Quick Fix 4.0 Sub And DOT Physical????

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by sinsere, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. sinsere

    sinsere New Member

    So here's the deal. I recently accepted a position with a company that has drug testing and I smoke, daily. No Big Deal. I used the Quick Fix 4.0 and was given results of being clean in minutes from providing the sample to a mobile lab technician. So I am working, smoking, and carrying on back in the comfort of the norm.
    Well. I got a new job offer today, paying 40K more in salary a year. Problem is, I have to do a DOT physical, and will need to sub Quick FIx in order to be clean. I have been treating myself kindly since passing the original test for the first company.
    The question I have is this. Does anyone know, truly know what a DOT physical is all about? Will they watch me? Do they run any other kinds of testing? ie; blood pressure, cholesteral?
    Any information would be much appreciated as this means I will literally be doubling my salary. Thank you in advance.

  2. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Within the past month I posted the website that gives the exact procedure for a DOT Physical from the regulations. Do a search and you can find it.
  3. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    Use the Quick Fix for the DOT test, you will have no problems.

    The physical is just that a physical they check for health problems and related issues
  4. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Hawg, the physical is quite thorough and involves a rectal and hernia exam. Also, it is supposed to be done PRIOR to drug testing. There MIGHT be a problem with a substitution. That is why I told him/her to look up the link. Now I am at work and will post the link again.

    This is the link to the guidance portion of the regulations. Please read Questions 2 and 7 and their answers.

    This is the actual regulation regarding DOT physicals:
  5. sinsere

    sinsere New Member

    Is there a difference between a class A, B, or C license? I wont actually be a driver. I am going to be a General Manager of a logistics company.

    I would still think that I can take in the Quick Fix and leave it in my clothing and then when I am done with the exam, I can dress and do the UA and sub. Isn't it all about keeping the temp. right? I can't imagine that I would have to sit in my paper gown in a room until I had to pee. Is that possible? It could be awhile. Especially if I ask to go when I arrive then I do even if they wont take the sample.

    What about the STRIPnc Natural Cleanser? Am I better off diluting or masking if I have to give my own sample? I would much rather sub. knowing that it works 100%.

    How can I do this with the assurance that I can pass????????????

  6. FXjohn

    FXjohn New Member

    The quick fix has a bottle and a heating pad...it does not always have to be next to your body.
  7. Secs

    Secs New Member

    You would need to give a sample for the medical testing. Just be sure to give only a specific amount. About 2 ounces tops. That way, they don't have enough of your own urine to set aside for the drug test. They would be forced to use all the urine you give for the physical for medical testing. Then, they should ask you to give another specimen after the physical is completed for the drug test. Tell them you do not have to go right away, but would be willing to wait in the waiting room and drink water until you feel the urge to go again. They should allow you to get dressed and wait for up to 3 hours from the point they ask you for the drug test specimen and allow you to drink up to 40 oz of water spread out evenly over the 3 hours.

    While in the waiting room, you could sneak the QF from your coat pocket and use it for the drug test after waiting a reasonable amount of time.

    If they do all this according to regulation, this should work. Big IF. I would also use the dilution method as best as you can although it would be tough with your bladder that full during the rectal exam.

    BTW, there is no difference in the physical exam. If you are a GM, you direct and supervise the drivers. You also act as dispatcher, and are subject to the same regulation.

    Good luck.
  8. Hawg

    Hawg Sr. Member

    Ya I know I always felt violated after a DOT physical :rofl2: . It depends on the employer on how the routine is done also.
    Best advice I can give is prepare for the dillution method and the sub method so you will have a few options.
  9. sinsere

    sinsere New Member

    Thanks Hawg and Sec3. Freat advise. Much appreciated. I will prepare for both, cross the fingers without holding my breathe the best I am able.

    I did speak with my POTENTIAL employer and it appears as though I have to be in the Kirkland Corporate office Monday the 3rd at 10:00 to fill out new hire paperwork. Then I will be catching a flight at 6:00 to Boise for two weeks for some training. I am actually thinking, and hoping, that because of time, and the fact that I have a pre-existing appoinment in the afternoon to drop my truck off at the shop 2 hours from the corporate office and then scream back up to the airport an hour away, that they may let me take the test when I return from training. I know it's a long shot, but sometimes the stars have been known to align just right. I will prepare both methods, sub and dilute, just in case.

    It's a shame. I quit smoking on Feb. 20th. Started working for an outfit on March 21st, smoked the 21st after passing the mobile lab test with Quick Fix and continued to smoke the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Only a bowl a day, but you never know how the (your) body is going to process the metabolites.

    Maybe Sunday I will take a home test just to see where I am. It couldn't hurt right????????

  10. sinsere

    sinsere New Member

    One thing I just remembered. I have this STRIPnc mask. Should I take that with the dilute method for Monday, or just the dilute method???????


  11. Secs

    Secs New Member

    After more than 30 days, I would think that staying with the dilution would be good enough. Don't chance an adulterated reading with some fancy "masking agent". 9 times, they don't work. The 10th time, it probably was another factor that helped the person pass.

    Maybe. You say that you have an appointment to take your truck to a shop. Is this for the Company? or is this for your own personal business? If for the company, regulations state that they must have the RESULTS of a DOT test on file before placing you in a safety sensitive position. Not all companies abide by this regulation however. It is a long shot as you say, but possible. Good luck.
  12. sinsere

    sinsere New Member

    Thanks Sec3. It is for a personal reason. Dropping the truck off on monday as scheduled to have some body work done. Some bonzort hit me in the parking lot at the grocery store. The one thing however, is that until today, I thought I would be starting in MY branch on Monday. Now it turns out that I will be spending two weeks in Boise, Idaho. I am from Seattle. Considering my last day at my current job is Saturday, it may just be a case worth pursuing.

    Either way, I will plan for all things without using the mask. I'd hate to miss this opportunity because of something I did other than being a smoker.

  13. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Of all the advice I gave you, you gave yourself the BEST advice. This is an absolute "must do"
  14. sinsere

    sinsere New Member

    You know what I have always said. "Piss-poor planning, makes for piss-poor execution, literally."

    Thanks again Sec3 for all of your wisdom. I am more enlightened today then I was yesterday and that is enough.


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