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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Vectorzor, Apr 6, 2005.

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    First I will give a little background on the situation (if you dont want to read it .. skip down a couple of paragraphs to my question) so you guys can better decide on what I should do... In November 2004, I was at a friends house that got busted ( 1/2 lbs marijuana / underage consumption / paraphernalia ). The cops searched me and my vehicle and came up with nothing. However, since nobody claimed the items ( bongs, papers, etc. ) on the table, I was charged (citation) with possession of drug paraphernalia. I went to court and got a public defender. I wanted to fight the charge, however, my family (who were livid about my citation) and my lawyer suggested that I take the Pre-Trial Diversion. A Pre-Trial Diversion is where you are given probation, community service, and fines - you can only use it if you have no priors and normally it can only be used in the case of misdemeanors. If all the goals of the pre-trial are completed - the charge is dismissed. So I took my lawyer/families advice - They said it would be better/simpler etc.

    I was ordered to complete 24 hours of community service and be put on a years supervised probation. I passed my initial drug test that is required before going on probation. My Probation Officer believed me (it seemed anyways) when I told him that I did not do anything and he wondered why I didn't fight it. I completed the 24 hours of community service in the first week ( recycling center Ugh) which (very slightly) seemed to impress my probation officer. I have been there once since then ( which means 2 months probation complete, 3rd will be over on the 20th of April ) - and all I do is fill out a simple form, and my PO types some things on his computer and only had one sentence to say to me the entire time (Staying out of trouble ?) He seems pretty preoccupied with his own matters to say the least... and doesnt appear to exactly 'care' about what his probationers are up to as long as he does his job as little as possible and they arent dicks to him. I have spoken to a couple of people that have had him as their PO (one currently has had him for 4-6 months and hasnt been drug tested) and they have said that if you pay all your fines on time and are on time every month to your meeting with him that he will not even bother giving you random drug tests. I did hear from one guy that he was a total prick though but as far as my experiences tell me he seems O.K. I don't know if my having a drug related charge would increase the chances of having a test or not..anyways I digress To my question (and yes I did search the forums for an answer .. some mention random drug testing but not the exact specifications ... i.e. Define "Random")

    For my Question : April 20th is fast approaching :devil: which is a happy day indeed. My next meeting with my PO is on the 20th as well. A provision of my agreement is to submit to 'random drug tests' My question is : Are random drug tests given randomly on days that you meet with your PO or can he call you on ANY day (including the day after a meeting) and force you to go in and take a drug test? Because it seems like that sort of thing could conflict with one's schedule (work schedule / school schedule / vacation etc.). This is very significant because I haven't smoked since December ( 4 months =[ ) and am positive that most if not all THC metabolites are well out of my system. If it is the case where random drug tests are only given randomly on (the scheduled) MEETINGS with your PO - then I can smoke on the 20th ( about 2-3 joints shouldnt be over doing it) right after my meeting with my PO and not have to worry about a test until May 20th~. Its widely accepted that infrequent users (those who do not "stack" THC metabolites) get their THC metabolites down to below urine-testable levels within days as opposed to weeks for chronic users. So I thought I would ask those vets of this community that have had experiences similar to mine that can vouch for the random drug tests. Also if it is the case where random drug tests are given only on meeting days... then would there be a problem with smoking right after one meeting and being clean for the next? I strongly think that my PO isnt going to drug test me at least for a couple of months anyways ... but if the probation office can call at ANYTIME on any day and say : come in - we're drug testing ... perhaps I should reconsider.

    Thanks guys this is my first post and i REALLY appreciate any advice...
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    You might get some better answers in the drud testing forums.

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    oops Didnt see that he moved it and double posted sorry
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    maybe you can call some different PO's to see how the system works

    a pal is union dockworker & their jobs are so protected by the union it is amazing
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    wow man, i am in almost the exact same situation as you

    i also have a PO meeting on 420

    so far i have been on deferred adjudication probation for almost two months, met my PO once, and been tested zero times. She told me i will be given random UA's.

    my guess, based on the description of your PO's demeanor and attitude, is that your "random testing" will occur only on days you are scheduled to meet. My PO seems to have a similar attitude, and i feel that thats how mine will go

    but every situation is sure states have different policies on random UA's and whatnot, and more importantly, different PO's have different ways of handling their ****.

    Just go with your gut man...evaluate your situation and if you are getting a vibe that your PO will be lazy or indifferent towards your probation, go with that and smoke on 420. And if your are feeling overly uneasy about it, dont risk way is to wait your probation out one or two more months to see if your PO will be pulling any tricks (but i realize itd be ideal to smoke on 420 :liplick: )

    good luck man, hopefully you and i will both be blazed as all hell come 420 time :bong2:
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    Random means random!! They CAN test you ANY time they want. Usually they don't. Most likely you will be randomly tested on the days that you have to check in..... But technically.....they just have to give you 24 hours notice, and you have to provide them with a urine sample. And , since your on probation, you probably know that you will be observed.
    But'll probably be randomly tested, on the days that you have to check in anyway. It sounds to me, like you've got your whole situation, pretty much evaluated. If you are going to "partake"... I suggest getting a bunch of home tests from E-bay (like 2 or 3 bucks) and keep them around always.... so and any time, you can see where you stand as far as being clean, and, practice diluting if need be.
    Never walk into a meeting not knowing if your clean or not....
    Hope this helps...
    Good luck..... you'll get through that year, and then move on with life.

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