Random drug test at work

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Chroniclam, Mar 28, 2013.

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    So this is my first post as a new member here and I would like share my experience.
    Yesterday I lit up a fat joint n got pretty blown. Come in to work in the morning at this manufacturing company I got right out of college that pays pretty well for entry lvls. Passed the first pre employment using quick fix. 3 months of working here I get called in to do a random here on site at my work place. In my head I am freaking the fuck out, I assumed I was gonna go to the testing facility where I did my pre employment at but nope, there was some dude in a office dressed up in scrubs waiting for me to submit a sample. There's no way I'm going to pass this. LUCKLY I keep a bottle of quick fix in the trunk of my car where the spare tire is located.
    Now the hard part was to sneak out and go to the car grab my quick fix and hide it in my boxers. So I made an excuse that I had just used the restroom On my way to HR office and was in need of coffee or water
    I ran to my car grabbed the bottle out of the trunk and stuffed it in my boxer briefs . I forgot I needed to heat it up so I ran into the deserted break room pop that hoe in for 10 secs stuffed it in my boxers and proceeded to HR.
    Now the hardest part next was to substitute it while the examiner was in the restroom with you, (I been on probation b4 and they're not allowed to look at your dick unless its court ordered)
    So i walked in the restroom went into the stall closed it shut and locked it. Whipped my bottle out and while I was unscrewing the cap I coughed to cover up the sounds. Poured that shit in, read that the temp was 95 degrees BAM! BOSS shit! Pissed in the toilet and after that gave the sample to the douchebag.
    I know I passed that shit cause quickfix never fails
    I just wanted to share this because I am a big fan of this site and there was no situation about random dt during work.
    Btw the test was the 6633n sap 10-50 gs/ms
    Only if u fail the initial test that causes suspicion then they will test using that gs/ms crap.
    So to all the potheads who got corporate jobs fuck yeah to all, smoke some and enjoy making money.
    Don't let these bs dt ruin your life, stay on top of your game.
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    yep the heat in the truck of your car saved your ass........ nice

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