Regs, Mids, Indoor, Dro, Exotics whats the difference?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by guerilla, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. guerilla

    guerilla New Member

    im just making a thread on what the differences between these types of pot are and if anyone has additional info post please, and also post what type you prefer, which you dislike, like etc.

    I don't understand how these types of weed can be so different in "highs" yet its the same exact plant with the same exact chemicals, what effects these highs?

    Regs/Schwag/brickweed: Low potency possibly more cannibidol then most pot, harder to get high off of, tastes bad, smells bad, looks bad, May cause headaches and drowsiness. seeds plentiful (can anyone elaborate more?) what causes regs to give these headaches? why does it make you sleepy sometimes?
    Price per gram 1-5$

    Mids: medium potency bud, more potent then regs, less headaches experienced then regs, few seeds, tastes decent, smells ok, looks ok, some mids are really good, some arent much better then regs
    Price per gram 5-15$

    Indoor bud: high potency, much better tasting, smelling, looking and gets you higher quicker and with no headaches, some indoor is borderline chronic, some is just a bit better then good mids
    Price per gram 10-20$

    Hydroponically grown bud: High potency, tastes great, smells great, great high, sometimes dro can be amazingly potent and some times its just like regular indoor grown bud
    Price per gram 15-30$

    Exotics: Purely potent bud, very high potency, tastes amazing, smells better, euphoric/orgasmic high, usually exotics/chronic is amazing, occasionally its not much better then good dro
    Price per gram 20-35$

    I dislike regs, i love exotics/indoor/dro/and even mids will do

    so anyway, what factors contribute to different highs? with regs, the high is short lived and usually causes headaches

    mids are better then regs, less headaches, easier 2 get stoned

    dro/indoor/exotics are just great, no further explanation needed
  2. Turdy

    Turdy New Member

    Im fairly sure the difference in highs (as far as quality) would be attributed to the elevated levels of THC and CBDs.
  3. guerilla

    guerilla New Member

    so is cbd the headache making chemical in regs?
  4. Turdy

    Turdy New Member

    Im not sure what gives you headaches when smoking schwag/regs.

    I think CBDs are what make smoking a more "body high".
    Im not positive though so...
  5. guerilla

    guerilla New Member

    hmm, maybe its just the carbon monoxide cause you need to smoke ALOT of regs to get high, so all the toking of carbon monoxide prob gives a headache i am assuming

    also, i have a quick unrelated question

    I'm planning on making some bhang with some mids i picked up

    so tell me if this is right

    about 1 gram of pot grounded up finely mixed with milk, boiled, then sugar added

    would the thc bind to the lipids in the fat if boiled just a bit? how much should it boil for? a little? alot? should i remove the plant matter after boiling?

    im too lazy to make pot brownies so i searched for an alternative and i read mixing ground pot into boiled milk will do VERY well
  6. troublemaker420

    troublemaker420 New Member

    thread closed--theres plenty of posts here the break down how pot is graded.
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