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Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by potboy, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. potboy

    potboy New Member

    Ok so I got this nice ass gravity bong cap with the wrench thingy in it and a screen and it works great. But I've been thinking about ordering a real glass bowl and I was just wondering which one

    1. Gets you higher
    2. Uses the least weed, to get really high
    3. Is better in general

    and anything you might want to tell me about bowls vs gravity bongs
  2. Tony4/20

    Tony4/20 New Member

    get any normal 30 dollar pipe.. their usually all the same.. just the longer ones hold more smoke.. but are are expensive then the short ones. Find one that catches your eye from the shape, colors..etc. and go for it.


    Gravity bong will use more weed but give you a bigger hit, a glass bowl will use a bit less weed and hit will depend on the bowl but most likly will not hit like a gravity bong unless it is a really small bong. I prefer a bowl or a steamroller because my weed last longer and I can smoke more if I want and also no need to worry about water like a gracity bong.
  4. SimpleGreen

    SimpleGreen **********

    Get a pipe, or a real glass or acrylic bong. In my opinion, gravity bongs don't provide enough cooling and filtration to warrant having to mess around with water. You might get a bigger hit from a g-bong, but in the end, you'll get just as high from using a pipe.
  5. Noobtastic

    Noobtastic New Member

    I'd get a spoon, gravity bongs get you higher but they aren't practical for everyday smoking, at least not for me. What if you want to smoke standing up? Outside the house? On a road trip? Take more hits off one bowl? Starting simpler might make your life simpler.
  6. mastro

    mastro New Member

    I find that when i use a gravity it gives me a huge hit for relatively no weed. I use a 3/16 ratchet piece for a bowl and all i need is the tiniest piece of nugget and i'm good.
  7. ngever

    ngever New Member

    with a gravity bong you cant really pass it around and i smoke with friends so i would go with a bowl or something.
  8. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    Have both, a pipe is practical for so many reasons but I still love getting a fat as gravity (or bucket) hit. Depends on the circumstances, depends how quickly you want to get blasted.
  9. marijuana smoker

    marijuana smoker New Member

    really old thread, but i'm planning on making a grav bong tomorrow. any tips?
  10. WildGerg

    WildGerg New Member

    If you can get a glass sobe bottle do it they are perfect grav bongs. I can walk you through the finer points of gravity bong construction.

    First is the bowl, socket wrenches work excellent for gravs. i suggest using a 1/4 inch or less sized (or 6mm if you have metric sizes) all that matters is that the head of the socket tapers down so the square holed end is thicker than the hexagon holed end. Use the square end for the herb. Most sockets I've seen choke it between the hole the wrench goes in and the bolt end which keeps your weed from falling through but some don't so you may need to use a screen.

    Next is the bottle, if you got a glass sobe then you can pop a hole in the bottom rim because there's a thin spot in the glass. If you have to go plastic get a bottle that has thick plastic and holds about 1 liter. You will need to cut a hole near the bottom to drain water from the bottle. Cut in hole in the side of the bottle on the bottom about 1/2 an inch wide. Don't cut the hole in the bottom of the bottle because you will suck bong water into your mouth from time to time if the hole faces the top instead of the side.

    The lid is very important to do right. Poke a hole in the very center of the lid with something like a push pin and enlarge it with whatever round things you can find like nails or pencils. If the lid is plastic you can try warming (NOT MELTING/BURNING) the hole with a lighter to soften the plastic and make it easier to get the hole to fit the small end of the socket. Always stab into the top of the lid don't work it from the bottom. When it gets close to the right size use the socket to stretch it the last little bit until its secure but still easy to remove. I find it helps to rotate the socket like an arcade game joystick to loosen it without damaging the lid. If you do the lid right it seals air tight but you don't have to unscrew the lid to take the hit you just pop the bowl out.

    Now find a jug that you can fill with water up to the neck of the bottle. If you don't have a good jug you can cut the top off a 2 liter soda bottle and use that. Fill the jug and put bottle in it and allow the bottle to fill with water. Don't have the bowl on when the bottle is filling as the escaping air will blow your herb out into the jug of water (PARTY FOUL). Load the socket with a little green and pop it in the lid. Light your lighter then put the flame over the bowl and lift the bottle up so the water begins to drain. Don't pull it too up too high or you will spill bong water everywhere. Once the bottle is empty of water (and full of smoke) pop the socket off and inhale. Let the socket cool off between bowls or use multiple sockets in rotation or you will burn yourself.

    Any Questions???
  11. Sm0ked-one

    Sm0ked-one Sr. Member

    this is how i came up with reddick, my red bowl, pics in the hand pipes section rigght now check it out

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