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  1. Sputnikk23

    Sputnikk23 New Member

    Greetings to all,

    Here is my story: I was unexpectedly let go from my job for "Economic Reasons" just last week. I have hit the ground running to find new employment and have a pretty good opportunity lined up. Through a head hunter service. They did warn me and I even lucked out a bit; the contact at the employer just had a new kid so I imagine I have 2 weeks? But nothing is for sure...

    Through some intensive research I believe they will be using Quest Diagnostics. I myself am 6'1, 145, male. My BMI is damn near spot on and I KNOW I have a fast metabolism. First off, I CANNOT gain weight unless I lift and drink the GNC stuff that you mix with milk (non-creatine mind you..). Secondly, all I do is smoke, but in my younger experimentation days I always needed less substance, spent less cash and recoupirated quicker than anyone else.

    I smoke HEAVY. Mid-grade. Couple blunts a day if I'm alone and nevermind the packs of phillies if with friends. I'm amazed as to how I'm still able to function as a young responsible independent adult. I do better than most of my peers @ 24. Shit comes in threes; as fate would have it I actually started mortage proceedings the DAY I got fired and bought a new bike a week before hand. Nevermind being a fresh 2 days out of surgery...

    Anywho, speaking of which...

    I've already laid down SOME ground work. A few months ago I got a "scare" *cough* from an ex-gf of mine.. an unsubstaintiated phone call pertaining to um.. my health.. that pretty much sent me into a panic..

    Put it this way.. more males have touched my penis this year (Its march.. mind you) than females.

    In an untimely manner, I came down with kidney stone pains for my first time ever. Panic would be an understatement at this point.

    All is ALMOST said and done (minus a follow up post-surgery appt; problems w/ that because of loss of job/insurance); after surgery the conclusion seems to be that I had kidney stones, passed them and scarred my urethra in the process causing further pain and discomfort; clinically speaking a urinary infection. Still having some pain actually. On a heavy course of anti-biotics. Apparently they had to blow my urethra back up like a blood clot in the portion where the scar tissue is as it had collapsed of sorts. The last thing I remember is putting my feet-up in stands like I'm giving birth. Funny shit.

    The discreet ex-gf was either a lie (probably actually) or irrelevant at this point as docs ruled it out multiple times.

    I gave my interviewer a very short and politically correct version of the same story. Told him I was blanket treated for a variety of things "down there", just had surgery and that my piss has seen all colors of the rainbow. This is mostly true. Told him my concerns were "possible results" and "privacy".

    The interview went really well and they really took to me so the following was done in a very non-aggressive way but the respone was basically: "you have nothing to worry about.. i can tell you what there looking for specifically: marijuana, cocaine, etc.. you'll be fine". I'm of course nodding and waving it off in agreement like I have nothing to worry about.

    I have done quit a bit of reading now. I feel all the wiser. I only had one other instance in my lifetime I had to remotely worry about a piss test and it was during recruitment to the military, pending an intensive civilian training program for a job that I thought I wasn't passing. Turned out I did and I never even went to go get checked out and my new employer didn't test. But my recruiter knew I smoked, he would use these short strips to test my piss and would drive by my house to drop off jugs and jugs of water and piss test me everyday. Within about 2 weeks he was ready to put me in a hotel room for 2 days so as not to be tempted and send me on to MEPS.

    However, I highly doubt with my current habits I will have the same success again, aside from the fact that I really need the job. I have some cash padding to sustain me for about 1.5/2 months + unemployment at 60% afterwards (not enuf...), but still, I am worried and anxious. I think substitution is my only option. With the working assumption that it will be at Quest, I gather from the forums that it shouldn't be too much of a problem to sneak it in.

    I see two niches as far as substitution goes. Quickfix and testclear.

    My understandings:

    Quickfix: is pre-mixed and synthetic? both negative aspects?

    Testclear: is un-mixed and real urine? both positive aspects?

    Obviously I am leaning for testclear. They seem to "package" it well also. However, I saw plenty of forum postings around the net advocating for quickfix. Contrasted to some other sources that point blankly spell out "powdered urine does not work anymore".

    After all that, that is my finalized inquiry to you all.

    Thanks for listening.
  2. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    I used QF for my job 6 months ago, and had no problems. I will say they did not send it to a lab though, the cup I poured it into posted the results on the side of it , right then and there. Just had to be sure my temp was correct.
  3. Sputnikk23

    Sputnikk23 New Member

    Was the heating pad supplied sufficient enough?

    I also haven't read too many posts about overheating.. That's not a grave concern I reckon?
  4. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    I didn't use the heating pad.

    From a previous post of mine.

    The last time I used it. I heated it up in the microwave for about 13 secs. Temp was up to 94- 96.

    I wore a shirt tucked in with a belt. and just put the bottle (that was supplied) in my waistband. I did this at about 10:30 am and didn't have to take the test till about 2 hrs. later. My test strip (comes on the supplied bottle) read right at 100. I poured it into the cup and it was reading 96-98 range. So, you might want to get a little on the high side. If anything you can blow on it to cool it down a little. Easier to cool down than to warm up.

    No reason to be worried about time, this took all of 10 secs. If anything, I had to waste a little time, so not to be obvious. No worries about sound, your not going to make a whole lot of noise pouring it into the cup. Just don't drop the bottle or cap. ( I didn't use the squeeze spout just took off the cap) Sec. could correct me here, but I think they give you 2 minutes. So time isn't an issue.

    Edit: try to practice with temps and time with a bottle of water. It's what I did to know my timing and what not
  5. Sputnikk23

    Sputnikk23 New Member

    I did read that earlier, just didn't remember the name of the poster compared to who was answering my thread.

    Very encouraging news.

    Any chance you used labcorp or quest? Those are the two big ones around here.

  6. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    I honestly have no idea who they used. As I said before the results appeared on the side of the cup, like they would on a home test kit strip. No need to send it anywhere.

    Although now that I think about it, the first place I did use it at, (and passed) was a Quest testing facility.
  7. Sputnikk23

    Sputnikk23 New Member

    Holy crap, good news indeed. What side of the states are you on? There standards would be national, wouldn't they?

    And lastly, your last test was an on-the-spot result. Roughly, how long ago was your experience with Quest?
  8. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned


    About 7 - 8 months ago.
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  9. Sputnikk23

    Sputnikk23 New Member

    Awesome. Thanks for taking the time.

    Quick Fix Urine

    Is about the best price I could find? Reputable or do you recommend someone else?

    Edit: All I had was 3.54. Left myself a bowl :) thanks again
  10. Hookahs

    Hookahs Banned

    I think thats where I ordered mine, but the price seems high. I thought I paid about that for two bottles. But hey, when it works it's priceless.
  11. Lateralus420

    Lateralus420 New Member

    Hi sputnikk23,

    I too am new to the site. In preparation for an upcomming UA for school I purchased a "real human urine" sample (like the one you described) from a place called perfecturine online. This was before I found this site, otherwise I likely would have gone with quick fix. I just got my pee in the mail yesterday, and like you I had many questions about the heating element included. Well, I've been practicing with getting the temp right (I bought an extra kit for this reason), and thanks to some wonderful tips from N2's substitution guide, I've been able to keep the temp at about 98 degrees for 5 or more hours. If anything, it may get just a bit too hot, but by the time the urine passes through the long tubing and into the cup it reads anywhere from 94 to 98 degrees. In my oppinion too hot is way better that too cold, especially if you practice N2's cooling techniques. I also home tested the urine for 12 different drugs and it passed with flying colors. I will likely be taking my test next week and I will be posting all my results.

    I really think that no matter which product you use, you will be just fine if the temp is correct and you don't get caught with the sub (unsupervised testing I hope). So, as N2 says... practice practice practice!

    As for the initial warming of the sample, I've heard that microwaving works fine for Quick Fix. But if you decide to use the "real urine" product that comes in an IV style bag, I don't think you can microwave it, as the instructions that come with mine say the bag may burst or the seals may be damaged. I just used warm tap watter running over the bag, and it worked fine.

    I hope that bit of info helps, and I wish you the best on your test. Let us know how it goes.

    Oh, and one more note, I did have one beef with the perfecturine site. I ordered an extra set of heating pads and thermometers, but they never arrived in the package, so now I will have to call the company to get them (or get my money back). This makes me think that the "test clear" you mentioned may be a better place to order from.

    Once again, good luck, and may the force be with you.

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