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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by hankthegreat, Jan 23, 2002.

  1. hankthegreat

    hankthegreat Guest

    not long ago me and two of my friends were smoking before going to a party. we didnt really have anywhere to smoke so we just rode around and smoked. normally when i smoke my eyes get somewhat red, but it varies how red. this particular time they didnt get hardly red at all. i had a really good high that day also. not long after that (a few weeks) i smoked before work - [note: i smoke about every other day, so i'm fairly experienced] - and i got a somewhat bad high and my eyes got extremely red. i was just wondering do most of your eyes get red? my friend said that blue eyes get more red than brown eyes, and blue eyes are the color of mine. i was thinking that the less you thought about your eyes being red, the less red they would get. the only thing that makes me somewhat paranoid when im high is my eyes being red and people being able to tell im high. lately i have just told myself not to care about people knowing im high and just to enjoy it. its not that i get real paranoid, i just think that worrying about them being red can actually make them more red. im rambling now, but if any of you can help me out i would appreciate it, thanks.

    -hank the great
  2. Buddha

    Buddha Guest

    I completely lost you, but then again I've been up since 6:30 AM, so I lose everybody right about now :).
    If you are worried about Red eyes for some reason, I wouldn't be unless you have a yellow dry substance on them, which as I recall is conjuctivitis. Use eye drops of some brand, they are all the same, and as for me I am aboot to pas oot. bye.

    Brush your teeth btw, nobody likes yellow teeth.
    Posterity is best observed from afar.
  3. FieldsOfGreen

    FieldsOfGreen New Member

    I think it depends on your tolerance and capilaries in the eye,the higher some people get,the more they expand, causeing the red look.

    I have blue eyes,and I have NEVER gotten red eye after smoking
  4. TokeyMcBongHit

    TokeyMcBongHit New Member

    I prefer Clear Eyes over Visine, personally. That'll take the red out, if you're willing to spend $5 on like .5 fluid ounces.
  5. Leithreas

    Leithreas Toilet

    I'm sorry to say, but that is INCORRECT! My friend bought this bottle of "eye drops" as it said on the label, for like 50 cents and i believe it was just water...all it did was make my eyes worse! if i would chose one it would be Clear Eyes, and then visine.

    Good day to you all!
  6. Conine

    Conine Seasoned Activist

    Some people are just more prone to red eyes I think. It isn't a dead giveaway. I remember once when I was 15 I was over at a friend's house, and his older sister was there with her boyfriend and this guy had FIENDISH red eyes. I was so sure he was blasted I started laughing at him saying stuff like, 'Hey, I see those red eyes, I know what's going on!'

    Ever see people laughing when they think there's a joke going on but they don't get it? That's the laugh he gave. The friend's sister looked at me like I was bizarre. My friend pulled me aside and (isn't it amazing how this can be done) gave me the 'shut-the-hell-up-he-doesn't-smoke-pot-and-you're-going-to-let-them-on-that-we-do' look.

    That guy's eyes were the reddest I'd ever seen. I think pot smokers just get paranoid about it. Unless there's a very noticeable difference, or your parents check your eyes, I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. WhiteBoy

    WhiteBoy Sloth

    blue eyes?

    i have blue eyes and my eyes are rarely red, i used to worry about it bigtime, when i was a newbie......

    now i just dont care if they are red, if they are, they arent red enough to notice, my eyes are always bloodshot anyway lol
  8. ShuflY

    ShuflY Guest

    I am the king when it comes to red eyes. If I have more than a puff, my eyes get ultra red. Clear Eyes is the BEST in my oppinion. It works best if you apply it right before you start smoking (pack the bowl/roll the joint, eyedrops, smoke...) If you do this your eyes wont change color at all. I've noticed that if you put the drops in after they've turned red, you'll still end up with a mild glossy look with a slight red tint. It's still way better than with no eyedrops, but if you need to be sure, put them in beforehand.

    Even if I'm not worried about seeing someone who doesn't know I get stoned, I still use Clear Eyes just because it keeps my eyes comfortable when I get stoned, and keeps my vision clear.
  9. illfaded

    illfaded Guest

    couldn't agree with you more ShuflY
  10. bo-battie

    bo-battie Senior Member

    yeah, visine is good, but clear eyes is by far the best. it works within like 2 minutes.
    last night, i got really blazed with a friend and my eyes were soooooo red, it wasn't even funny. we went to blockbuster to rent a ps2 game and everyone was staring at me, it was really weird.
  11. WhiteBoy

    WhiteBoy Sloth


    if i have eyedrops on me i apply some before and after i smoke...
  12. KatEyez

    KatEyez New Member

    My irises actually change color....normally they are a greenish-brown, but when I get stoned they turn bright green.
  13. theinfamousgoat

    theinfamousgoat New Member

    mannnn..... reading stories is hard is when your not very un high...
  14. budhawk

    budhawk New Member

    check out the new drops that are advertised in high times.....or go to there drops do work and are excellent.....i use them before....saturate.....and after just put in a drop.....keeps the red out...hey your eyes is the 1st thing the man looks have them in the best shape you can...try there drops they do work........budhawk:wave: :wave: :wave: :wave: :wave:
  15. nessaVEDDER

    nessaVEDDER New Member

    I never get red eyes. I rarely look as high as I am.


  16. Rusty_Cage

    Rusty_Cage Sophist

    i have blue eyes and they get extremely red without visine. i have a sort of dependence on visine so when my eyes don't get visine, it looks like i have a horrible case of pink eye in both of my eyes. when they get like that and i have no visine, i just tell people it's allergies.
  17. JMedric

    JMedric New Member


    its red all the way for me. heh heh heh:devil:
  18. KatEyez

    KatEyez New Member boss' doctor told him that you actually can become dependant on Visine. He said that when you use drops the vessels in your eyes will expand even further than before you use them so after awhile if you don' use drops then your eyes will get really really red.
  19. kryptnuget

    kryptnuget Guest

    hey, just to let u all in on some facts
    red eyes is caused by smoke irritation, and that is all. The reason why u all find that the more redder ur eyes get is from the more u smoke, is because there is more smoke to irratate ur eyes.
  20. Shaba Zero

    Shaba Zero New Member

    Is that true or is that more lies from the man?

    See, the man wants you to think the red eyes are caused by smoke irritation, that way you're psychologically expecting to not get red eyes as long as you're not a sloppy smoker, right? That way, you look in the mirror, psychologize your eyes into being not-red and you walk out of your apartment into the cold world where the man can bust you. And he'll say, "Your eyes are pretty red." and you say, "****. I fooled myself." and then you'll spend the rest of your life in the slammer being supported by taxpayers. But that's okay see, cause they took your house, your car, and your co-worker's cubicle cause you once called a pager from there.

    God damn it man! Stop spreading lies! You're working for the man, aren't you?! ::camper::

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