Question about MacCujo Method and Discussion of Solvents and Hair

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by cyclops, May 29, 2006.

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    Hi again! I first of all I have two stupid questions on the MacCujo method :)

    1) MacCujo recommends the use of Clean and Clear Cleanser and Toner - is this one product or the combination of two? I havent been able to find an all in one cleanser/toner. Also, there are so many different types of cleansers and toners sold by Clean and Clear which have slightly different ingredients so which is the best one to use or does it not really matter?

    2) Should the Tide Laundry detergent with or without bleach be used? My guess is the bleach is the way to go but.......

    Prehaps the slightly different ingrediants in these products could explain why some people pass the test and others fail :rolleyes:

    Also, I was wondering if anyone knows "exactly" what solvents are used by the drug testing labs to extract the hair and how this process works. From what I have read some labs use solvents to directly extract metabolites from hair (I dont see how the solvent can penetrate the keratin of hair without destroying the hair) while others first wash external contaminants from hair with a suitable solvent but then liquify the hair (my guess is with DMSO or some kind of enzyme) to remove the internal contents and THEN extract these organic components with a suitable solvent.
    Anyways, I know people in this forum have washed their hair with methanol-based materials to try and remove THC metabolites however, it seems to me that ethanol or isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) which are both readily available and less toxic should behave in the same manner as methanol (these only have 1 and 2 extra carbon atoms in their respective skeletons) - the question is do these solvents do anything other than remove "external" contaminants? The active ingredient in some of those detox shampoos is the long-chained, water soluble alcohol polyethylene glycol (this is supposidily also used to help hair grow!); again it seems to me that if the claim is an alcohol can be used to remove THC from "inside" the hair then simple alcohols like ethanol should work in much the same way......

    Have a nice day :wave:
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    Use the clean n clear with the highest amount of Salicylic Acid. I know the pink has been used. The Tide without bleach is the one that has been used and I think somewhere in the thread started by MacCujo, it was advised not to use the Tide with bleach.(not by MacCujo) I don't believe MacCujo specified which one.
    The last time MacCujo was heard from he was thinking of experimenting with Methanol. Maybe that is why he hasn't been heard from since. :D
    Start in the MacCujo thread and read to the end. There are a lot of variations and some weird sh*t put on peoples heads. The question about extraction is answered sommewhere on this forum and all companies pre-wash to remove contaminates now. That eliminates a false positive from the environment, like second hand smoke.

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