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  1. MaryG

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    I have to visit a relative in jail and was told I would be given a test to see if I have any marijuana residue on my fingers or palms. Does anyone know how to remove the marijuana residue from my hands before I have this test done? Is there a time period involved. It is only a skin test for residue. HELP!:confused:
  2. Two words: Roach Clip

    Naw man. I would say, fill a bowl with vinegar, bleach, hot water, and maybe some other non abrasive acids. Take a sponge or some steel wool and scrub your hands down. Rinse thoroughly. Probably repeat throughout the time between now and the visit a few times. That should be good
  3. p0th3d

    p0th3d Sr. Member want him to soak his hands in bleach and scrub with steel wool...
    .i think i would use the easy method and just use the rough side of a sponge with lots of alcohol gel..put some in your hands and scrub...repeat a few times....i wouldnt be soaking my hands in bleach..especially with that big IRRITANT sigh on the back haha (just my opinion)

    but good luck
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  4. zombi

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    umm good soap. alcohol could work but that might just be overkill. go for it if you want though. just make sure you don't have any cuts on your hands. :eek:
  5. PutThatDown

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    This might be a dumb question so I apologize in advance if it is. Why would they test for marijuana residue on your fingers or palms?
  6. Triheptyl

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    to be sure you weren't handling marijuana prior to the visit, so they can be at least a bit more sure you aren't smuggling drugs into prison. at least, that's my guess
  7. p0th3d

    p0th3d Sr. Member

    When you handle weed..the crystals fall onto and stick to your hands..
    if you then rub your fingers together it makes lots of little black sausage type things.. this is pure crystals and gets your wrecked....

    people can rub their hands all over weed..go into prison and then rub it off..collect it up ..give it to the inmate who can then get high as fuck in prison smoke it.

    Probably not the main reason..but could be one of the reasons
  8. Buzzby

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    Wipe hands thoroughly with paper towel soaked with rubbing alcohol. Repeat a few times. Soak your hands in a 10% solution of bleach and warm water for 30 seconds. Rinse. Be careful not to re-contaminate your hands before the visit. After you dry your hands with a clean paper towel, it might be wise to put on a clean pair of gloves.
  9. MaryG

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    The reason police check for residue is because they want to know if you are at risk of bring in contraband to the prison. If you have residue on your hands you are not able to have any contact with the inmate and you will be put behind a glass partition and have to use the phone to speak instead on going to hug your loved one and sitting with them at a table. They won't search unless they have a good reason and the release form says that if they suspect you, they MAY search your vehicle which is in the parking lot. Then you are really in trouble!
  10. Hahaha. He said bleach would work!
  11. MaryG

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    What's so funny?
  12. PotH3ad said that it was a bad idea to put bleach on his hands. Bleach is a soft abrasive so it wont hurt your skin if diluted.

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