Resin vs weed?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by gregswallingoal, Mar 23, 2009.

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    Hey all, first time poster but long time browser...

    I'd like to know how long resin will stay in my system.

    I am 6'1, about 195lbs, and athletic.

    Ive been clean since last wednesday or thursday. I was smoking mostly powder or small chunks of resin for about 5 days straight. Before that I smoked a bowl or two every weekend to every other weekend.

    Since I stopped Ive had two soccer games, TRYING to intake alot of fluid but honestly havent too much. Havent gone on too much of a health kick. I lift weights everyday and have been going more intense because I feel it might help get it out of my system.

    I ask because I applied for a job at the mall and they called back today asking if I could set up an interview by wednesday.. I turned it down because I was nervous that I would test positive in a pre employment test.

    How long would you estimate my resin intake to leave my system? And if I tested positive, would they contact the police or my parents (Im 18).

    I could try calling back..
  2. digdoug

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    You're worried about a UA for a job at a mall?? What kinda store? If ANY of the stores at my local mall drug-tested,then there would be a massive hiring-spree,because 90% of the current employees would be FIRED. I do know that some national chain stores require random drug testing,but very few have pre-employment ones.
  3. Secs

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    Why don't you test yourself to see if you can pass a drug test before turning down any more jobs. Get one at any large chain drub store.

    Yes, Mall stores drug test. Game Stop, Target, Sears, Sheels, CVS, - a lot of stores drug test.

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