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    i'd like to hear some about rehydrating the weed...i've been adding a drop of water to what i figure is dryish weed because i read it helps get more vapor...then, i read by doing that i'm just getting more 'water vapor' but not THC because the THC, supposedly, lifted off the leaf at a lower temperature than to vaporize the water...also, i find when i don't rehydrate i get a huge blast of vapor 'smoke', i've been putting in about 1/8 inch of weed in my HotBox wand taking a huge hit and that pretty much turns the weed brown and gets me plenty high...any comments on the hydration the olden days i used the peel deal but the weed stuck to the peel...i put a fine weed into a small glass bowl and stick it in the freezer where it picks up a little 'frost' on the outside of glass..maybe this helps with hydration...pros v.s. cons on this much apprectiated...carry on
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    Do not rehydrate your weed. Too much of a possibility of mold to form.
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    Hydration isn't a problem mold wise if you only hydrate that bowl and don't let it sit for more than a few hours. As a general rule most will tell you hydrating your herb for a vaporizers adds nothing, and as far as getting more actives its true. But if you let the herbs hydrated for 30 minutes and penetrate down further there may be a small benefit with control over scorching, esp if its really dry herbs the first few hits can catch you off guard if your coming from a batch that had more moisture. For already moist herb it does nothing, for really dry herb it may help a little to soften the first few hits. I have bought some of the Spray hand sanitizers that are shaped like a pen from Walmart or Walgreens for $0.99 and emptied them out, then ran distilled water through them for about 300-400 pumps then I fill it back up will distilled water and it creates a nice palm sized mist that will hydrate one bowl at a time. I don't really use it much but on occasion I do, it's perfect for the single bowl application of vaporizers.
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    There's absolutely no reason to add water to weed that you are vaping. Water boils off at 212˚. Cannabinoids don't boil off until they get close to 300˚. All of the water will vape off, taking heat with it, before the cannabinoids begin to evaporate.

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