R.I.P Aaliyah

Discussion in 'Music' started by swedish_female, Aug 28, 2001.

  1. Don't know if there's a thread like this yet, but anyways...reast in peace babygirl. Love ya:bawl:
  2. BoodahSmokah

    BoodahSmokah Guest

    If you hadnt started this, I'd prolly have.
    I never was a hardcore fan of her music although I always found she got a great voice, but anyway when I heard of her death it did strike me for some reason. Dunno, maybe cause she was such a young amazingly beautiful girl, maybe cause I know a girl who looks much like her, maybe cause I get sympathetic about the deaths of others lately, maybe cause it's one of the worst deaths I can imagine. But judging from all the interviews I've seen she seemed surprisingly down-to-earth to me. She didnt deserve it. :(

  3. bo-battie

    bo-battie Senior Member

    damn, that's harsh...
    does anyone know how it happened?
  4. PoTSMoKa

    PoTSMoKa New Member

    I wish it was N*Suck on that plane instead. I liked Romeo Must Die.
  5. Yeah that's sad that she died. She's a beautiful girl. Seemed so cool. anyway, with that type of death, she wouldn't have known she was about to die, private planes go down way too fast.
  6. bubbachuck

    bubbachuck Guest

    Man they're sayin' that the pilot was on crack, if that's true...it's just f***ed up
  7. magicmoe

    magicmoe New Member

    aaliyah was an inspiration, she will be missed.
    show those angels how to sing girl
  8. suede

    suede Activist

    and 22 white doves were set free......

    for each year of her short life on this plane:wave: give my best to the band Aaliyah.:cool: bleu.

    end world hunger
  9. Dedbr

    Dedbr Domestic War Veteran

    The Love Comes Out

    when something like this happens.We were lucky to have what we had.
  10. Herbee

    Herbee Guest

    Yeah when I found out I swear I got the chills. She was such a talented girl. I think it's really weird how we can feel this way about her and we don't even know her...it's actually amazing to me. It just doesn't seem right for her to be gone so soon. She will be greatly missed. Peace Aaliyah.

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