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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by PhilosophySmoker, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. PhilosophySmoker

    PhilosophySmoker New Member

    I've been smoking weed for 3 years now, and only recently have I really sat back and thought "What exactly changes when I get high?" I'm not talking physical sensations, I'm thinking more or so just thought process and reasoning. What is the difference between my reasoning while I'm sober, compared to when I'm high? Anyone else ever think of this? Any thoughts?

    ~ "What are great ideas without action?"
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  2. Sierra Twist 11

    Sierra Twist 11 Active Member

    I also have thought about this from time to time. In my opinion, I think a difference in thought processing and reasoning is the factor of a different perspective and outlook on things. When I'm high, I'm more open-minded and think more so outside of the box. This sort of thinking can be beneficial in interactions with others and also problem-solving.
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  3. FreddyC

    FreddyC Pot is a better drug than alcohol. Fact!

    Sierra that sentence you wrote brought about HUGE changes in my life.

    Politics, religion, self-worth, and relationships with others either were sharpened or totally changed.

    I like to think I'm a better man for it. Freddy
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  4. Sierra Twist 11

    Sierra Twist 11 Active Member

    That's great to hear man, the same has happened for me these past couple years. It's been like a total transformation, but adding a different perspective on things can really help you develop more into a well-rounded person.
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  5. zappy

    zappy Pondering Primate

    I agree with you about 'thinking outside the box' Sierra. That's one thing that weed seems to do to me. While high, it's as though I am able to take a step back and analyze my thought processes from a perspective that is unreachable while sober. Looking at things from this different perspective allows me to better able realize flaws in my own thought processes, ironically with my own thought processes, allowing me to reach conclusions on topics and thoughts that I would otherwise not normally make, and often the differences are for the better.

    Another change I notice is that emotion seems to have more of an impact on my thought processes while high. I feel, somehow, more emotional, which seems to simultaneously make me better able to correctly detect, comprehend and react to the emotion expressed by others around me. I believe this is part of the reason why cannabis is such a good social drug... everyone is relaxed while being better able to express it and feel it with others around them. People who are drunk easily become the complete opposite, but not if they are high instead.

    And then there is the effect that changes in memory have on the thought processes. My short term memory is terrible while I am high. This causes my thoughts to be less linear than normal. I might be thinking one thing, only to forget that thought and have it replaced by a new one, where the same thing may happen again. It seems easier to come up with new thoughts and ideas because of these 'jumpy' non-linear thought processes. Perhaps this is part of the reason why many people claim to be more creative while they are high?

    I also agree that I am more open minded while high. I still think in a logical way and demand that claims be supported by evidence and logic, although I do feel more open to new and different ideas while I am high. This has its own impact on my thought processes, leading me to many 'what if' type thoughts about how I do things, and how they could be done differently by other people, cultures, religions, spirituality, etc.

    This one might just be me, and I do admit that I am a naturally philosophical thinker, but weed seems to make me think more philosophically than usual. Many times while high do I ponder deeply philosophical thoughts such as, where did the universe come from?, was there a creator?, how is consciousness formed by materials within the brain and nervous system?, and even solipsist type thoughts like 'what if everything I perceive is merely a product of my own mind...?'.

    So yea, while I am high, I become able to better analyze my thought processes while thinking in a more predominantly emotionally driven way while my lack of short term memory creates a non-linear, jumpy thought process with a higher likelihood for the occurrence of deeply philosophical thoughts. Geez that sentence sounds verbose doesn't it? But yep, that's what I think weed does to my mind.

    My semester will begin within a few weeks time, meaning I will have access to the scientific literature once again because I'm studying science. I'm curious to see if there have been any psychological studies conducted to determine, specifically, the differences that cannabis causes in our thought processes. I might post some links if the scientific journals allow me to.
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  6. Linx

    Linx Banned

    Many people believe that when using Cannabis their thoughts become more profound and ultimately drawing conclusions that are extremely compelling - however I have a theory regarding it.

    During the high of THC, you mentioned a much more sensitive reaction to emotion. The thing with Cannabis is that it can produce the on-set of realization, which is not only a subjective state but also a physical one that has been coined through-out the ages as "enlightenment". There is a good chance that this release of chemicals can lead one to believe the current thought is profoundly enlightening, where-as otherwise when straight wouldn't cross your mind a second time.

    However there is much truth in your post regarding reasoning and the ability to emote. This is because, in my opinion, emotion plays a larger role in your reasoning, which can be considered irrational by some, but I do not agree with that at all.

    When I began to use Cannabis, I became an animal lover. Though I am not a vegetarian and understand one's need to consume and the benefits there-of, one also needs to draw the line with their reasoning. For example, there are several studies already conducted and concluded that plants to feel a level of pain. In order for complete and total harmony, the human must die as if it were his destiny to die (although we are destined to die at some point not relating to such reasoning.)
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  7. Siberian_Husky

    Siberian_Husky New Member

    For me, I care less and less what others around me think and I'm more outgoing. I don't know what THC triggers in my brain to make this happen, but it does. Basically, it helps a ton with social anxiety. Whenever I'm high, I'm too busy having a good time so I don't really try and be creative or thoughtful. I'll try it, though.
  8. Cosmicbud

    Cosmicbud New Member

    Improves my sensual experience and expands my consciousness and thought process. A thinking mans drug.
  9. GreenGrace

    GreenGrace New Member

    I just started a new thread about my life-changing experiences regarding how the high feeling of marijuana ingestion has dramatically affected my reasoning, because I'm curious to see if others have had a similar experience.

    When I'm high, like most high people, it's difficult for me to follow a conversation or do complex problem-solving because my short-term memory is temporarily impaired. When I try to communicate an idea, I often go off on tangeants and forget what I was talking about in the middle of the sentence! So verbal communication and mathematics take A LOT of mental effort and energy while high. But strangely, I LOVE to write when I'm high. I can write for hours and it FEELS REALLY GOOD. I don't know how or why, but I love it!

    However, perhaps because the parts of my brain that handle communication and logic are quieted, it allows the voice of my unconscious mind to be heard -- and heard LOUDLY. I'm unavoidably conscious while high. Whether beautiful or ugly, my inner truth stands up right under my nose and it's impossible to ignore. I once was the notorious "Queen of Denial," but now that I'm a nightly smoker, denial is just not possible anymore. The awareness and knowledge of myself that I've gained while high has empowered me to make internally well-informed decisions and affect dramatic, positive changes in my life. What's more, now even when I'm sober, my awareness is still more heightened and I am better able to reason with calmness and clarity than I was before I started toking. Of course when I toke, that calmness and clarity is still much more directly experiential than it is when I'm sober -- being high puts me on a more direct route to my own inner wisdom, like it or not. It's hard to explain. But I like it. It's been good for me.

    I don't know yet if MJ will be a permanent fixture in my life, but after about 10 months of daily use, the positive impact it has had on my life is permanent. Thankfully that impact has been hugely for the better. :) Here's the catch though... once I realized MJ's potential for psychological healing, that is what I intended and focused on while high. I didn't hear my unconscious mind until I made a commitment to LISTEN to it. There is no substance on the planet that can spontaneously heal your mind if your heart and soul are not on board with it. You've gotta truly WANT it.

    ~ Grace
  10. GreenGrace

    GreenGrace New Member

    TOTALLY agree. Zappy said it better than I did. And I had the same avatar (the right brain/left brain image) as my Facebook profile pic for awhile! :) Ganja puts me on the "grassy side" of my brain. LOL
  11. SouthernRebelBoy

    SouthernRebelBoy New Member

    When most people are high, They are relaxed. So it gives you an upbeat in debating because you can listen and respond lightly when you are relaxed.
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    OHNOitsNICHOLAS New Member

    my parents were stoned...started staring at a star saying it was aliens...
  13. apreminin

    apreminin New Member

    I think the effects on one's thought process depends on that individual's nature. I'm a hyperactive person and when I don't smoke, I feel like my thoughts are scattered and not compartmentalized. Although I may have some valid points at times, as most of my colleagues would say, I feel like I could have improved it or added something to make it really solid.

    Now, I'm not a heavy user - I smoke maybe a J a day after a game of football (yeah, the one that's synonymous with soccer) - but I do feel that my thoughts run deeper after I do. I can focus more and be able to tie up most of the ideas that come into my head whenever I think of something. I seem to do better in most of the things I enjoy, especially writing. Not to mention that my food tastes better too lol.

    However, I find crunching numbers laborious and I wouldn't want to do it when I'm still high. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate numbers or math to be specific. I just don't like working with them after smoking - much like what greengrace said.

    Anyway, I can't comment on whether it makes me more open-minded about things since I hardly resent new things and tend to favor what is rationally sound.
  14. BigPoppaTokes

    BigPoppaTokes New Member

    When I'm high I am more logical than I usually am (and i'm usually extrememly logical!), I am able to look at someone's situation and make an accurate guess as to what's going throught their head based on what is happening to them. I am also more understanding when I'm high. which has transferred over to when i'm not high, the knowledge and understanding i gain while i'm stoned stays with me when i come back to sobriety. Overall being high just makes me a deeper and more analytical thinker, I have more perspective on even the smallest of things.
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  15. ddd3

    ddd3 New Member

    How did this bring about a huge change in your life already if it was posted a day before you responded? You mean you can already tell your life is going to be changed for the better forever? I think it would take at least a while before you can full make this claim.
  16. FreddyC

    FreddyC Pot is a better drug than alcohol. Fact!

    Ha Ha..... Really? You don't realize he made a statement and that I was agreeing with that statement. I then told how his statement helped me change my outlook? It's only been since January that I wrote that. Little late on the draw.

    You really wanting to troll around for an argument? You can do better. Freddy
  17. LaurenSoDopeDude

    LaurenSoDopeDude New Member

    I don't know guys but when I'm high I can move my pinkie toes all the way over. It's crazy.... ..... :) toez
  18. LaurenSoDopeDude

    LaurenSoDopeDude New Member

    I can also draw and paint really awesome things, like better than when I'm not high
  19. EKaneG

    EKaneG New Member

    When I am high, much of what I do ends up feeling much more fulfilling compared to when I am not high.
    I'm talking about reading a book, listening to music, writing, spending time with people you care about. I realize that all of those things make up our lives, and while they are not necessarily fulfilling by themselves, they create a snowball effect - they become bigger and bigger until they become your memories and experiences, which in turn affect your perspectives and attitudes.
    I may do things that seem silly or foolish that I wouldn't normally do while sober, such as dance passionately or talk about my emotions, but then my high mind tells me that there isn't a legitimate reason not to, and plenty of reasons to do so. I tend to think of my sober and high minds as separate, because honestly, when I'm baked out of my mind, I can hear a tiny little voice in the background asking me questions like "Why are you laughing so hard because your friend said you looked like you were performing surgery on a PB&J sandwich?"
    To which my high mind replies, "Why the fuck not? It's funny, and it's not like I get to be happy whenever I want, so let's be happy right now."
    Now that I've gotten that out of the way, time to go off on random tangents.
    When I am high, I am much more open-minded and welcome to new ideas. Of course, they have to be logical and make actual sense for me to even consider them, but, I can look at new ideas from different viewpoints, including ones that are not even present between me and my friend(s).
    When I am high, I think about things that are so abstract and surreal, it's like a dream. I discover connections that are normally hidden from me, wonder about possibilities and scenarios so intensely that I can immerse myself in them, vibe with the flow of life so in tune that I feel life - energy - itself. The enhancing effects of cannabis is literally the most pure thing I have ever felt or experienced. What an amazing gift from God, or nature, or whatever the hell planted cannabis on Earth.
    When I am high, I am so much more expressive and appreciative of even the tiniest things. I love taking walks outside with a friend and pointing to a tree and saying, "That tree, is a damn beautiful tree. The leaves, the branches, the colors. And damn, look at the silhouette it casts against the bright sun, that lights up even the air."
    I live at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, and am currently planning a trip to a nearby mountain ridge, with plenty of weed, plenty of snacks, and plenty of time to enjoy what the world has to offer me. Me, a speck of a speck of life in a incomprehensibly large universe, am able to find a life worth living, and am able to make it that much better through the amazing effects of weed.
    Can't wait for this shit to become nationally recreational - that day will be one of the greatest days of my life.
  20. ItDoesntFckinMatter

    ItDoesntFckinMatter New Member

    Thoughts: It doesn't fuckin' matter.

    BUT, I find that when I was toasted, I would become waaaaaaay nicer to people AND give them things. Yeahno, this doesn't happen when I'm sober. :bday:

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