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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by supes83, Mar 3, 2006.

  1. supes83

    supes83 New Member

    Testing for Synthetic at Quest

    I have searched the forums and found that a lot of people have passed a urine test at Quest using quick fix synthetic, but has anyone used Puck Technology Number 1 specifically to pass a urine test at a Quest facility? Is there a difference between the quick fix synthetic and the puck synthetic? Will they be able to tell its not real. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im going to take the test tomorrow I think using Number 1. I will let everybody know when I get the results whether it worked. But I really would like to hear any experience since I still have a little time to grab something else.

  2. supes83

    supes83 New Member

    I forgot to mention the reason why I am worried is because I've read some articles where the head of Quest, Barry Sample, was talking about shutting Puck Technologies down. Also there was a mention of inconclusive results.
  3. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    Not sure about the product you are talking about, if you have time and have read the testimonials to Quick Fix, then go get some now.
  4. okeydokeypokey

    okeydokeypokey New Member

    Isnt the synthetic urine just evaporated human urine with water? i dont know but i mean, how would they make fake urine?
  5. okeydokeypokey

    okeydokeypokey New Member

    i also heard somewhere that you can make your own evaporated urine by peeing in a cup and letting it evaporate then scrape the sides and fill it up with some water.
  6. Explicit

    Explicit Sr. Member

    Quick Fix is synthetic urine, not someone else's clean urine. They've made a solution with similar specific gravity, ph, creatinine levels and all that good stuff labs test for. That's all.

    I've never heard of this other brand mentioned by the original poster.
  7. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Why don't you try it. Take some of your urine, dry it, then reconstitute and test it. Post your results here. Be sure to list the type and volume of water you used (tap, distilled, sterile, etc.) to reconstitute. Also, you would need to document the volume of the urine, time, temp and humidity it was exposed to while evaporating. Don't forget to tell everyone how bad the smell was while conducting this experiment.

    (I apologize to everyone else, I am basically entertaining myself. :wave: )
  8. okeydokeypokey

    okeydokeypokey New Member

    im not a scientist and im not about to leave piss out long enough to actually even have a chance to dry out.
  9. kdilly420

    kdilly420 New Member

    Fuk the Puck,

    Go with ReadyClean and put yourself at ease.
    Follow the directions and go take a nice piss, and hey, if she wants to watch, let her.
    Pass with flying colors with ReadyClean. I have more than twice.

  10. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    :rofl2: :lmao: :rofl2:
    And me and a few others Sec :woohoo: :laugh:
  11. supes83

    supes83 New Member

    Just wanted everyone to know that I passed and got the job!!! Puck Technology's Number 1 works at Quest Diagnostics. I was nervous that they would test for synthetic urine but it was so easy and it worked. Get it at

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