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Discussion in 'Music' started by jahjahcity, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. jahjahcity

    jahjahcity New Member

    Im trying to make a CD of all Really Good Reggae songs, Anybody know any???..........Peace:chokin:
  2. WhiteBoy

    WhiteBoy Sloth

    bob marley - natural mystic
  3. get some songs from toots and mayhol

    they are oldschool reggae.
  4. Ernesto

    Ernesto Banned

    anything from Marley, mon.
  5. GT Rude Boi

    GT Rude Boi Banned

    Yo you want recent onces? Check out these riddims:

    -diwali riddim
    -masterpiece riddim
    -caribbean style riddim
    -coolie dance riddim
    -buzz riddim
    -liquid riddim
    -bollywood riddim
    -buyout riddim
    -egyptian riddim
    -juice riddim
    -surprise riddim

    Or you wanna go old skool? Aite:

    -joyride riddim
    -filthy riddim
    -bam bam riddim

    Thats all the riddims I know for old skool but there are lots of songs.

    Anything from Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Mr. Vegas, or Spragga Benz is good. For slower reggae, go with Bob Marley and Junior Kelly.

    I've got 5,000+ MP3's on my computer.... 3/4 of them is reggae. Thats what I listen to when I'm stoned like hell, LOL :)
  6. hauptmann

    hauptmann Seasoned Activist

    Jimmy Cliff!!
  7. collie herb man -katchafire

    ive only heard two songs by these guys...they are ok, this song is pretty decent.
  8. IAmTheWalrus212

    IAmTheWalrus212 New Member

    OOOOoo yeah definitely, if you get the soundtrack for "The Harder They Fall" or whatever that is, it's the second one on there that's really good.
  9. oh yeah,
    Peter Tosh!
  10. ManMulcahey

    ManMulcahey Wilson, King of Prussia

    Peter Tosh - legalize it
    Bob Marley - Natural Mystic
    Bob Marley - Buffalo Soldier
    Bob Marley - Redemption song
  11. jahjahcity

    jahjahcity New Member

    Coo thnx Guyz:thumbsup: :cool:
  12. punx

    punx New Member

    anything from Inner Circle or Sublime, man.
  13. cholerist

    cholerist New Member

    What's up with all those rddims? Are they individual songs or something?
  14. solutions

    solutions Seasoned Activist

    I love Eek-a-Mouse, esp. the "live at sunsplash" album (84), much better than the studio work. This guy sounds like he's sooo stoned, he'd have to live to be 420 to completely detoxify.... how else can you come up with titles like these:

    Peeni Walli
    Me Did-Deh-Deh
    De Di Doo
    Goon A Goon
    Ganja Smuggling
    Sensee Party
    Juicy Juicy & Weedy Weedy

    There's a few free songs you can download at his fansite Eeksperience

    Any other mouseketeers around? Peace :chokin:

    (edit) I've just got to post the first part of the lyrics from "Ganja Smuggling":

    "Biddy biddy bong bong......
    Early, early sunday morning it was a big ganja smuggling
    Ina de mud me a pick kali bud an me a load dem down in off the top (?)
    One by one, load up de van, all of-a ganja it ram
    Put it on a plane, the weed gaan a Spain
    Money jus' a pour like rain
    Me jus' a mogel up the lane in a rolled gold chain
    Me an me girl name Jane
    Bang bang biddy bong bong......"

    If that guy is not a regular marijuana user....... :D
  15. MickityMike

    MickityMike Orwellian Jackboot™

    The "biddy biddy bong bong" refrain in that song cracks my **** up. :D

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