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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by ctth75, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. ctth75

    ctth75 New Member

    I just got a hot box vaporizer and I had a question about the weed cashed (though is it really cashed?) I was just wondering if there is really any use in then smoking it in a bowl afterwards? Some people tell me that there is still THC in there after being vaporized? I can't imagine it being too much THC as to even get you high. Another person just told me it'd give you a headache.

    I've just been cashing the weed as I do with a bowl.
  2. lonelyjimmyg

    lonelyjimmyg New Member

    I'VE BEEN THINKING ALONG THE SAME LINES AND HERE IS WHAT i CAME UP WITH: I tend to watch a lot of mmj vids so Iamgoing to send a message to a few of the people i watch and ask them. I know from watching TokinDaily that Paul Tokin:)rasta: nice name eh) saves his and uses it to make cannabutter (mmm-mmm) Peace & Pot Everywhere Jimm
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  3. packedbowl

    packedbowl New Member

    I think vaps activate diffrent things in the weed, and then combustion activates others. I've got high off vap'd weed. but obviously this wont be the greatest high ever. ( it was a nice amount. )
  4. Addict 7S

    Addict 7S New Member

    I've heard some people who just love the taste of cannabis use pre-vaped weed, put it in cigarette tubes, then just smoke them in public or at jobs. So they dont necessarily get high and can still function perfectly.
  5. KiNg KoNG

    KiNg KoNG New Member

    save alot of the vaped bud and make canna butter
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  6. Mighty Blaze

    Mighty Blaze New Member

    ya I hear you can use the left over vaporized green for food and stuff.
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  7. Weedzy's

    Weedzy's New Member

    I save up a huge jar of my vaped weed, Its vaped at 365F Which is not very high, I take all my saved up vape weed and make some hash using 91% rubbing alchohol. Either that Or I can make cannaoil and then make some capsules :) :dance:
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  8. Wooderson

    Wooderson New Member

    I typically vape at 392 and save all my cashed material for a second run through at 410. After that, it's pretty much dust. I've tried smoking it, but it's like the fast food of weed. Doesn't taste very good and barely gives you a buzz.
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  9. Waldy

    Waldy Sr. Member

    Most of the THC is gone in vaped bud, but there are still some CBD's left in it. So you can use it to make edibles, but the high will be more of a couch-locked indica high.
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  10. Jeff Freiberg

    Jeff Freiberg New Member

    Im 61 Years old and been smoking for 45 yrs. I developed C.O.P.D. and bought a vapor box and all the right stuff to put in it..... It was anything but a vapor to my lungs......As a matter of fact,i needed to have a breathing treatment ...... The meds sure take the pain away from my MD......... Is it a vapor or is it burnt smoke? Thank You Jeff
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  11. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Jeff -

    What comes out of a vaporizer depends largely on the temperature you set. The higher the temp, the thicker (and more irritating) the vapors. Set it high enough and you start to get partial-combustion byproducts. My dad died of COPD and I know that he was sensitive to all kinds of stuff. I'd suggest trying edibles rather than a vape to avoid irritating your already-damaged lungs.
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  12. Jeff Freiberg

    Jeff Freiberg New Member

    Thanks Buzzby, It sure makes sence ,cause im always in such a hurry to get some in me... I will try edibles.... Thanks Jeff
  13. xZANGEITIx

    xZANGEITIx New Member

    What exactly is a vaporizer i mean i hured about it. but never really used one someone please tell me thanks
  14. Midnighttoker

    Midnighttoker New Member

    I save up my vaped weed to smoke if i run dry. It doesn't really taste good, but if I smoke a joint of it it gets me plesantly high. Also it's nice if I only had a little green to smoke, you can finish off the high with a j of vaped weed to get you the rest of the way high
  15. Alexis Chiina

    Alexis Chiina New Member

    Hi sweetie its vapor i just got one cuz I have a bad burn from a e-cig and damaged my throat and vipin helps me a lot for the pain and not wanting to eat. So its vipe your smokin..
  16. 5drive

    5drive Slacker

    There ain't no 'i' in vape and you don't 'smoke vapor'.

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