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  1. Knicksfan20

    Knicksfan20 New Member

    So why doesnt somebody else make a new sticky? there should be a megathread with a bunch of recipes in it.
  2. AstroCoaster

    AstroCoaster Sr. Member

    Here's a thought that came to mind... Rum cake with weed in it. :D
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  3. the_dude

    the_dude New Member

    ive been searching everywhere, and im sure that there's probably a reasonable post somewhere, but i need a deffinate recipe for making weed tea, without having to make cannabutter. no alcohol please :p (although i would pretty much freak out if someone put alcohol in their tea, HA)
  4. donnachris

    donnachris New Member

    i just made cannabutter and used 2lbs of butter with an ounce of bud weed. it turned out pretty good. i make an 8x8 pan of brownies and cut it into three pieces and it lowed the pain level of three people. i dont using eating weed to get high, i use it to lower my pain level. on a good day my pain level is about a 7.5 or an 8. and on a bad day it can be as high as a 12.
  5. donnachris

    donnachris New Member

    when you marijuana tea, you have to add a fat to the boiling water like milk or butter for the THC molecules to bind to, otherwise all you are doing is making seaweed out of your marijuana.
  6. donnachris

    donnachris New Member

    if you burn you oil, try using a crock pot. they work extremely well and you can almost walk away and leave it alone, as long as you cook it on low.
  7. donnachris

    donnachris New Member

    I'm not sure trying to use sweetened condensed milk would work to extract the THC becuz in order to cook the milk at a high enough temp you are going to make caramel out of the sweetened condensed milk.
  8. donnachris

    donnachris New Member

    three grams in six muffins should be planty to give you a pretty good buzz if both of you each 3 muffins each. i made cookies last night with about 3.5 grams of weed. and made enough cookies for two people to have cookies two times. we had a pretty mellow buzz that made us relax really well.
  9. dnvrgranny

    dnvrgranny New Member

    cheeba chews

    Does anyone have a recipe for cheeba chews ?
  10. AntiHeroKitty

    AntiHeroKitty New Member

    dude..gona have a rumcake for my birthday next this possible....? :wth:
    i could die happy eating something like that :cake:
  11. AntiHeroKitty

    AntiHeroKitty New Member

    i say someone enlighten me as how to go about making.. weed doughnut holes....teach me and i will be your faithful subject :hail:
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  12. dnvrgranny

    dnvrgranny New Member

    these are tootsie roll candy made with hash oil
  13. donnachris

    donnachris New Member

    i have never mde marijuana doughnut holes, but looking at my best recipe for doughnut holes, there is only 2 TBLS of oil and since you deep fry them the THC would probably just leach into the frying oil. but i was thinking if you used cannaflour then it just might work. ok herems my recipe and if someone could recommend an amount of cannaflour to substitute for regular flour, i'm sure we would all appreciate it.
    4 1/2 cups flour
    4 1/2 tsp baking powder
    1 tsp salt
    1/4 tsp nutmeg
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    2 TBLS shortening
    1 cup sugar
    2 eggs or 4 egg yolks
    1 cup milk
    sift flour; measure; add baking powder, salt, nutmeg, and cinnamon and sift again.
    cream shortening; add sugar gradually; continue beating until light and fluffy. add eggs, one at a time, beating after each addition.
    add milk and flour mixture alternately, stirring until blended. chill 1/2 hour.
    roll out on lightly floured bard about 1/4 inch thick; cut with floured doughnut hole cutter and let stand uncovered for 20 to 30 minutes.
    drop into deep fat (365 to 375 degrees F) and fry 3 to 5 minutes or until golden brown, turning the doughnutd as they rise to the surface; drain on absorbent paper. fry only a few doughnuts at a time.
    sprinkle with powdered sugar if desired, or shake in a bag containing powdered sugar.

    while imm thinking about it, i guess if you made cannaoil with the shortening and you could make it to the point of saturation of THC to oil, and you made the 1 cup of milk into cannamilk that is to the point of saturation of THC to milk. then you could make the doughnut holes with that.
    if someone trys this recipe with either cannaflour or with my oil and milk suggestions, please post here and let everybody know how they turned out.
  14. gregorio

    gregorio New Member


    hi ive been trying to find out how to make tea and i would like to know how to make so totally new to this and have no idea how to proceed i would really appreciate some feedback thanks lg
  15. OhLivia420

    OhLivia420 New Member

    Hash Hot Wings?

    We were searching for a hash hot wing recipe with not so much luck. Like how to make a buffalo sauce? or even bbq?

    Happy 420 :D
  16. alldayerryday

    alldayerryday New Member

    What would you say is the BEST way to make pot brownies? I've been wanting to make some for a while, and I'm looking for a way to make them without stinking up the house so much.

    I could do part of the cooking over a fire outside, if I need to.
  17. newguyintown

    newguyintown New Member

    i request a reeses peanut butter cup recipe! get to it!
  18. n0va59

    n0va59 New Member

    mmmm reeses peanut butter cup recipe sounds good and has possibilities with all the peanutty filling
  19. donnachris

    donnachris New Member

    If you want to cook part of it outside, you could make your oil outside, that way no smell inside, then just buy one of those bags of ready made borwnies where you add oil eggs and water, and make those, they are the best.
  20. duffpuff1

    duffpuff1 New Member

    Marijuana Firecrackers

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