question about hemp oil and getting high?

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  1. Phantom420

    Phantom420 New Member

    hey all, i heard about rick simpsons hemp oil awhile ago and have been reading about it off and on because i really would like to take this oil for the health benefits. I have looked all over the place and cant seem to find a clear answer to my question. Do you actually get high from ingesting hemp oil? I want to take this oil but don't want to get super high from it
  2. GunCow

    GunCow Sr. Member

    Rick Simpson says yes.
  3. Phantom420

    Phantom420 New Member

    Could you possibly give me a link? i would love to read it for myself. If not does he say you get high when you ingest a lot of it? when you ingest the recommended dosage? and comparing to someone who doesn't have much of a tolerance and smokes a big bowl how high do you get off it
  4. StoneyBologna

    StoneyBologna New Member

    If you get properly refined THC oil, it is very effective through almost any consumption method.
  5. GunCow

    GunCow Sr. Member

    I don't have a link, sorry. Rick Simpson said it in a radio interview. The guy asked him if you can get high from it and he said yes. In small doses, the presence of highness varies.

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