Quick Fix 5.7...Will it work????

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by ps3blazer, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. ps3blazer

    ps3blazer New Member

    I have been reading alot of of these forums and saw how people have shared their experiences with qf so I want to tell the forum that I recently went to a pre-emp DT at LabCorp and hope that I will come back with some positive news

    I nutted my quick fix which i had inside of a small litte glove which kept the temp at 98 degrees..
    It really was easy - I wasnt even asked to empty my pockets
    just went into the room after washing my hands - pulled out the qf - saw it was still in range - squirted the qf up to the line which was pretty much all of it and left a little in the toiled and rim - i walked out and gave the tech the cup -they flushed the toilet and marked off that it was in temp range

    Heres what I did before the test...
    I nuked my quick fix 10 seconds 1 hour before the test - and put the heating pack on it - placed both of them into the glove that I had and then nutted it when i was ready to leave

    I feel really confident that I should pass - my one concern is that i left out the qf a couple of times where sunlight was coming in from the window...can any1 help with my only concern???? I heard that direct sunlight can mess up the product...

    i will update once i get some news - i saw a post that most people dont update if they used qf or not so i hope my info can help someone whos was stressing like i was before the test -

  2. KillerWeed420

    KillerWeed420 Sr. Member

    Welcome to the sub club. It really does save a lot of hassle doesn't it.
  3. K'ana heik

    K'ana heik New Member

    I just purchased a box of Quick Fix, but after reading through the forums, and being naturally paranoid, I checked the batch number on the green sheet included, which was Batch F11L-07. Spectrum Labs, that manufactures Quick Fix, has a large notice on their homepage about counterfeit products that DO NOT WORK, tests will report the sample has the same qualities of water. If your Quick Fix came with a hand warmed from "Heat Factory", you have a fake Quick Fix. From the website; "Quick Fix product with batch number F11L07, F8K08, F1-08, F7H-08 may be counterfeit."Spectrum Labs recommends sending the entire box, with all contents, and the bill of sale to them, but I do not know if they will exchange, I wrote to their e-mail about an hour ago, and have not received a reply. Browsing through other websites, other users have tried this batch and failed, while others have passed. I myself wouldn't risk it.
    Company website with warning: Announcement
  4. Secs

    Secs New Member

    The problem with their lawsuit is that no one does random and pre-employment nicotine tests. Everyone knows that people buy quick fix for a drug test. Providing a product to thwart a legally administered drug test for either employment purposes or insurance purposes is also illegal. They need to come to the table with clean hands to be successful in any lawsuit. Making a product that is intended to be used to cheat on an insurance test (including nicotine insurance tests) is illegal.

    You can return the product to Spectrum Labs, and if they replace the product, great. I wouldnt' expect them to. More likely, they are doing damage control and want as much of the counterfeit product off the market as possible.
  5. K'ana heik

    K'ana heik New Member

    I appreciate the input Sec, but my point was more to beware of any QuickFix products that are from batch 5.7. I got burned, and I agree, most likely they just want all the fakes off the shelves as soon as possible, but the more you know, right?
    Gaia, I just quoted the NBC tagline. Don't think less of me.
    Sorry about the duplicate posts, I'm new, and didn't know they took a while to pop in.
  6. lew scannon

    lew scannon Banned

    5.7 is the formula number, not the batch number. As long as the batch number on your QF 5.7 isnt among the batch numbers listed on Spectrums warning, then you have nothing to worry about.
  7. K'ana heik

    K'ana heik New Member

    Spectrum Labs will exchange counterfeit batches

    I just got a reply from Specrum Labs about a possible exchange for the fake QuickFix running around, and received this reply;

    We will be glad to exchange the product for you providing you include all necessary material for exchange, which includes entire product package and proof of purchase.

    Thank you,

    Even though I haven't gotten to USE their product yet, I have to say it's pretty awesome they're willing to do an exchange on an item that isn't even theirs. Sec was right in saying I shouldn't expect them to, but hey, Spectrum is fast becoming my new favorite company.
    Lew-My bad, I meant formula F11L-07, which is, unfortunately, the first batch number on the list.
  8. ps3blazer

    ps3blazer New Member

    Still waiting...

    No answer yet...I don't know if they will call this week since it is shortened...I aint gonna tell my present employer until i get the confirmation...

  9. ps3blazer

    ps3blazer New Member

    Job Confirmed

    I am now a PROUD member of the Sub Club...qf really did work...I was given my confirmed start state and I will now resign from my employer..unless they counter offer me of course...

    so for any1 who was in the same boat as me wondering if qf would pass...IT WORKS!!!

    thanks for all the info on the site it really helped out a lot..

    it is now time to toke on the bowl and play some PS3...

  10. WessleyPipes

    WessleyPipes New Member

    i wish i had been given more than 24 hours to take mine before joining the sub club, but fortunately i had some clean friends. welcome to the club

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