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  1. way2faded

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    Below are the EXACT 12 steps I used to pass a test.. Now I have a good job, and I am smoking again

    I quit smoking for a week, it was freekin hard, but TOTALLY worth it.

    about myself before i begin:

    Not active past 3 years (no running excercise at all)
    age: 23
    weight: 195
    height 5'10

    Marijuana intake past 12 months
    3-4 times a day (usually oneies or hitters, small bowls)
    3-4 blunts a week

    Marijuana history
    Smoking for about 5-6 years, basically everyday anywhere from 1-5 times daily

    I had exactly one week notice to pass a urine drug screening for an employer.


    1. Went to the hippie shop bought 1 bottle of Detoxify brand Ready Clean..just the normal stuff not the extra powered stuff.

    2. Bought from same store.. 3 packages containing (6) pills each of Detoxify brand PRECLEANSE Herbal capsules.

    3 Read all instructions on both. Basically when you take the pills you need to drink alot of water 6 (16) ounce glasses of water per day. Also Excercise will increase your metabolism, and eating lite is the best thing for you. Make more small meals during the day, keep your metabolism running smooth and constant.

    4. I took that same day 3 pills and drank the 6 (16) ounces of water.

    5. I repeated step 4 over the course of the next 5 days (which was the night before the test)

    6. Night before the test goto bed early, better to wake up earlier and pee several times before the test..and have plenty of time incase somthing goes wrong

    7. In the morning I drank one glass of water. I then made a light breakfast of eggs and toast over the next hour. (had some OJ with breakfast)

    8. Went into my room Drank the READY CLEAN(MMmm Orange) Waited full 15 minutes refilled and drank.

    9. Waited an hour.. Pee'd once. 15 minutes later Pee'd again.

    10. Jumped in the shower after which i Pee'd a 3rd time.

    11. Drank a few more swigs outta my glass, grabbed a 12oz bottle of "bottled water" and got in my car.

    12. Got to the "test center" I had to pee soo bad. I slowly drank the 12oz bottle of water as I drove there. When It was time to pee for the test, I empty about half of my bladder then filled the test basically dont submit the 1st or last part of the piss.

    I waited a damn week before I heard back from the company. I literally thought I failed as the days went on, but I still had a lil hope. Finally a call, "You passed, can you start training on March 7th".

    NOTES*** I refrained smoking for the whole week..there were some close calls I almost gavein a few times..but I held out. The READY CLEAN drink takes 1 hour to work.. after which you should piss a few times, and then have around 4 hours of clean piss.Also I got pretty wasted the night before the test, I was a lil worried about this. However if you wanted to duplicate my test to the T.. you would need to consume 1 jagerbomb and just over a pitcher of draft beer the night before ( drank in just over an hour period )

    P.s. Id be happy to answer anything else or try to thru this post. Lastly.. thanx to everyone out there that contributed their stories about what they did, also thank you google for your amazing results from typing in random questions.;) .. Some of the posts I didnt buy into alot, but others sounded like very intelliegent people. Thanx for trying to help either way, Great community.
  2. Smokey123

    Smokey123 New Member

    do the 'Detoxify brand PRECLEANSE Herbal capsules' do anything to remove the toxins? I was to understand that nothing(except exercise) can actually 'rid' the bottom of toxins, everything that is 'detox' only masks it. I'm too worried about my job to risk masking it (ive heard some work, some don't, and some work sometimes and not others) so its not worth messing with, I'm cleaning out for over 30days, but I'm quite fat and smoke more then anyone ive ever met (and ive met hundreds of potheads.......they all tell me I have a problem ;) ) So im looking for something to actually clean my system, not just mask it. Does that product do it?
  3. bogo

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    start working out and get rid of that fat it is the only way to get the THC out of your body it's stored in your fat cells and you have to burn them off to get it all the threads here and you will totally understand everything... I spend weeks reading the threads...... start taking fiber tabs it helps...... the thc goes to that (not all but some) drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day
    thats the normal rate for the body to flush out toxins any more is not going to help ... when you work out do it 2x a day.. you want to get your sytem up to burn off the fat
  4. SkatingStoned13

    SkatingStoned13 New Member

    the pre-cleanse capsules have creatine in them. this is basically the only reason this person passed the test, and spend way too much money to be clean.
    if you dont mind me asking, how much did you spend on the drink+pre-cleanse?
  5. way2faded

    way2faded New Member

    Smokey the DETOXIFY brand Herbal capsules.. Naturally remove toxins from your body. They dont mask anything they clean your system out. Its important to remember that in order to clean out your system you need lots of water (so you urinate more, and this is how your system is cleansed) Due to the fact that chronic marijuana smokers tend to be very immune to THC, there is a good chance I might have passed without taking the drink just from the capsules and abstaining for a week. Take no chances.. spare no expense Ive had buddies fail on Niacin and Aspirin. I also know guys with serious stomach problems from taking mass ammounts of 1 chemical. Not taking any chances here. They do have other products for ppl over 200. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water a lite meals.. try like 5 smaller meals instead of 2-3 big ones. Dont eat late at night...if you eat late..stay up for a few hours afterwards. A healthy body cleans itself out Alot quicker. -best of Luck-
  6. way2faded

    way2faded New Member

    $25 on the drink
    $12 on the pills.

    I couldnt even go out to the bar or buy enuff pot to smoke for a week with that money. Im 23 take in mind and Ive just landed a 50k+ job. Money hasnt ever been an issue for me, especially $40.. I tried somthing with a NAME and RESULTS I knew worked. No regrets here.

    ps. On the same day I bought the drink and pills in the same store I picked up a limited edition TOOL Lateralus vinyl LP set for $50.

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