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  1. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I was wondering if anyone knew if anti-depressants can cause Marijuana to not work. By blocking the receptors possibly?
  2. advorakno9

    advorakno9 New Member

    That seems possible because anti-depressants work by blockng certain recptors in the brain. I'd say if you have been perscribed anti-depressants, put them before weed because you need the anti-depressants for medical purposes, where as pot is just for fun.
  3. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    Well, that presents a problem because I use marijuana for medicine too. I use it for nausea/vomiting. (It's the only thing that helps) To stimulate appetite. I am way under weight. Chronic pain, and other things. I guess I'll just have to do more research on the subject.
  4. KashogiStogi

    KashogiStogi New Member

    I don't now if this would work, but try a different way of taking THC. Instead of smoking, try baking (plus you can get some good ole' suger/fat molecules in you).

    There's really no reason why that would work, but you never know.

    If your trying to decide which to take, marijuana or anti-depressant, I would choose weed. Anti-depressants are a load of crap (however if your on xanax, maybe not), plus I bet the ganj provides the same effects while curing your nausea.
  5. ::blazed jae::

    ::blazed jae:: Sr. Member

  6. advorakno9

    advorakno9 New Member

    Vicky- I would ask the doctor who perscribed the anti-depressants (if you can trust him/her). That or ask a family member who is a physician. If you take marijuana medicinally for weight problems then I'm not sure I'd stop that... Ask someone who is trained in this field. Let me know whn you get an answer, I'm curious what it is.
  7. shakoBuDz

    shakoBuDz Banned

    i agreee with with whoever said to BAKE brownies. do you smoke ciggarets?

  8. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I agree with you. I have always hated the way anti-depressants mess with the chemicals in your brain. Basically, they took me from constant crying to still crying everyday, but emotionless. I can't stand this. I was really thinking about coming off them, but I am afraid to since this is the worst grief I have ever experienced losing my Father last month.

    I don't take Xanax, hate that stuff. My doctor gave me the lowest dose of Ativan. I only use it when I'm really shaky. I know the marijuana helps my anxiety and some of the shakiness.

    I have never baked with marijuana before. I'll have to go looking in that thread. Thank you. :cool:
  9. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    My doctor has me on Buspar/Buspirone 30mg twice a day. I take it morning and evening. I eat very little. When I do eat, I have to force myself and I chew it forever because I don't want to swallow it. I have often smoked after taking my Buspar, on an empty stomach, and I haven't had any ill effects from that.
  10. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I don't feel comfortable telling my physician I smoke marijuana. She seems like the kind that would be offended. I don't have any family who are doctors, unfortunately. I thought about calling a pharmacy, but I know they wouldn't give me an answer.

    That is why I haven't stopped smoking marijuana. If I don't smoke it, I am constantly nauseated and/or vomiting. Plus, it does help me eat the little bit of food I do eat everyday.

    I don't know if I'll get an answer. I'm thinking of doing a Google search on medical marijuana and see if any sites might have some answers. Thanks. :cool:
  11. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    Yes, I do smoke cigarettes, but I have drastically cut back, preparing to quit, why do you ask? :cool:
  12. SkyyVodka

    SkyyVodka Sr. Member

    Vicki, My sister also takes anti-depressants and the doctor told her to sometimes 'smoke' instead of taking her meds because the side-effect those pills leave you with. I'd smoke when I could and take the pills when I couldn't, also you might want to consult your doctor. Don't worry, he won't get mad :hippy:
  13. First off, let me express my wish that the mods not close this by taking the off topic rule too seriously, and realize the value of this discussion and it's relation to marijuana.

    For the duration of my 10th grade year, and part of my 11th grade year, I took this drug for ADD(which I don't believe I have), or at least, I was supposed to take it. I stopped after a couple of weeks realizing that it just made me very boring. Conversations with friends were far from engaging. I've been flushing that pill ever since, and all the while my parents and Psych have been telling me how much I've been improving with regards to my supposed ADD.

    Eventually, I convinced them to take me off Concerta, and then was prescribed Wellbutrin. I don't think I'm depressed, though, and the pills make me feel emotionally monotone. I'm going to try not taking them for a couple weeks in Summer, as I have too much to do right now to **** with my brain chemistry.

    sorry for the longness, but I'm just saying think to yourself whether or not the anti-deppresants are really necesary. Go off them for a week or so, see how things are. You might not actually need them. I think that far too many people who are in fact normal get diagnosed as having ADD or being depressed. My guess as to why: the pharmecutical companies reap huge profits off those drugs. Just keep that in mind: the pharmecutical corporations, like most corporations, care less about their customers, than about their customers money. I also imagine that they give some sort of bonus or something to Psychiatrists for prescribing a certain number of their drugs.

    edit: and one other thing: my highs haven't been quite as good as they were when I wasn't on any pharmecuticals. And I'm smoking quite a bit less thant when I was not on Wellbutrin(meaning, that when I wasn't on wellbutrin, I smoked 1 once a week, twice on weekends, as opposed to now, I smoke maybe an average of once every two weeks. Additionally, while I've been wanting to try some off topic psychedelic drugs, the immense amount of concern regarding wellbutrin and psychedelics is a pain the ass to me.

    ESDFSFD New Member

    If I were you, I would ask my doctor, even if it did offend them. I mean, who cares if they are offended, it is their responsibilty and job to guide you, keep you healthy, and let you know if it could be dangerous or all for the best.

    If you don't feel comfortable telling your doctor, maybe you should find a different one that you can trust and not be afraid to tell things to.

    My :2cents:
  15. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    I'll think about asking her. Thanks. :cool:
  16. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    Thank you telling me about your situation. I think I will stop taking the anti-depressant for a week or two and see how I feel. I can always start taking it again if I go back to where I was.

    The reason my doctor put me on an anti-depressant was because my Father just passed away in March and I felt like I was having a nervous break down and could barely function. I just hate them.
  17. Vicki

    Vicki Cat Whisperer

    It is so hard to find a good doctor where I am. Most really suck. My current doctor is wonderful, that is why I am afraid to tell her I smoke marijuana. I am afraid it would take forever to find another good doctor, if I could at all.
  18. advorakno9

    advorakno9 New Member

    Don't worry. As a part of her hippocratic oath, she is bound to answer any and all questions truthfully. She went into medicine to serve people, not to attempt to bestow any "greater morals" she ight have. In fact, to reveal that you smoke marijuana (unless it was threatening to her, e.g., you smoked in her office) would be malpractice under HIPA, an act passed to protect the privacy of the patient. But if you don't feel comfortable, then don't ask her. She's a psychiatrist, right? If so, then you shold be able to talk with her openly.
  19. DonkeyPunch

    DonkeyPunch Seasoned Activist

    Vicki, you DEFINITELY want to take this question over to Cheaptalk and the Health and Medicine forums. More people who are in a good position to give good advice will see it over there than here.
  20. secretagentman

    secretagentman New Member

    Also doctors a legalaly required to keep all information about you private. some doctors might say toking is bad, but they wouldn't call the cops or anything on you.

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