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Discussion in 'Places and People' started by tiger79, Mar 8, 2004.

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    I will be traveling to Cancun next week and staying at the Oasis. I am from the US and don't really know the laws/enforcement for bud down there, especially in Cancun during Spring break with a million other americans. Is it easy to get a bag? What are the prices like? Is the pot any good? What is the best way to get it? Sorry if i sould like a jackass, but I just don't feel like asking an undercover cop (if there are any) or something for pot and ending up in jail for the week.

    I have heard a bad story from one of my buddies who was robbed at gunpoint and dumped in a field in the Bahamas last summer while trying to score an O and would like to avoid this if possible.
  2. DaDornta


    I went to Cancun for spring break my sr. year of highschool. I didn't smoke back then, so I can't really tell you anything in the way of weed...

    But, if you want to know about cool sh*t to see/do...i'm your guy. I was researching cancun for 6 months prior to going...I went all over that damned place when I was there too.

    Take advantage of the bus...for like 50 cents you can ride it for as far as you want. busses run every 10 minutes, and will stop anywhere--just flag em' down.

    If you have any non-weed questions about the place hit me up.
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    I went to Cancun last summer. There is like this flea market area where they sell all kinds of stuff. A bunch of stores there sold pipes and if the owner saw you looking at a pipe they would offer you some marijuana.

    I didn't buy though cause I heard storeowners will rat you out to the police or be on the payroll of the police. Plus I hear the weed isn't very good down there and not worth the risk.
  4. In Cancun if you want pot ask the pizza pizza guys on the scooters there are like 100 of them around every hotel, they will give it to you free if they think youll buy again and its like $10 for about 10g its **** ass mexicana weed but for a little more they will give ya cocacola thats cut with baby laxative and melts due to the 120degree humidity but still very pure. Cancun has every drug under the sun, roids are over the counter in everypharmacy.
    HAve Fun :laugh:

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