so desire, A large majority do not. A collector can also do same if given good cause.`
  8. MissLatin

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    Actually.... LEGALLY they CANNOT request to supervise... UNLESS they have a suspicion that your first specimen was alerated.... in this case, then YES they can request for supervision... know ur legal rights. LOOK IT UP ONLINE
  9. Ruckus

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    There are provisions where an employer can if they show just cause and there are more reasons why a drop can be observed and you cannot just make a blanket statement as you had in your first post to the topic.

    If you had simply stated that a run of the mill employent screen was not observed unless good cause was given then I would not have commented.

    Best ~
  10. MissLatin

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  11. DrugTestDave

    DrugTestDave Moderator

    Very rare that temp would not be tested. In any case, good luck!
  12. zman1503

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    Ok this is my story and its proven to work cause i tried it and i passed my urine test...things you will need...

    1) friends Urine(No More Than 18Hrs old)
    2) 1 Heat Pad
    3) 1 50ml plastic container
    I got my friends urine at 8pm the night before( i am expected to reach for my my urine test at 8am the next morning 3 hrs drive).I kept in in the fridge overnight,got up at 4am and placed the sample in hot water for 30mins then i left home to the drug test i left home and it was still warm after an hour(felt with hands no termometer) after about two hours it started getting cool and that's when i placed the heat pad around the container for the remaining part of the journey.. before i entered the building i removed the heat pad and placed the container to be concealed under my balls(best warm spot to conceal container),i waited to see the doctor for 3 hrs so its around 11am and i am now going to take my test,i lucky i was left unsupervised and i was able to do my thing without being noticed however i was quaking in my boots because of the time i had to wait...
    When the nurse finished doing the test I took a glimpse at the paper and i saw that i passed and my temp read 92.3 deg (f) (suppose to be between (90-100).That was the best feeling i could ever remember feeling lol...
    Now i am not sure if the heat pad was necessary however you need to keep it above the expected temp and then place it under your balls.
    Hope it works for you!!!

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