rapid hair growth

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by mirage, Apr 20, 2001.

  1. mirage

    mirage Banned

    has any one else had this happen

    ive notciced when i smoked weed every day for 2-3 weeks my hair will grow alot faster, granted my hair grows really fast when i smoke every day for a few weeks it grows twcice as fast

    anyone else have this happen
  2. DaisyCrazy

    DaisyCrazy New Member

    Dude I know exactly what your talking about. my brother smokes many nugz daily and my family's always joking about his hair growth. Damn I need a haircut. I can confirm.
  3. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

    It's called puberty

    You'll grow out of it.
  4. mirage

    mirage Banned

    its cool

    i can chop off my locks and withen few months havea pony tail ;)
  5. mirage

    mirage Banned

    nope not puberty that ended long long ago
  6. HillBilly

    HillBilly Guest



    There used to be a thread that asked if cannabis could be a substitute for steriods. I cannot find the thread :( so I'll jam the memory bank and see what happens...

    *deep breath*

    Smokable marijuana for the most part is female flower.. Not talking male plant hash or hermies... straight female flowers... that said:

    Plants that are sexed have hormones. There is some indication that by ingesting the female hormones Plant Estrogens, we CAN be affected.

    My thoughts are that the body's hormone regulation is kicked into overdrive. Plant estrogen (from smoking marijuana) enters the man's body. His hormones (testosterone, in particular) become overactive... therefore increasing the properties of testosterone, such as hair growth. note: The same can apply for other properties of testosterone. Depending on the individual.

    We all have a different hormone map, if you will.. How our bodies react to different things depends on the individual.

    The same applies in cases of gynecomastia. Some men's bodies cannot tolerate the increase of plant estrogens, and they develop man-boobs. It is common in men during puberty... AND is seen in higher incidents in post-pubescent marijuana smokers.

    ..... I'd rather have the facial hair...

  7. Daniel

    Daniel Moderator



    If you have any reference sources on your post, I would greatly appreciate it.

    I have never heard this and it could be a really interesting possible medical use for some.

  8. lxl Ash lxl

    lxl Ash lxl New Member

    I can see it now...


    The new age version of rogaine. ;)
  9. Psycho Donkey

    Psycho Donkey New Member


    That would hilarious Ash! Budgaine. ROFL! That's the funiest thing I have read on these forums for some reason!
  10. DoritosMan

    DoritosMan Seasoned Activist

    Mommy mommy!

    Why i have hair sticking out of my ears if i´m only 15??
    Dude i think you guys are day dreamin, i have no ideia why will hair grow faster when you smoke, it doesnt make any sence
  11. DaisyCrazy

    DaisyCrazy New Member

    Once upon a time...

    I had a theory. Since hair is just dead cells, when you smoke (rather, the way tokers tend to inhale and hold for a long time), causes the brain cells you've expunged to somehow turn into hair? Well, that was until I became the SUPER BRAIN that I am today... :idea: no, I am an idiot.
  12. well i have long hair, and it has not grown in months, i swear.....

    side note: do you think that the ammount of brain cells that are killed from smoking pot, is that much more then what you kill from daily activity. such as running, walking, thinking, working out. cause most everything kills brain cells......oh well.

    but heres something else to think about, sence marijuana doesnt cause brain damage which means it wont make you retarded, right. well if you kill off all your brain cells isnt that damaging your melon......making you retarded? or doesnt it matter becuase everyday activity kills cells......

    anyone out there...?

  13. Greenman

    Greenman Seasoned Activist

    You are born with more brain cells than you will ever use in your life, Whacking a couple thousand or a million or two is no real big deal, you are born with a surplus. The brain also shows some ability to reconnect broken pathways from dead cells. Which mean, that even though a synapse is dead, in time the brain will forage out and make a new synapse to replace the old one. The brain does adapt to our surrounding.

    Take care of your brain, but be realistic about the health effects of things. Car exhaust, with its heavy metals, is very bad for your body and brain, but we breath that stuff in every day of our lives. Is a beer as bad as that? Probably not. Is a case a day for two years, yeah proabably. But your stupid if you drink that much, and deserve what you get.

  14. well, that was cool, i didnt think anyone was gonna even take a look at that.

    thanks for taking the time to read that. heh

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