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Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Casers, May 25, 2006.

  1. Casers

    Casers New Member

    Can everyone please tell me their experience with negative dilute results, specifically - Has anyone out there not gotten a re-test for a result like this? (Mine in particular is a pre-employment test, not DOT or anything like that.. just a regular office job.)

    Please share. I am attempting to alleviate my anxiety.

    Thank you... I owe you all. I will make it up somehow, i swear i am not normally THIS insane.
  2. Secs

    Secs New Member

    Did you receive a negative dilute?

    Most of the time you are allowed a re-test. Sometimes, the employer just moves on to the next candidate.

    More details about your specific results please.
  3. Casers

    Casers New Member

    Sec3 - thank you.

    I called the MRO (Stat America). The person who answered looked me up by social security number and told me the tests "went out just yesterday" as "negative diluted".

    Before I took the test (before I was officially offered the job) the employer told me not to drink a lot of water before the test because then it would come up "negative dilute"... I think hesaid I would have to retake the test in that case but I am not 100% sure.

    I have an offer letter and a start date already, just contingent upon the drug screen.

    I am just worried at this point that the compnay will tell me that they are going to rescind my offer instead of telling me to re-test.

    Next time I test (hoping I get another chance), I am going to go with straight, regular old pee. I tested negative on 5 home tests so far and I haven't smoked in 5 weeks. Before then, I was a 1x/week smoker, and had cut back to about 1x every other week in the month prior to quitting....

    Thanks Sec3, you have been helpful.

    I swear once this fiasco is over, I am going to start a Paranoid People Support Thread (not titled JeffreyK's Postings). ;)
  4. Casers

    Casers New Member

    Sec3 - I saw your response in my other posting... and I appreciate that. So I do not want you to have to repeat yourself (although it's trouble for you, it will help ease my mind, believing that they will actually give me a re-test).

    I wanted to see if there is anyone out there who got a negative dilute for something like pre-employemnt but was NOT able to re-take the test. Like, her calling me and telling me they are going to rescind the offer because I got a negative dilute (because a negative dilute seems shady to them or something).... :shrug:
  5. dysphunktion

    dysphunktion New Member

    It really depends on your employer. I've had a negative-dilute once and was asked to retest. They didn't need me but I was given another test regardless. However, as was already pointed out, they may just take your neg-dilute results, throw them away and move on to the next potential employee.
  6. Casers

    Casers New Member

    dys, I already have a start date and an offer letter, contingent upon passing the drug screen.
  7. dysphunktion

    dysphunktion New Member

    Well, in that case, just show up on your start date. If you're already this far into the employment process then they will almost certainly have you retest. Since it's been over 5 weeks since you last smoked, you should just kick back and smoke a
  8. Casers

    Casers New Member

    Is this thought really irrational? ----> I called the MRO (a large organization) and got my results. Will this look suspicious combined with a negative dilute??

  9. Secs

    Secs New Member

    If the employer has a policy where negative dilute results are considered a negative drug test result, you will never get that call for a re-test.

    Just show up for work at your prescribed time and place and forget the damn drug test. Just don't smoke weed until you know for sure what the employer's policy is on random, post accident, reasonable suspicion, amd most of all, re-testing for negative dilutes.

    Sometimes you will start work, then about a week or two later, someone decides to finally file the pre-employment paperwork and discovers that you were negative dilute. Well, now they want a re-test because someone dropped the ball earlier.

    The above scenario is not out of the realm of possibility. Just go with it and don't think about it any longer. I don't use pot and if I were in your shoes, I would not give the drug test a second thought. Even though I hadn't heard from the employer about the drug test, I would not worry about it. They will either hire you (which they apparently did) or have you re-test, or both. Any way they go about it, you will be ok. You have been over 5 weeks clean now (I think), so why worry. Go into the re-test with a smile on your face if that is what they want. If you remain smoke free, you should pass with no problems. People who do not use marijuana, don't stress or even think about the stupid drug test, no matter what result they get because they know they are clean. You should have that same attitude.

    You are sitting pretty right now.
  10. Casers

    Casers New Member

    Sec3, you are my savior! :hug:

    Thank you so much, that is what I needed to hear.

    Just one more thing: So no chance the MRO will call the employer and say this girl is suspicious, she called in for her results and they were negative dilute? who calls for results if they are not concerned?

    Thank you.. i really appreciate your words. Sometimes people like me really need a positive word. Even if for some reason they decide to rescind the offer and pass on me altogether, someone told me I had nothing to worry about and that will be a better state of mind. You are right, if i don't get a call, maybe she didn't even notice or didn't care. I guess HR is a lot more busy than to worry about one lone soon-to-be-official employee's negative dilute...


    PS: Today I am 5 weeks clean, and I passed a home test on the first void this morning, so I can really stick to my guns if any suspicion is raised, I have nothing to even feel guilty ABOUT.. I know I would test negative on a test anyway! I love smoking but I can't even tell you when the next time I smoke will be. Maybe never. Certainly not until I've been working for a solid 6 months!! AT LEAST!!!! ;)
  11. Secs

    Secs New Member

    I would be surprised if the MRO did this, but Still, there is no need for you to call the MRO either. IF you didn't pass, you would have heard form the MRO by now. Forget about the drug test and move on to learning your new job.
  12. Casers

    Casers New Member

    Well i already did call the MRO..... I guess they are a big enough corporation that person by the name of social security number xxx-xx-xxxx doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot to them.

    I HOPE!

  13. TXtumbleweed

    TXtumbleweed New Member

    casers....I'm kind of in the same boat. Just wondering if they wanted you to re-test....kind of curious whether employers will accept a neg dilute or not....its worked before but I'm getting the feeling employers aren't accepting these results anymore....maybe just paranoid. I took a home test before reporting to the real thing and got a faint pink line, which I think means its diluted? Anybody have any feedback for me?

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