Question about magic flight launch box.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Karigrandi, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Karigrandi

    Karigrandi Active Member

    So I've been smoking from a bong for over a year now and I feel its time to get a vaporizer.

    From what I understood to get a reliable quality vape you need to spend $300-$500, I am planning to buy a Volcano later maybe in 2 years.

    At the moment I can't afford a quality stationary vape and the cheap vapes on ebay seem like a gamble, some say they work fine, others say they don't, no warranty. So I was thinking of getting a magic flight box, sure you can't compare it to a stationary, but its way cheaper.

    The qualities that make me want to buy launch box are life time warranty, no combustion, portability (I really hate smoking joints, such a waste of herb). However there's two concerns that keep me from ordering the launch box.

    1. Size of hits? Bong smoker that I am, I'm used to take big rips.
    2. How does it conserve weed? I got limited availability of quality bud so this is important, tho I believe launch box will beat bong hands down anytime, am I right?
  2. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Oh, that is soooo not true. It is a common misconception though, so I'm not surprised that you've been given wrong info. You can get a "reliable quality vape" for just over $50 in the lighter based format. That may not be what you're looking for, but the Vapor Genie or Vaporstar, for two, do have quality and reliability. For $100, you can still get the original Vapolution on eBay. It's been updated, with version 2, but in minor ways, and the original design is a real bargain now. You get an all glass vapor path, which few other models provide.

    Other quality direct draw models are available in the $150-200 range. The Da Buddha is an excellent vape in that price range, and would be my choice if cost was an issue.

    Although it's an excellent vape, it's also the only bag model on the market these days that restricts you to bag use only. In this price range I'd much rather have the new Oracle vaporizer, which at least allows you to use direct draw, along with the bag fill. Since it hasn't been on the market long though, it's going to take a while for it to earn reliability points. The Zephyr Ion is an excellent dual mode vape in the $300-360 range, but unfortunately US Customs decided to pick on this manufacturer, and they're temporarily (hopefully) unable to do business.

    The Extreme Q and herbalAire are two other, very affordable (especially the herbie) quality bag/direct draw models that are very popular. I've used the herbalAire for years and would only trade it for a Volcano in order to sell the 'cano and pocket the difference. ;)

    Since you like bongs, I'd think you'd be happier with a big hitting direct draw vape like the DBV or SSV from 7th Floor. Another bong type vape, with excellent glass, will be hitting the market this year. I know the designer, and can promise that this model will be one of the top performers on the market, incorporating some of the best features of other top quality designs.

    I'd suggest you do some reading here and find the threads with the most posts. Those models will be the ones that people are recommending and others are buying. The vape market is very different today, vs. what it was years ago when the Volcano established its reputation.

    The MF Launch Box is an excellent portable, and like a lot of models, can even be hooked up to a bong to provide big hits, but that's not really the design goal, since it's a small portable.

    It can be used very, very efficiently, but that mode is not compatible with your desire for "big rips". Big hits mean you're exhaling a lot of vapor, and with vapor, that's wasteful. The best way to conserve with the LB is to load small and take small hits. Since the heat time for the LB is 4-5 seconds, it's quite easy for the temp to rapidly increase with this model if you apply the battery too long. You can load it up and overcook the bowl in no time if you're not careful. Using any vape efficiently means controlling the temp and your hits. The most efficient way to use the LB is to hit it small enough that you'll think you got no vapor at all. There'll be little to no visible vapor on exhale, and you'll just have to sit back for a minute and wait for the effect to kick in. Yes, the LB, or any vape, can stretch your herb supply out, but the user has to contribute to efficiency.

    You'll also have to get used to the difference in the high. There's much less of a wasted, couchlock feeling with vaporizing. It's a much cleaner high, and the missing sedative effects (except at high temps) are due, in large part, to the lack of sleep inducing toxic compounds that you get with smoke-carbon monoxide for one.
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  3. Karigrandi

    Karigrandi Active Member

    Wow thanks for an awesome answer 5drive. I guess I was blinded by the hype around the volcano that has been all over the internet for as long as I can remember. I got this picture that bag vaporizers hit harder than the whip models, hehe I should have done more research before jumping into conclusions like that.

    I figured that I should forget about LB for now and think about getting a stationary first. Da Buddha and Silver Surfer sure look tempting, but there seems to be also a lot of satisfied HerbalAire owners, including yourself. Also having direct draw and bag system is imo. a strong quality for starter vape. So I'm leaning towards HerbalAire now. And wow Vapexhale looks very promising. I'm going to take my time and do some more research before I make my final decision.

    I look forward to the vape high, because recently I have started feeling really really stoned on the next day after smoking and not stoned in a good way.

    Anyway thanks again for pointing me in the right direction. Couldn't have imagined a better answer.:hail:
  4. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    Glad I could help out. One caution though- the dual mode vapes like Extreme and herbalAire tend to be a compromise with direct draw, vs. whip only vapes like the DBV/SSV. The herbalAire will do better in whip mode with ground herb, which means adding another screen to the crucible, on top of the herb, to keep it from being drawn up through the main mouthpiece (for bag fill it works great with pieces instead of ground). With the E, you need to pack the elbow screen instead of the bowl for vapor rich hits.
  5. medme

    medme Sr. Member

    the launch box is a small hitter,,,, but i love it,,, just got mine awhile ago..
    i hope you enjoy your choice as much as i have mine......
  6. Cruquetas

    Cruquetas New Member

    I can't think of a single problem with the launch box besides the fact that you won't get as huge hits as you would with a desk vape. The portability is great, clean up is easy, there is no smell and the box itself barely smells at all.

    You won't be getting huge hits as you should be taking long slow pulls but you save SO much bud. I picked up an eighth last friday of some dank bud and I haven't even finished half of it while doing at least 2 trenches a day. You can also smoke the vaped shit after for a decent buzz or make some edibles.

    If you want a cheap desk vape you could get something like a Vapor Brothers one. They aren't bad at all and get the job done. My brother brought his home from school for winter break and we never had a single problem with it.

    In the end though, having a vape is so convenient. It doesn't smell, it tastes delicious, its healthier and you can get higher off less herb which is cool. You won't be disappointed with the switch from a bong to a vape.
  7. Eaglewood Steve

    Eaglewood Steve New Member

    Get it

    I have asthma and for me the mflb is perfect. It saves me money, its healthier, and I can take it anywhere without being noticed. I've used it at a school dance aha, the movies, and even golfing. For me any vapor exhaled is excess and a waste of thc. I do agree the bigger more expensive desk vapes are great but they lack some of the advantages the mflb has. Ps. If you have a grinder with a kiefe catcher than you will be in heaven!
  8. Mars1977

    Mars1977 New Member

    I'm glad you asked this question and I'm glad to help you out. I don't know what the other guys said but if your a bong smoker then don't buy the MFLB. You wont like it. If you do want to get it, you should quit the bongs completely. You cant really do both because as a bong smoker you will say stuff the MFLB and go for the Bong.

    I find the MFLB is best just for a few hits. After that you will want to reach for your bong and pack a pipe like a man. As far as size of hits, you barely see any vapor, and when you do, you seem to always get that slightly burned taste at the end of exhale. If you want big hits it will do it but you may taste a burned and it may make you cough and give you dry throat. The question is do you really want to spend $115 for this thing ? I suggest you do not!

    You will conserve weed with this, yes. Vaporizing weed will always conserve more than smoking. However, you may not like the hits. There is honestly NOTHING about the hits that you will really like. Truth is you cant beat a bong hit. If you want to experience a real vaporizer, then buy a real vaporizer. You don't need to spend 300-400, you can check out the Arizer extreme Q, or the dabuddah vaporizer which I have.

    As for the warranty on this, I think this is one of there selling points. truth is your paying at least twice what you should be paying to start with. As far as replacing the box, they have to because the screen isnt replaceable. Also, for them to replace a box is nothing. It may cost them $2-10 to replace. The question is -will I be still using this in a year or 2 years ? I don't think so. I think if you like the concept of a portable you will want something much better than this. Save your money and look at your other options. Serious.
  9. Mars1977

    Mars1977 New Member

    I can.

    * There is a long learning curve. With weeks of daily use and I cant get it exactly right.
    * There is the battery issue.
    * The battery connection issue.
    * Its not group friendly
    * Herb needs to be cut really fine
    * The same amount in a real vaporizer will go twice the distance and get you twice as high.
    * The delivery system in comparison to a real vape would be like a little dry hash pipe compared to a nice glass fancy water bong.

    Should I go on ? Im sure iv missed a few points.

    o yeah,

    * Cost. Look at where vaporizers have come. In a few years this will be a $20 kind of novelty gimmick. Yes it can give you 3-4 decent hits if its a fresh trench and fresh battery and you can feel it after 1-2 draws, (positive) but that's about as good as it gets.

    If you just want one trench a day/week or month, its fine. But im not so sure about this vape. At $115 I think look at your other options and forget the warranty. The warranty is part of the sales pitch.
  10. Eaglewood Steve

    Eaglewood Steve New Member

    I really like this vape and you CAN get good hits off it if you know how, and hold it in for like 15 -30 seconds. It won't hurt your lungs don't worrie. The batteries are not an issue and I got four extras at a batterie store for 8 bucks. I used it with a big time bong smoker and he loved it. So what its not great in groups. If your looking to save weed than I'm sure you don't want to share. This vape works. You get used to it and it is great for on the go or a quick bowl any day.

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