Religion & Marijuana

Discussion in 'Religion' started by MinnesotaMan, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. MinnesotaMan

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    Religion and Marijuana

    I am a catholic. I smoke marijuana. Should I feel ashamed? Is my religion really against it? I'll bet it is because our bodies are sacred and all that, but am I deliberately disobeying my faith by smoking marijuana?

    How about other major religions?
  2. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Do you feel shame for smoking cannabis is a better question, and if you feel shame, then the question is why do you feel that emotion? Is it the illegal nature of the act or the use of a euphorant for pleasure? The question cannot be answered by anyone but yourself.

    There are many sects of the religion of Catholicism, some are strongly opposed to the use of euphorants some take a very different stance. It is possible to find a Church that is accepting of and acceptable to you.

    Not necessarily. Bodies are sacred and life is mystery. Whether the act of smoking marijuana is an act of disobedience to your own Faith is a matter for you to discern on your own -- first you will need to define what you consider to be both disobedience and Faith.

    There are other religions in which smoking cannabis is a considered a sacrament. And other major religions in which it marijuana is viewed in its social context without the question of religion coming into play.

    Sorry I can't be less cryptic, but your qustions lead to ...more questions..., have a cookie ;)

    Mama Budz
  3. poTCat

    poTCat New Member

    Your faith is your own. Don't let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't believe. If you feel ashamed for smoking, find out why and resolve the issue. If you don't, then just keep on lighting up. Your beliefs are personal, let it stay that way.

    But to answer your question, I don't think christianity or catholicism has anything against marijuana. Indeed, I've heard that there are positive biblical reference to it.
  4. Suetaz

    Suetaz Seasoned Activist

    Is it possible to get a fair answer to the question "is smoking marijuana against my religion"? It is illegal, therefore it will be taboo within most religions just because of the illegality of it. I think the question would be a more honest one for religions if it were legal. If it were legal, churches would have no excuses for it being 'against' a religion. I don't know much about the reasons for religions making marijuana taboo, I'm just assuming it all stems from the fact that it is illegal.
    I think the only time a person should feel shame is when they have caused harm in any way to another being.
  5. Logos

    Logos CannaSacrament Minister

    Major religions... That is an interesting concept.

    I have to agree with poTCat on this one, your beliefs are your own, they spring from within. You can't just believe the things that others tell you, you have to know for yourself. If you feel that it is wrong as Mama pointed out, then it is wrong, but she beggs you to ask the question, why do you feel it is wrong? Does your consience tell you that it is wrong, and for what reason, because it is pleasurable, and that surely must be sin, or because it is illegal (as SueTaz pointed out), and in your belief system, all laws stem from God's will?

    Your inner feelings are able to guide you through this dilema better than any dogma from any religious standpoint.

    God created marijuana, from a biblical standpoint it is as perfect as the rest of creation.

    My opinion, it has brought me to understand the spirit of the Christ, so I consider it sacrement, and the laws against it I consider to be of evil nature.

    Take that for what it is worth, it is merely my opinion...
  6. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    The matter of Medical Marijuana use has been discussed often in my religion, I am a Jew.

    One outcome is that not only is it acceptable, if it is required to save a life and to ease pain and suffering.

    This of course is not the law of the land, and we are told by our sages, since we are strangers in a strange land, to respect the law of the land we find ourselves in -- but as a question of Faith, the use of Med MJ is clear.


    Mama Budz
  7. pipegod

    pipegod New Member

    from what i understand it's more of the aspect that the majority of catholic people are against it and not the actual religion. don't let any set of rules get in the way of your feelings and morals about things. you are what you are and just because you devote yourself to a religion (which don't get me wrong, i think is a good thing) you shouldn't adopt those exact laws and fit them into your lifestyle. just do what you do to make you happy, and if something's not making you happy, then don't do it. just do what you feel is right.
  8. gnidraobwons

    gnidraobwons New Member


    I talked to my priest yesterday, and he said that since there is no law in the bible, nor in catholicism it is not a sin. cool huh?
  9. MinnesotaMan

    MinnesotaMan New Member

    This is an interesting fact.
  10. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    Most major religions have nothing against weed, actually. The only reason it seems like they do is because alot of religious people are really conservative, for one reason or another, and alot of conservatives have something against anything that's fun.

    Anyway...why would god really care? As long as you're still a good person, why does it matter?
  11. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest

    Is Marijuana a path to serving G_d?

    from the website Medical Marijuana as Mitzvah

    Medical Marijuana as Mitzvah*​

    Selected for the Women of Reform Judaism 2001
    Or Ami "Light Of My People" Award for Special Achievement​

    The purpose of the Beth Am Women's Medical Marijuana Project is to educate faith communities. Judaism's mitzvot to show compassion for the sick and to seek social justice make medical marijuana an important issue for all Jews. Current US Federal Law classifies marijuana as a Schedule I substance. This means that, under US law, cannabis has no recognized medical value and is defined as having a high potential for abuse. This classification makes it illegal for doctors to prescribe marijuana and makes scientific research difficult to conduct.

    Despite this prohibition, there is a longstanding and growing movement to make marijuana available for people suffering from AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis and other grave diseases. This is because many people who have these diseases find that smoking and ingesting marijuana offers relief from many of these conditions, their symptoms, and the side effects of prescribed medication. There is a compelling body of clinical research to support this anecdotal experience (see especially Marijuana: The Forbidden Medicine by Dr. Lester Grinspoon, Harvard Professor Emeritus, published by Yale University Press).

    Medical marijuana is a complex, emotional issue, deeply intertwined with the US government's War on Drugs. Our current policies on medical marijuana have made it a crime for sufferers of disease to use or for their care-givers to provide this source of comfort and healing. Our tradition teaches us that this is wrong.

    The ultimate goal of this effort, which led to the 1999 adoption of a Women of Reform Judaism Health Issues resolution , is to help inform people so that United States and Canada will change a policy that undermines the authority of doctors to treat their patients in a humane manner.

    *Mitzvot (plural of 'mitzvah') are the Jewish arena for knowing and experiencing God. Rather than relying on contemplation, Judaism has placed primary value on doing as the principal path for serving God. Mitzvot translate the lofty principles of the Torah into the tangible acts of caring individuals and righteous societies -- feeding the hungry, freeing the captive, observing Shabbat(the Sabbath), honoring our parents. Those sacred deeds embody the conviction that we best imitate God through sacred deeds of love.
    From Bradley Shavit Artson, It's a Mitzvah! Step-by-Step to Jewish Living, Behrman House, Inc, 1995.
  12. theherbalist

    theherbalist New Member

    Wouldn't it be nice? :)
  13. Mamabudz

    Mamabudz Guest


    Yes it is...

    ...have a cookie ;)


    Mama Budz
  14. feisty

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    Its Fine

    God made it, so I personally beleive that if good comes out of it"s use, it must be good...that said, I am 52 yrs old, have not smoked erb for 17 yrs now, am looking to score, and am having no luck at all. I need this for my back, I"ve had surgery, did not help, plus...I just want to mellow out{or Chill, as the younger set say"s} Any advice is welcome, also, how much can I expect to pay, nowadays. ::bounce::
  15. B4ckInTheDaze

    B4ckInTheDaze New Member

    Personally, I trust in Rasta and Jah does not descriminate against ganja, he says use this lovely herb to get closer to me. Marijuana is a great way to feel spirit and get closer to god. As for your religion being against marijuana, personally I could care less if the pastor, minister, preacher, or even the pope is against weed. The only opinion you should be worried about is that of the most powerful christian. God. Do you seriously think God or Jesus Christ would be angry with you for being happy. Its simple, smoking weed makes us happy, I love it. It can also create a better relationship with god. Have you ever read bible when you were high? I know I have and it was pretty wild. You can get a much better understanding of what the Lord meant. Will god be mad at me because I am smoking a plant he made in the first place? I strongly doubt it. If you are a good person with a loving heart, God, Jah, Jesus, all of them will not mind you smoking some tree.

    JAh bless
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    Hey Minnesota man,

    Im from minnesota also! w00t w00t!

    (wow thats a little off-topic)

  17. theherbalist

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    Not that I believe it, I just like playing bad cop. Didn't God also make the "tree of knowlege" in Eden? We all know where eating that fruit got us. ;)
  18. Higher Logic

    Higher Logic Web Developar

    Jack Herer has some interesting points regarding cannabis and religion:

  19. ganjaseedplants

    ganjaseedplants New Member

    I am Lutheran. Don't know what they have to say about smoking marijuana, but that you shouldn't. I ready break mans law by smoking why not Gods law.
  20. Logos

    Logos CannaSacrament Minister


    You can expect to pay roughly what you would pay for gold per ounce. Thems the dynamics of prohibition.

    As far as how to go about getting it, we can't really talk about that. Sort of a rule we have. The only suggestion I could give you is to talk to people you trust. You'd probably be surprised at the number of people you know and trust who use the stuff.

    Another thing I could suggest is to talk to your doctor. Washington has a medical marijuana law, and if you could get your doctor to sign a paper stating that he has discussed the matter with you, you could grow your own, or be supplied through the Green Cross in Seattle, or a legitimate caregiver. Contact the people at for more information about the law in the state of Washington.

    Good luck.


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