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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Panama, Feb 1, 2004.

  1. laylong

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    ahh, maybe this has been asked in the last 6 pages, but can anyone direct me to another forum that still has that kind of fun interaction?
  2. Barker

    Barker Cunt. (yes theres a board) (dead really) activity)

  3. TheCleric

    TheCleric Novice Healer

    Sure can, :cool:

    Although that depends on what your idea of fun is...
  4. DaDornta


    Exactly. Talking about politics and legalization does NOT foster a sence of community. This website will no doubt serve as a flagship for private legalization efforts.

    However, I feel that the loss of a "lounge" or a "off subject" sub-forum (hell, it could just be a huge sticky on one forum) will do more harm than good. Look at my reasoning.

    Most pot-users get high surf the net and want to be entertained. I know I do. Reading about confusing ballot inititaives and search and seizure laws IS NOT entertaining to the "average high internet surfer". It may be interesting, but not entertaining.

    Marijuana is more than just a plant--it's a lifestyle. By surgially removing the "lifestyle" component of this website the creators/owners/moderators are deliberatley (IMO) cutting off a valuable (but seeming needless) appendage in the "fight".

    By axing off the entertainment forums, this website has accomplished the goal of becoming "legalization oriented". But let us not all forget that without the lifestyle of the pot smoker, no one would ever be fighting for it to be legalized.

    What are you fighting for Logos? What are we all fighting for? Our way of life, our personal freedom to get high and relax, listen to music, chat and enjoy life. We are fighting for the preservation of the way we choose to live. Marijuana influences movies, music, television, arts, writings...and even ideas. Marijuana use is not just some medication that is taken coldly without any other effects.

    All those in favor of cutting out the "community" and "lifestyle" that this site once had need to ask themselves--what am I fighting for?

    Because it's obvious to me they aren't fighting for my/our way of life.
  5. Rusty_Cage

    Rusty_Cage Sophist

    We just need one thread like "This thread will never end" was... only post when high and about whatever the hell you want.
  6. Ilúvatar

    Ilúvatar Where is my mind?

    but you can't just sit on your ass enjoying the life when there's work to do. i will say that not all pot smokers should be activists, but i guess this is now somewhat of a place for activist. that doesn't mean all the threads are now completely about fighting the war on drugs, we still have the contemporary thought forum, and we still have the health and medicine. both of those have sub forums, which will probably stay up. this isn't a complete loss.

    i know where you coming from though, i wish we still had the other forums. but i have a feeling they might bring them back. i think with all the out cry about losing those forums, the administrators will at least consider it. don't give up all hope for this. :cool:
  7. Beatlejuice

    Beatlejuice Sr. Member

    I'd like to think they're going to bring back the entertainment forums, but it would be naive to do so. Several of the people responsible for the changes have clearly said that bringing back the forums won't be up for debate until after the American election.

    I don't think it matters how much we complain. The management of this site knew that the majority of the members would be disappointed by the change.
  8. Logos

    Logos CannaSacrament Minister

    DaDornta, I am fighting to get you fighting. I have taken it upon myself to motivate others to put down our toys and get to work for awhile. When the dust settles, then it's time to get back to our fun.

    To be more precise, I'm fighting so that sick and dying people can have access to their medicine, I'm fighting so that hemp, can replace some of the really nasty stuff that we consume. I'm fighting so that recreational users can come out of the closet and not be embarrased to smoke a joint for fear of repricussions from their family/peers. Im fighting so that we can get back to having fun. But more than that I'm fighting for freedom, and against unreasonable opression.

    Beatlejuice, is it really a majority? I have seen people comment on how we don't utilize our domain name to the extent that we could for causing a change. On my birthday I'll dredge up an old post to the front page where I got my ass chewed off because I was trying to have some fun on my birthday a couple years ago. That person gets their wish, and in the end so do I...

    Don't think that just because you see a lot of people complaining that they represent the majority.

    Tell you what, soon I will post a poll to the front page asking if people like the changes they see here. Then we will have a better grasp of who the majority really is. I am requesting that those who are choosing to leave stick around a little longer to participate in that poll. It will run the Sunday after next. I will put that poll in a comment this coming sunday (when I traditionally change the poll) for feedback, and so people know it is coming and can think on it.

    To everyone else: Accomplishment is the best drug there is. Accomplish something and you will know what I mean...
  9. Greenman

    Greenman Seasoned Activist

    Yes we knew the decision would not be a popular one. But what is popular is a matter of perspective. I would venture to say it is more popular avenue than having the boards completely shut down, or integrated into Hemp Cultivation, another idea that was discussed. And sometimes, the right decisions are not popular decisions. You are missing the point. It is not that we woke up one day and said, lets whack the Entertainment section. There was a real decision that had to be made.

    Cheaptalk, at its high, pulled down about 5,000 unique visitors a day. Currently, it averages around 1,000 to 1,500. The majority have spoken, they are no longer coming. For a little perspective, if you were in the playing the stock market, and a 50 dollar stock that you bought was playing in the 10 or 15 dollar range. You would want a very good explaination from the company as to what the hell happened, what went wrong, and a deliberate and ongoing plan to turn it around, or would flat sell the stock, if you hadn't already.

    Truth of the matter is, we got off course. To think that removing the entertainment section will somehow destroy the community of the boards is complete fallacy. It will change the community, but there was a community here long before entertainment became its own catagory, and still will one months or even years after it is gone. It will be different, but to assume that it will be worse than the one here now is pretentious at best. I remember the community that was here before entertainment. I will not say that it is necessarily better than the one here now, but it is definatly not worse. It is just different.

  10. bongwater

    bongwater New Member

    Well I just learned of the loss of the entertainment sections right this very moment. I read over the reasons and I have to say I will miss not having an entertainment section, I can see why it was taken off. Too many repeat threads, too many immature "noobs" and just a waste of bandwidth in general for MOST, not all, of parts of that section.

    Particularly, in the real life stories/general topics, I found it was getting out of hand with the "off topic liquids" or "off topic fungis" or drink some off topics.

    I liked the forum, but as I said, too many repetitive threads, most of them were about how someone got busted, blah blah stuff like that. I support that decision, but I do think there should be at least a general topic forum, even a heavily moderated one to keep the garbage out would be nice.
  11. Plainsman1963

    Plainsman1963 New Member

    Well said, Greenman. :cool:

    One of the first things I learned about making the hard decisions. Generally, the negative feedback will be the most vocal.

    Those of us who agree with the decision (or even disagree but understand), get on with it.

    In my opinion, this decision was the best decision to be made given the choices available. I will do my best to contribute when I can. :)

    Thank you Staff for seeing us through this turn. :chokin:
  12. punx

    punx New Member

    hmm, the only interesting discussion that i got from this whole thread was about MPP and other candidates viewing this website, that this website has made a cirlcle with.

    by the way, at the sister site Hemp Cultivation they have a 'tiki lounge' and they updated the vBulliten version, so if you're considering leaving this place, please pay a visit over there, and if you are more interested in entertainment, you could always read up on growing stories that are there, there are triple the members there than over here at cheaptalk.
    anyways, i don't know whats up with MPP/others but i sure hope they will help to legalize marijuana by visiting this forum/website.
  13. mindraver

    mindraver Sr. Member

    well, i am both sad and happy to see this transition take place. though i understand the reasons behind the reorganization, i will miss some of those forums. though i have not spent much time on the boards lately, i am still here and will continue to support and CheapTalk through these transitions. i hope to continue to be a voice here and i also hope others will see the reasons behind these changes as ultimately positive.


  14. Peety

    Peety New Member

    What im not understanding, is why did it come down to the options of Shut down or Cut certain sections of chat? What was wrong with the course we were on, what was wrong with just continuing on as we were.
  15. Panama

    Panama Seasoned Activist

  16. dopenose

    dopenose New Member

    Thank you Panama. You brought a smile to my face.
  17. beats

    beats New Member the sections that are gone?

    Good move. :laugh:
  18. BloodNOil

    BloodNOil New Member

    A week of anguish reduced to an early april fool's joke!


    I love you panama!!
  19. Ilúvatar

    Ilúvatar Where is my mind?

    a week? its only been 4 days :p

    but, yeah panama.... you.. you took us for a ride..there... ;)
  20. Logos

    Logos CannaSacrament Minister

    4 days, that is all it has been, seems like it has been a month...

    That wasn't planned, it was a thought concieved on a day and implemented in the same day. Props to Pan and Rick for such an eloquent solution.

    Added side bennefit is that the most immature won't be back. Immaturity works like that...

    Enjoy the new playground while it's still trash free... ;)

    Wonder if grasscity will notice their dumpster filled up faster this week... ;)


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