Relaxing your hair to pass?

Discussion in 'Blood, Hair & Saliva Testing' started by Lorduss, Jul 26, 2011.

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    Here in town the casinos are a major employer, and of course being hugely corprate they hair test like any other casino for the most part, i went down and got a haircut today and was talking to the lady doing my hair, mentioning i wanted to get a casino job eventually but i need to stay clean (its a pot smoking town they all understand)
    she mentioned that they have *relaxed* peoples hair and they have gone on to pass there hair tests for the casinos, Relaxing the hair as in something black people commonly do, honestly its still not a process i know much about, she claimed it must be done the day before the test, takes an hour and costs around 260 :eek: her saying it must be done the day before makes me think its simply masking it somehow, but she claimed it pulled the THC out of my hair, its alot of money for one attempt but it i can get a decent to great success rate im willing to try.
    i have read up on hair testing for a while and finaly ended up going clean, allmost one month now because i realy do want a high paying job there i can walk into, but i realy dont want to waist an *attempt* for less than a great success rate and wait 6 months to try again.
    does anyone here know anything about this? in all of my reading i have yet to come across this exact method, i put some trust in this because its a small town and this women has owned this business in town for years and alot of locals come to this place. its honestly a bit hard for me not to put some faith into this, i realise i can wait another 2 months and be pretty much good to go, but working right now for min wage is a little hard to stomic, i want to open up my options a bit.
    i have yet to read this method on any of these forums that i can rember, there might be a better term to describe the process, does anyone here know anything about this? thanks guys
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    Hello I'm a black women facing the same thing. Whatever happened and what process did you do?

    Thanks, L
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    I've read from an Omega lab study that relaxers and bleaching for hair can lower metabolites in the hair cortex by 18% and hair dying can reduce them by 16%.

    If you are a hard core smoker or have thick / corse hair you should do a few hair treatments or even mix and match them up.
    I've read of many black woman using relaxers and passes. I believe there are a few specific brands listed in the results thread as well on grasscity's forum/thread on passing a hair test. If I remember correctly, I think Lye was a main ingredient, but I'd recommend doing more research on the hair relaxer topic to see which ones have been used and worked.

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