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    Ya I was thinking about making firecrackers if the muffins wouldn't work. I would make cannabutter but I'm afraid I'll mess up and waste a bunch of weed. I'm picking up a 1/4 tomorrow, and the person I'm gonna be with has about 1/6 of bud and we were probably just gonna use some of his batch cuz he is leaving for FL on Sunday. I was searching all over for good pot muffin recipes but I can't find what I'm looking for. Most recipes are homemade and involving many things that we probably won't have. We plan on just buying blueberry muffin mix in a box, and just adding the bud with butter so it has something to stick to and make it active. I'm not sure if it will work but I'm hoping by tomorrow we will have better and legitimate answers on how to go about making these blueberry pot muffins. All help is needed. :hail:
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    If you still plan on doing the muffins, simmer the butter (using just slightly more than is called for in the recipe) and the weed together for about 30 minutes on low to medium heat. A double boiler is effective in that it is much tougher to burn the butter.

    If you don't have a double boiler, take a large pot and fill a 3rd of the way or less with water, heat the water to boiling and put the smaller pot in the larger one, this will ensure a more even and gradual transfer of heat so as not to ruin the butter.

    After cooking for a short time (30 minutes or so) remove the butter from the pot and place in either the fridge or, if you need it quickly, in the freezer. Check on it regularly if you put it in the freezer so you don't freeze it. You just want it to solidify back to it's usual buttery consistency.

    After that, cook the muffins to recipe using your new half assed (I say half assed because you aren't removing the plant matter, and not using the proper amount) cannabutter in place of regular butter.

    Half assed or not, that should get you going!

    The most important thing to do is not to burn the butter. Cook low and slow and you'll be ok (don't get impatient and try to turn up the heat to move the process along, that will result in bad things).

    Or, you can just grind up the MJ and mix it in with the butter right before baking, though the above directions will get better results and really won't take that much longer...
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    Ok so just add a stick of butter or however much it calls for in the double-boiler pan with the ground bud on top of it and just stir it and watch it melt and simmer for a half hour? Could I still use 3 grams and get stoned doing this or should I use a little more? (not too much more) In the end I just want some decent muffins that will get us trippin like the brownies did. I don't really care if it tastes like weed, I just don't want to end up vaping the bud or extracting any THC from it while simmering it with the butter. Last time we tried making a cannaoil in the pan the bud turned brown as if it were vaped, and it smelled like a terrible vegetable oil failure. That was the taste disaster in the brownies so we are probably gonna avoid making the oil again. Also, is there a way to just heat up the butter in the microwave and add the bud before or after and make it the same way cooling it down afterwards in the fridge? Thanks for the help man, I appreciate it.
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    Basically. Be sure to simmer it for half an hour. So don't start counting it until the butter is melted and simmering. Remember, low and slow!!

    You can use the 3 grams. I would add a little bit if you have it available, but remember, I like mine to hit hard. It's really a matter of personal preference.

    As for the smell and taste. You can't escape it. It will smell bad when cooking the cannabutter (not quite as bad as the cannaoil), and the taste isn't great either. I wouldn't recommend buttering your morning toast with it. The blueberry flavor should cover most of it, though I'd bet there will be an aftertaste.

    *Off topic*
    When making cannaoil the bud will come out of the oil looking brown, after all, you have essentially just fried the bud at a low temperature. And it will smell horrible, as well as leaving a peculiar after taste.

    I haven't tried doing that. You could give it a shot, but I know the above method will work, whereas I have no idea about the microwave idea.

    Basically THC is fat soluable, so anything with fat in it will absorb THC. Butter has a good amount, oil generally has more, depending on the type you use. Simmering the THC in oil or butter serves to bond the THC from the MJ to the fat in the medium you are using. This renders the plant matter esentially useless, which is why it is usually strained out, though it is not necessary to do so.

    In my experience, while just mixing the ingredients without cooking them will work, it is not as uniform. You could end up with a few fairly potent muffins, 1 super muffin, and a couple duds. Cooking it in the butter and mixing that in the recipe will ensure that the THC is spread more evenly throughout the batter.

    It all boils down to trial and error. I've wasted a ton of weed on the error part, but it's taught me how to cook with MJ. If you want to try the microwave, go ahead, just remember, you could end up wasting weed. If thats not something you're willing to do, stick with the above instructions. If it is, good luck and let us know how it turned out!!


    P.S. I tried posting this last night, but I kept getting timed out while trying to connect to the server. Sorry if I'm a little late...
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    i'm looking to find a recipe for marijuana rice krispie squares could someone please help me out
  6. Orange Bud

    Orange Bud Banned

    A pancake recipe with marijuana. The link in the recipe section is broken... so thats why im requesting.
  7. canadian oil

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    honey oil

    like to make oil
  8. canadian oil

    canadian oil New Member

    honey oil

    how to make some oil
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    the original recipe (from kellogs website) calls for 3 tbs of butter. if you know how to make cannibutter (recipes for that are everwhere) you are golden.
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    So i've been scrolling through recipes and havent found one that would really fit my needs.

    So I was a stoner all through high school, blunts - pipes - and bongs only. Couple years later and I start smoking here and there, not to get ripped but enough to get me high.

    My problem is I like to get a buzz before classes, but don't really want to have to smoke a J in the car on the way over. The other problem is I'm lactose intolerant, and it seems many of the recipes call for butter, milk, or some form of dairy.

    So if anyone has something I can make into a pot-food it'd be much appreciated.
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    Hey guys! Ok...Got a question. I recently ate pot for the first time! Great experiance. It was oatmeal cookies! Yum. But the person I get my cookies from hooked me up with 1/4 lb (1 stick) of cannibutter! Just so everyone knows...I've grown up in a house full of chef's I am well versed in the kitchen, and consider myself a compitant cook. I have years of experiance, but I digress. I am in need of some good recipet ideas. I am open to anything I know anything that has butter or oil will work such as cooking eggs in cannibutter. Just looking for something creative . Snack foods, breakfast items, dinner items? MarinAdes? Dressings? Thx

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    I am looking for a good recipe for honey butter, I currently make cannabutter using 4g's of kief and 1 stick of butter
    . I use a double boiler to infuse. My main question is, how much butter is a good ratio to add to the honey. Last time I used 4oz of cannabutter to 8oz of honey...any one else think its a gd mix?
  13. Beverlee Gable

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    brownie receipe

    I don't know the portions of weed to oil or butter & how to put it in my brownie mix. Would appreciate a receipel.
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    I know there is hash yogurt but can I make it with just weed


    1x Yogurt (any flavor)
    1x Spoon (metal)
    1x Lighter
    Some cooking oil
    Some hash

    you have to heat the oil and hash in the spoon and then mix with the yogurt but I want to try it by heating weed with the oil instead of hash and im not sure if it would work

    so pm me if you know
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    Honey? the organic kind...

    How about a recipe for infused honey. Just plain organic honey. Thanks so much.
  16. AgnosticNaturalist

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    Anyone have a good recipe/guide for Green Dragon?
    Specifically the "Bottle and wait 2 Months" Method...
    Me and a few friends have great plans for the end of july/start of august and want to do something memorable, and Green Dragon seemed perfect...
    thanks, Ag
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    Flip back a page or two and there have been multiple discussion on the topic, also known as tincture. There arre methods that involve speeding the process with heat and I have had great success using them, but have also had mediocre results when I didn't follow the directions to the letter. Congratulations on choosing what I believe is a foolproof method.

    There is a theory that for best extractions the weed has to be as dry as possible. I don't know if there is hard science to back it up or if it is just mj voodoo, but I tend to believe that it doesn't hurt, might just help, but probably has a lot to do with how moist your weed is when you start. I will say that form personal experience I did not dry out some killer weed before soaking and the results were okay but not what I was expecting form weed of that quality.

    Basic steps are to chop the weed up as fine as possible, spread it out on foil or a pan and dry in an oven at a temp lower than the vaporization point until it is toasted.
    Suggested temps being 300-320F for 5min or 220F for 20min. I have had good luck putting it in an Altoids on my dashboard and pointing the car south while I am at work.

    Place toasted weed in bottle with alcohol and let sit, out of the sunlight, for as long as you can stand it.
    The longer it sits you will also get a variety of plant products in the mix, but you smoke em so why not drink em. The stronger the alcohol and/or the more alcohol you use the faster the process will occur.
    Some view this as an opportunity to get drunk and stoned at the same time, others, myself included, use the alcohol as a delivery method and keep the pot to booze ratio of the finished product fairly high, 1-2 grams per 1oz of alcohol.

    Potency can be further improved by leaving you container open after you have let things soak long enough, and let some of the alcohol evaporate.

    While some advocate using lesser quality product for edibles I believe it is all relative to what you start with.

    Consumption - Take this on as empty a stomach as you can, it takes very little liquid if you have a good batch but if you mix it with food already in your gut it won't have the opportunity to be processed into your systems as quickly and the results will be compromised. Any where from not much to nothing at all.
    On the presumption you have some left over, try to wait at least a week between doses. My tolerance goes way up after taking GD and time is your friend.

    Doses- it will depend on your mixture and personal factors like weight and tolerance levels.
    You want to take enough to do the trick, but too much can be a little anxiety inducing, just remember that it will only last a few hours, that your are just higher than you have ever been, and wait it out.

    Once you have ingested try to wait an hour or more before you start smoking just so you can appreciate the buzz of the GD. Then light up enjoy the combined effect, you'll enjoy it.
    I would plan on a gram per person, consume about 60% to start, then take the rest for a kicker about 3 hours into your party.

    Don't plan on getting much done besides being wasted. Enjoy, hope this helps.
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    I'm wondering if anyone has tried making chocolate Bon-bons? Is it possible to make canna butter with cocoa-butter? Would that be canna-cocoa-butter? Anyway, I'm interested in giving it a try and I'm looking for a recipe or some experienced advice. I was thinking it would make awesome Christmas gifts for a few of my friends.
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    hey higher logic, you've had some good tips and all but every link i've tried does not work. how do you get to your site?
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    Sorry, but he hasn't posted here in 2 1/2 yrs.

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