Restaurant Cooking with Cannabis -- Views about Restaurants using Marijuana

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    Restaurant found to be Cooking with Cannabis -- July 5th, 2012

    SACRAMENTO, CA (KXTV) - Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies have issued a search warrant at a restaurant they are saying had been a cover for a medical marijuana dispensary operation.

    Sheriff's spokesman Jason Ramos said they issued a warrant today at The Farmer's Daughter on El Camino Avenue near Watt Avenue. Their webpage describes them as having local specialty foods plus a cafe.

    Ramos says they have been examining this restaurant for a while and they had the ability to serve the search warrant Wednesday morning. He says they've discovered marijuana edibles, lollypops and baked good so far.

    The restaurant's owners, Robert Sand, 64, and Shelby Lucero, 50, were also detained and booked on felony charges including possession of cannabis for sale, cultivation of marijuana and unlawful production, and criminal conspiracy. Outside of the restaurant, medical cannabis patients were furious.

    "It's a violation of our rights," medical marijuana patient Richard Miller said. "They would rather us be all drugged up on medications. Rather than using holistic medicines."

    What are your views about restaurants using marijuana in their cooking if they had a license to do so? Discuss. :rant:
  2. Buzzby

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    If they are selling it to people without a medical marijuana recommendation from their doctor, they are in clear violation of several state and federal laws.
  3. Ray Ray

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    I dont think anyone should have any sort of penalty or discrimination, but i do believe that they would be a lot "safer" if they created some sort of verify system to be able to go in to the establishment. The cafe on the other hand is a little more in the air, I mean there could be some people just want to hang out there because of the environment and not partake in any of the medical cannabis. If there were to be a purchase of a product with cannabis in it, then thats where the verification of a patient would come into play... No need to wave their "power trip" wands and shut the whole thing down... in my opinion;)
  4. braxton

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    I actually want to open a restaurant like this when I'm older. I don't see much of a problem with it as long as we only serve the cannabis-infused products to people with medical marijuana cards.
  5. karen avila

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    OK so if they all had medical marijuana cards from a Doctor, young or old would cooking with pot be legal and serving it? Well I'm thinking they could not sell to a minor even if they had a card right?

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