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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Itzjusmee, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. Itzjusmee

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    Well i have a potential job coming up that i will have to drop for within the next few days to a week. I used to be a pretty regular smoker, smoking at least a couple of times a day and usually smoking blunts. As of about 2 1/2- 3 weeks ago i quit smoking cold turkey but since then I've smoked 3 times. Spaced apart a few days at a time. I didn't go all crazy with it, just smoked until i got high and passed on the rest. Id say i smoked probably 3 or 4 blunts all together. It wasn't any killer weed or anything like that, just some alright mids and the last i smoked a few days ago was actually some schwag, i barely caught a buzz. Im 25, I weigh about 160 and have a pretty high metabolism, to the point where i eat and basically crap all of the weight i would have gained out and i also work a pretty labor intense job (constant lifting and moving all day) i also drink nothing but water on the job and don't really drink much soda. If i don't smoke anymore until i drop, anyone have any idea of the chances i have to pass without having to sub or dilute at all? Thanks in advance for any help and opinions!!
  2. Itzjusmee

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    EDIT: when i was smoking it wasn't always everyday, sometimes every other day to a couple of days. And recently before i stopped smoking i would go days without smoking.
  3. Itzjusmee

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    Did this forum die or something???
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    Just from my personal experience I'd try to drink charcoal and sweat some of that THC out and pee a lot. It worked for me and I had only stopped smoking for 3 days. However, I am 40 lbs lighter than you.
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    If I were you I would work out alot! Working out definitely speeds the detox process. The thc is stored in your fat so working out would help alot! It also is a big advantage to you to have a high metabolism. When I say work out i mean sweating your balls off for a constant half an hour. All of the drinking alot of water stuff is bull shit. Drinking lots of water does not speed the process it only dilutes your piss. Diluting your piss is important the day before and the day of your piss test. But do not dilute it too much or you will be made to take another test. Two dilution results from the urine test will be treated as a failed test and you will not get the job. So make sure it is a light yellow color. If you do both of these you are almost guaranteed to pass.
    Good Luck

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