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Discussion in 'Legalization/Decriminalization' started by starlon, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. starlon

    starlon New Member

    You know, if I were Republican I would be pissed that the Republican party allowed a "socialist" to be elected president. How did the Republican party allow this? By allowing Obama and Democrats to take the stand on medical marijuana, winning the popular opinion. I would be furious that the elected officials didn't see this happening. I would be writing my representatives expressing my disapproval, and pleading for quick remedy before the Republican party is seen as the witch hunters of marijuana prohibition in future generations, when the diversity of marijuana is actually celebrated widely rather than ridiculed. Because believe the signs, marijuana is on its way to legalization. Only the foolish will continue to oppose marijuana legalization, and they will lose votes as a result. We know the future of the Republican party, now let's act to make it a reality sooner rather than later. Express your disapproval of the prohibitionists to your representatives. Let them know they're losing votes over this overly exaggerated policy, especially on medical marijuana. Be sure and note Obama's success.

    Once this all becomes a bipartisan issue, it's all over but the singing.

    Yes, I realize that this isn't the sole reason Obama was elected. It was a strong contributing factor. Don't let any representatives think you think that it was the sole reason, either, or they'll toss your email aside. Rumors are we just ended on a sour note of the Republican party -- Bush. That was the major contributing factor as far as a lot of Republicans are concerned. But lo and behold, look at Bush's own policy on pot. Be sure and point that out as well. They need to realize how much this policy hurts them in these emerging times of pro-marijuana democracy.
  2. LowRider

    LowRider Sr. Member

    the democrats didn't take a stand on marijuana. yeah its true that most are for it in some way but never did they say we are going to legalize. The reason the republicans lost was from the wire taping and patriot act. things like that. republicans want there freedom to you know. also you could say they won with the free health care thing. marijuana was never an issue. not sure how you came up with that
  3. starlon

    starlon New Member

    So you're saying Obama didn't just totally tell all medical marijuana patients they are safe from DEA interference? You're telling me that his promises to end these DEA interferences had no bearing on his electability as President?

    When we're in a position where America actually celebrates the diversity of marijuana smokers, who do you think the marijuana smokers are going to remember making a bold promise, risking what few politicians would dare? Obama of course. The Republicans lost out big on this issue all around, as the majority of them continue to claim no medical properties, even though Marinol is schedule III.

    If history has any say in things, the Democrats will also take the lead on legalization. The Republicans will be seen as the definition of a prohibitionist if they don't stop acting on prejudice.

    Again, I never said this was the number 1 contributing factor in Obama's election, but it was a strong stance to take on his part, and it most definitely contributed to his electability.
  4. subs1000w

    subs1000w New Member

    if you want mj legal but dont want the socialism/communism, rep/lib RON PAUL is the answer hes very different from all the other rep pres candadates and in 2012 i hope we will have better pres options because obama is still alot like bush on most subjects which is unaceptable but for now were stuck with him
  5. Doc Mitch

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    I think it would be far more correct to say that Obama won due to all of the black people that went out to vote this past election (which still isn't entirely correct). I doubt the DEA raids thing had that big of an impact on the American people.

    IMO, the main current problem with the republican party is that while they are great when it comes to financial freedom, they want to be all up in your shit when it comes to personal freedoms.
  6. Wickedshot

    Wickedshot New Member

    If all Republicans were Libertarians (stay out of EVERYTHING, small government) like Ron Paul they'd be awesome. But instead theyre just democrats with different lobbyists heh.

    Republicans should be leading the charge in legalization, the government shouldn't have any say in what people can or cannot put in their bodies.
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  7. LowRider

    LowRider Sr. Member

    Marijuana voters are a very small percentage of the voters, and marijuana wasn't a major contributing factor, again it was things like the warrantless wiretaps, the patriot act, and to much gov interference in our personal lives. Also not to mention the free health care and smaller gov roll. it may of been a big factor for you if you live in Cali, but else where marijuana wasn't a big contributing factor which means the majority of votes.

    what did he do that other politicians haven't. has he put a law forward no he hasn't, and until a law is passed once he gone it could all change again. this is just a temporary fix on the matters. policies change

    Again Democrats have always been on the forefront of legalization like i said.

    again it didn't contribute.
  8. starlon

    starlon New Member

    You can't possibly sit there and tell me that Obama's choice to allow states to determine what to do with marijuana will be of no contribution to marijuana reform. On the contrary, this is a major contributing factor behind medical marijuana bills this year, and will set law makers at ease in the wake of an overzealous ONDCP bent on eradicating marijuana. Obama knew what doors he was opening when he left this up to the states.

    Yes, the medical marijuana issue did contribute. People see this as a health freedom issue. You can't tell me that people, with the way they make connections and all, didn't see the similarities medical marijuana has with all freedom of health issues. The medical marijuana issue confirmed Obama's intentions of providing health freedom to Americans, whether he has that intention or not.
  9. LowRider

    LowRider Sr. Member

    never-mind, your talking about the election now your talking after the election. stop smoking for a day and do some comprehension on what you write.
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  10. starlon

    starlon New Member

    You're making no sense.
  11. TheMeatball

    TheMeatball New Member

    The issue of medical marijuana raids was nowhere near the most important issue in the election. To be completely truthful it would be near the bottom. You don't sound like you know what you're talking about.
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  12. starlon

    starlon New Member

    Marijuana legalization was the number 1 issue during Obama's campaign, according to and And health freedom was right up there with it. I think you're forgetting these facts. Obama's stance on medical marijuana sent several messages. It sent a message that maybe Obama's not looking out for Big Pharma's interests. It sent the message that Obama agrees we should have a right to choose what happens with our health. It sent the message that Obama agrees that marijuana is not as harmful as government has claimed up till now. It sent many different messages. I think you're downplaying this way too much. I already said it wasn't the number 1 issue, even though it was number 1 in the internet community. The economy and Bush were the two biggest factors. You're making my claim out to be more than it is. Read it again.
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  13. TheMeatball

    TheMeatball New Member

    Starlon, I hate to break it to you, but a voluntary internet poll is not even close to being unbiased. I'm Canadian and I signed up and voted on that site.

    Why wasn't marijuana discussed at any of the debates if it was such a big issue?
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  14. NoSoupForYou

    NoSoupForYou New Member

    I didn't vote for John McCain for two reasons:

    1. He looked like a puppet on a string
    2. He reminds me of Dick Cheney

    weed is important, but it had little to do with the presidential election for myself.
  15. Stigma420247

    Stigma420247 Sr. Member

    im with this guy :)

    republican/democrat has absolutely NOTHING to do with the legalization of marijuana... as it is both parties stand to benefit from the legalization...democrats get their taxes (LOTS of em)...republicans get their big business (a huge marijuana industry) its a win win... THATS why so many people dont understand why its illegal... and THAT is also why its only a matter of time before these politicians get their heads out of their asses and realize they are sitting on a gold mine...

    the ball is rolling... we just need to make sure our voices are heard and that these politicinas dont go fallin a sleep on this subject again...

    edit :

    holy shit this is hilarious...when i quoted starlon as sayin "u are making no sense" thought he was referring to the OP looking back i realize HE was the OP... WOW im baked...

    ok so i DONT agree with u a matter of fact i think its YOU that is making no sense...
    sorry for the mix up...

    back to your regularly scheduled thread.... .
  16. Neko150

    Neko150 New Member

    Obama never, ever said patients were safe. Obama said he would "end federal raids in medical marijuana states" - however this is not happening. Raids are still happening. The DEA has not changed policy, quite frankly, because Obama has not put his foot down. He could if he wanted to, but he hasn't.

    This is just silly. America is most definitely not celebrating the "diversity of marijuana smokers" - hell, this country barely celebrates the diversity of its citizens sexual orientations! The vast majority of the country sees marijuana as a bad drug - including the vast majority of its politicians.
  17. TwoGreenOneRed

    TwoGreenOneRed Sr. Member

    To the OP:

    Sorry dude, medical marijuana is an issue that the majority of people don't give a shit about in this country, at least until they or a family member get cancer/AIDS/MS etc.

    Him ending the raids was very good for our side, and now these patients can enjoy their medicine without being harassed and arrested by these fascists, but it did little to nothing to get him elected on the whole.
  18. TwoGreenOneRed

    TwoGreenOneRed Sr. Member

    While it was far from putting his foot down in a forceful way due to the phrasing of the statement, his attorney general Eric Holder said a few weeks ago that Obama will fulfill his campaign promise to end all raids on dispensaries in legal mmj states, and they have.
  19. Doc Mitch

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