Review: The Original Vapor Brothers (Hands Free)

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by BigDaddyVapor, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Wow! Does this thing get a bad knock in some circle. In short, a thoroughly enjoyable, relaxing, extremely efficient (10+ pulls per load) and very smooth vapor experience. I concede the angle problem that some have pointed out. However, I see this is a problem with some other vapes, such as the DBV also (though not as pronounced). A vape that gets stellar marks.

    Well, I can't see why the VB doesn't get those same marks.

    The VB HF likes a coarse grind, light and fluffy. The VB HF will turn everything into a very even, deep dark brown.

    I start out at 12'oclock until its warm, which is a pleasantly quick 5 minutes. Then, before I insert the whip, I bump it down to about 11, for the first pull and 9:30 - 10 for the rest. At the end, I'll kick it back up to 12.

    After the first 3-4 hits, vapor takes a bit more time to build up. This is where you really notice how draw speed (air flow) effects your vapor density. The VB makes a VERY good mixture and soon after you start pulling on what you might assume, is a AVB load at this time, returns another 4 milky and tasty hits. I pull the whip after the 2nd hit, dump and stir. Then I'll stir after every 2 hits. I leave the whip inserted, otherwise. Since you're not drawing that air through and the element has some distance between itself and the herb... it doesn't get hot enough to produce vapor. Once you start the draw however, within seconds... you're pulling a nice milky cloud.

    As I've said. I think Vapor Brothers gets a bum rap and this vape doesn't get enough credit. Its the most copied vape, in the history of vapes, for a reason... besides, its easy to build. The design works. It works well. Other than the common angle complaint, there isn't anything I could ask them to do, to improve on it. Smooth, easy, extremely low drag pull off a whip and one of the best vapes for tasting your strains.

    While there isn't any visual temp control other than a chart they supply with the unit and markings on the dial, but its not numeral indicators. Finding the right temp, is easy, however. Just adjust off the 1st couple pulls. Once set, temperature stays ROCK steady. These units, do NOT fluctuate temp (which is a big hit on the knock-offs).

    The medication takes, with a pleasant easing you into whatever state you need to be in. A very casual and relaxing way to vape.

    It really is a great unit. I had it set up on my bed table the other night. Loaded up a nice Indica. Grabbed my SSFG and just a nice chill time getting to where I wanted to be. Took my time, no rush and really no maintenance, other than an occasional stir. Performance-wise, I think it warrants the $199 price tag, people complain about. It operates as well as any $200 vape I've tried.

    Plus, I would love to sit down with ANY person that has had a bad experience with one of the knock-offs and introduce them to the real deal.

    Solid A. Would be A+, if not for the angle issue, like the DBV. Haven't found any other fault in it, to knock it down. Its exceeded my expectations.
    Oops. Forgot a picture.
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    I used a VB for a couple of years before moving up to a Vriptech setup. My major complaint with the VB and its similar brethren is that it's tricky to walk the line between getting a big hit and setting the load on fire. Temperature control depends on a heating element that isn't capable of maintaining a steady temperature.
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    The VBs use a ceramic heating element these days. During a conversation with one of their reps, on another forum... I saw him address a guy that had a similar issue. He said there was a period, they were using different heating elements, because people complained it wasn't hot enough. They went to a different element, that just never caught on... when they switched it up to ceramic. He said, those units were covered under warranty, if the owner wished to send it in and have the element replaced.

    Doesn't sound like you still have it still, but eh... for anyone that has one, collecting dust, its something to think about. I've got 3 different vapes; a MFLB, HI (Heat Island log vape) and the VB (well, 4 if you count my Eclipse H2O). The HI runs on a variable tattoo gun power supply. The VB holds temp, just as well, if not better than the separate power supply unit. In fact, the rock-solid temp control, was what really sold me on bringing it into my regular rotation. I love it, for bed time. I'll already have it on, heating some essential oils on my bed table... crank it up a bit, load the whip, grab one of my little bubblers or tubes and off to Sleepy Land I go.

    While I don't need a digital readout, I think they should at least paint and mark the dial range, however
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    It should. It's one of many clones of the Vapor Bros.

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