Quick Fix 5.7 question

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Maverick321, Jan 20, 2011.

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    mafiasoxs was in the nw part of the country and needed to use the canada version.plus notice it says soap under his not passing so did he swap bottles for a smaller soap bottle?ive used qf many time and know people who have used it many times even on a goverment job and past...qf will keep changing as labs keep trying to find it out...cat and mouse game....smoke less and not on work days only days off to keep yourself cleaner will help clean out faster when needed.
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    Quick fix at us healthworks works!

    So yesterday I had to take a ua for work and I was tripping bcuz I took 2 viks the day before and I was reading that a 5 panel drugtest checks for opiates which vicodin have in them!so I really wanted the job and tried quick fix everyone was telling me it worked so I tried and today I looked at my email and got the job!so for all you nonbelievers believe quickfix works and I only spent 17 dollars at a smokeshop!

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