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  1. erro

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    I've started noticing recently that a couple of days after I smoke marijuana I get some sort of rash thing on the side of my face and forhead. It's not a really bad rash, just a cluster of red bumps on the side of my face and forhead. I'm not a heavy user, and I only smoke a few times a month. I started last year around this time. I think these effects started occuring only recently, but it's possible I'm wrong. Either way, it's annoying, and I don't want a rash on my face all the time.

    Doing some research online, I've discovered that there's a pretty good chance that I'm allergic to Marijuana. If that's true, what should I do about it? To straight out quit would suck pretty bad. Could I become un-allergic at some point?

    I'm also allergic to some random chemicals in shampoo if that has anything to do with it, and if I use the wrong shampoo my eyelids will swell up. They also seem to swell up whenever I smoke too. But maybe that's just cause it's weed.

    Anyways, Never toking up again would suck. Suggestions? Maybe getting a vaporizer would help?
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    Keep a Log

    That could have a lot to do with it. I too am sensative to some detergents, etc... best thing you can do, is what I did. Keep a log of what you use, i.e. Soaps for bathing, Laundry Detergent ( you pull shirts over your face), things you eat. I know when I eat anything with a lot of tomato in it, combined with stress, my face will break out. I don't think MJ is the culprit, however, I sometimes have gotten sneeze attacks with some strains of MJ... Remember, MJ is in the same genus as tomatos...

    Good luck, and don't panic....
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    It's hard to say that your symptoms aren't from the pot, or from the pot smoke more likely. Marijuana allergy is a real phenomenon. A vaporizer would be a very good thing to try, it apparently can minimize allergy in many people since no traditional smoke is created. And it's healthier anyway.:gleaf:
  4. erro

    erro New Member

    thanks guys i'll try it out
  5. stonedashrey

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    my sister is allergic to nething with seeds. fruits, veggies, weed. she smoked once and her throat closed
  6. Higher Logic

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    Where'd you get the information from? The tomato is part of the Lycopersicon genus, and cannabis is part of the Cannabaceae genus.
  7. teufelfisch

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    Wow, now that is an extreme allergy. How does she get adequate nutrition?
  8. oneluv4boognish

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  9. teufelfisch

    teufelfisch Seasoned Activist

    Of course! :laugh:

    I would hate to trade my fruits and veggies for pills, but I suppose she has no choice.
  10. RL in IL

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    Contaminated marijuana - How to clean it for more safety

    I haven't seen anyone suggest that your marijuana is possibly contaminated. It is possible that "marijuana allergy" could be the result of marijuana that has some ingredients in there that shouldn't have got in there. This is highly possible due to the various unregulated ways people make marijuana.

    Don't rule this out. If you have a better or different source for your supply, now's the time to check it out. If you grow your own then you'll have to review the grow FAQ and double check what you're feeding them.

    A lot of products on the shelves are chemical cocktails that some people can be sensitive to. I suggest you seek out and buy a couple bottles of DR. BRONNER'S CASTILLE SOAP. It has multiple uses: most importantly it can be used as a shampoo or body soap. It contains no chemical additives. It uses 100% natural and mild hempseed oil along with other natural ingredients.

    Stop using the other soaps and shampoos if you can.

    The first thought is that you are allergic to something in the marijuana that you get that shouldn't be in there. The short answer was find another source, or change your grow method.

    The long answer is, clean your marijuana using the COLD WATER re-curing method.

    Simply take a cup of cold water, and throw in some of your marijuana in there. Let it sit overnight. The next morning, the water will likely be yellow. All kinds of contaminants will be coming out into the water (including natural contaminants left over as well as any non-natural ones). So then empty the yellowed water and refill the cup with clean cold water. Let it sit a second night. The next day the water will be a little less yellow. Empty the water, and fill it again - let it sit a third night. Keep doing this until maybe the third or fourth night, when the water in the cup doesn't yellow anymore. This means all the possible contaminants that can be removed with water have been removed. Now take out your wet marijuana and let it dry until it is moist. When it is no longer wet but still feels a little moist, put it in a bag and cure it for a few more days to a week, until it reaches the consistency you seek.

    THC does not dissolve into water so you will not be losing that. By removing any contaminants in this fashion, and re-drying and re-curing it, you could actually improve the potency as well.

    It could also help you figure out if your problems are from contaminated marijuana.

    This all brings up another question. Does vaporizing contaminated marijuana also help the user inhale unwanted contaminants? That would depend on the contaminant itself. Unwanted benzene gas (which is present in all smoke) begins to appear at temperatures above 400 degrees. The vaporizer would have to be set at exactly the right temperature and not above a certain temperature to avoid the bad stuff in smoke itself.

    If we consider the smoke itself to be the cause of contamination, then a well-made vaporizer set at the correct and consistent operating temperature would help you eliminate everything associated with smoke.

    For you this is a quest, a journey, an anecdotal research project to determine the best path for your own personal situation.

    May you find it, enrich your life and go on to tackle other struggles.
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    hives? me too!

    hey erro, i've been getting hives, too! they are on the side of my face and they itch horribly! they go away after about 30 minutes, then show up again an hour later. a warm washcloth and some distraction usually helps them go away. From the previous comments, it looks like I'm going to try a vaporizer, as I haven't changed detergents or soaps, although I have been under lots of stress. Could stress have triggered the allergy??
    Just wanted erro to know that you're not alone. good luck!
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    Holy shit man, u too? Dude, me and you might have the same problem on our hands. Cause like I noticed that like after I started smoking pot that like I started getting a rash that like burned and itched on the side of my face as well. I didn't get it on my forehead like you said, but yeah. My parents are taking me to the doctor to see what is causing it, so I hope the doctor doesn't check my urine cause if he does, I'm screwed.....

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