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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Monsoon77, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Monsoon77

    Monsoon77 Sr. Member

    Does smoking from a vape smell more or less like weed?

    Im living with 2 other people next semester that dont smoke and im wondering if smoking from a vape smells very strong. I usually smoke from my bob marley bong or my pipe and my current roommates can always smell it. Im leaning heavily towards buying a Purple Days.
  2. Herbania

    Herbania Don't fear the reefer

    It's weaker than the smell smoke would leave, but it is noticeable. The smell is easier to cover up though.
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  3. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    Monsoon77, the Purple Days is a perfect choice for you.
    And yes, vapor is significantly different in smell and significantly less in density.

    Smoke and mirrors - it is by nature, rather stealth. Especially if you have one like little PD that is so small and innocent. And, to the degree that you want to use it purposefully so that nobody knows, it's quite easy.

    I've had mine for just under a year now and, in well over half a century, it's one of the best purchases I've ever made.

    Last but not least, Tom and Pammy who make the PD are simply the kindest and most wonderful people you'd ever want to know so those of us who are fortunate enough to have been able to buy one of their creations are also aware that our hard earned money is money well spent... :)

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  4. Monsoon77

    Monsoon77 Sr. Member

    Like if you were to use a duffer and open a window with a towel under the door would that work? Cause thats my set up at my apartment right now and it fails with my bong.
  5. sterbo

    sterbo sailor dog...

    You won't need it.
    See my above post...
  6. Monsoon77

    Monsoon77 Sr. Member

    I was going to buy one earlier this year but every website was sold out
  7. nornerator

    nornerator New Member

    The smell from vaporization is much weaker, and does not smell like burning marijuana at all. It does have a smell which is faint but noticeable, although not recognizable as cannabis.
    Vaporization is the way to go if stealth is in mind. Simply close your door while vaporizing and the smell will not leave your room. Keep your vaporizer in a drawer or pouch, over time it will acquire the vapor smell.
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  8. Monsoon77

    Monsoon77 Sr. Member

    Ok well thats it thanks guys! Im buying a Purple Days!
  9. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    It's only been available from two and Now, in order to maximize production, all North American buyers have to go through Vapenow. They have a waiting list, but most people decide it's worth the wait.

    Like the others have said, vapor has a much milder and different smell, and dissipates quicker. You could probably vape a bowl in a room with decent ventilation and someone walking in two minutes later would smell nothing. The Purple-Days, with its small bowl (and disguise as a diffuser) is especially good as a stealth vape.
  10. beezleb878

    beezleb878 Sr. Member

    If smell is factor I also recommend looking into Da Buddha vaporizer. It can diffuse oils at the same time you are vaping, however you have to purchase the extra diffuser and the vaporizer probably would stand out more than the pd as far as stealth goes if that is important.

    Also, since your interested in the PD check out the myrtlezap.
  11. jikaboom123

    jikaboom123 Sr. Member

    I recommend the Magic Flight Box. It's very small. Perfect for one or two people.

    Also, the first couple of hits out of a vape smell exactly like fresh bud. The smell dissipates very quickly, though.

    I was vaping out of my vaporgenie once at about 10:30 at night, just finished and started playing some games. My mom opened my door and put some shirts on my bed at 10:50 and started talking to me and didn't notice anything. So either the smell was gone, or she just didn't bother to say anything. I was blowing my hits out the window.
  12. Conky

    Conky Active Member

    Not that it matters but I've had my SSV for 1.5 years and LOVE IT!

    I still live at home and to disguise the smell I also blow into my 'bounce' bottle.
    500ml (or whatever you choose) water bottle, cut the bottom off, stuff the bottle with bounce sheets (you know the laundry anti-static, smelly ones), and I put one over the end with an elastic band, when I exhale I blow through that, and my room just smells like fresh laundry.

    Good luck
  13. KitLeHunn

    KitLeHunn New Member

    i'd recommend a little nag champa incense if you want to cover up a smell.
  14. Auralis

    Auralis New Member

    There's little left to say that hasn't been said in this thread, but I will add that the "fast dissipation" may just be your nose getting used to the smell. If you want to be sure how well it works, smoke a bowl, wait five minutes, and have a friend come over. Ask him. It's likely very little smell and if you blow out the window, I wouldn't say you have anything to worry about. It is an order of magnitude less smelly than smoke.

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