Ridiculously faint line, home drug test photo, help?

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by vominatrix, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. vominatrix

    vominatrix New Member

    Okay so I'm 21, 5'5", about 190 (more muscle than you might think), female.
    I need to pass an employment drug test, havent been smoking heavily since Nov or so. Last time I smoked was probably late January. I bike about five miles at least three times a week.

    I feel like I've been abstaining for so long that I SHOULD test clean, but the line is so faint, its almost nonexistent. Tell me what you think?

    First time poster, long time lurker :) sorry my posting reason is so selfish! I've been pouring through similar posts and I'm so paranoid, I thought I'd post one for myself.

    Oh and I thought I'd mention, I took this photo about an hour after taking the test. But if the line faded since then, it wasn't by much.

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  2. FullyBaked1975

    FullyBaked1975 New Member

    According to to the instructions and most of the members on this site, that is a passing line. I have the same issue with the faint line but stopped toking only about 3 weeks ago after 2.5 months of daily use.
  3. The Green Lantern

    The Green Lantern New Member

    Same problem here! i hate these home tests! NEVER get a bright line! i stopped smoking for 3 years, then toked moderately for about 6 months. last smoked on Jan 27th... This was my 5th piss today --> so not sure how confident i am... DT-1.jpg
  4. partelo jones

    partelo jones New Member

    I passed 2 OTC tests with one line like the above and another "ghost" line and failed at the lab, miserably I might add. Also diluted and drank a detox (what a waste that was), at that point I had abstained for 10 days. Was up all night making myself sick with a gallon of water in addition to tea, gatorade, vitamins, aspirin, you name it. My test was not diluted at all, it was a straight up fail.
    From what I am gathering it seems that the OTC tests do indeed detect a level of how dirty you are (it would be nice if they clarified that). I would not count a ghost line as a negative. On the 2 different brands I used, one was pink and the other was a faint ghost line, and I still failed. Right now I have abstained for I think 35 days and still am showing a pail pink line. I feel that I have no choice but to try to sub (another fing test tomorrow a.m.)
    If hell exists this must be what it feels like. Oh also:
    5'7, 105 lbs (yeah I know, this stress is literally killing me)
    exercise regularly and I would think my metabolism is fast since I can't gain weight

    I was a daily smoker but had no idea that it could still be in my system this long, especially considering I have barely any body fat, eat healthy and am active. People who say you'll pass in the lab with a ghost line are incorrect, I went in there with confidence and now look like a lying idiot. :( At the end of my rope. Sorry to scare anyone or sound negative but I wouldn't get my hopes up about those faint lines.​
  5. vominatrix

    vominatrix New Member

    Yikes, good luck. I'm sorry to hear that. I'm expecting my pass/fail results today or the next day so I'll let you guys know how it goes. I'm really hoping for some divine intervention here. D:

    It's discouraging to hear how slim you are and still failed! Makes me lose hope a little. But I'm glad for the information, thank you. :)
  6. partelo jones

    partelo jones New Member

    Yeah, all of my friends in addition to people at the local smoke shop are pretty shocked over it. I have friends that smoke the same day as their tests (wish I had the balls!) and they passed just by drinking gallons of water or a detox. I am at the point where I feel like my results were tampered with but there is no way in hell I'm proving that. I work with computers so I know how easy it is to falsify documents. I didn't go into the details but these people have been jerking me around a lot too, never told me I failed, in fact told me I passed, refused to show me the documents and then all of a sudden BLAM you failed, BTW. It has been a nightmare and really fishy. I can't sleep, can barely eat and now will probably have to go on anti depressants all over this, feel so trapped and hopeless. Don't know what to do :(
    I wonder if it takes women longer to process THC than men, combing over these boards and it sounds like women really get the sh** end of the stick with this... But what else is new. Good luck to you, be prepared for anything!
  7. vominatrix

    vominatrix New Member

    Well women have a higher body fat percentage and a harder time burning fat so I wouldn't be surprised. D: That sounds like a really tough situation, is it a pre-employment drug test?

    I actually passed mine with no detox drinks or over hydration tricks. (I assume because they called me to schedule orientation
    today, I didn't order a copy of my results myself.) I hope nobody plays any tricks on me like they are doing to you, and I wish you good luck!
  8. partelo jones

    partelo jones New Member

    That's great, congrats!!!
    I got caught up in the legal system for reckless driving, was surprised with a drug test with only the 10 day warning. Apparently it's a "new system" and I got completely screwed over bc of it. I wasn't caught with pot or anything, I don't even do drugs, legal or otherwise. :p I might have to start now though! My doctor is pretty much forcing anti depressants on me.
    Anyway, at least someone has some good luck, have fun at the new job. :)
  9. Scorro1`

    Scorro1` New Member

    Well, after reading a few topics within these forums, I found that mostly its reassuring to hear we would be passing based on a 15 dollar home test.

    Regardless, I am in the same boat :)

    27, 195lbs, 6'6" - Medium to High Metabolism. Smoker for many years but in the last one took it down to every other day, once per day. Quit for 60 days with only 2 tokes between then. My test is next Monday and I tested myself on the first void of the day.

    This is my second home test.


    My first test I did towards the end of the day and both lines were very dark. Let me know what you all think. Any hope is appreciated!

    Oh and its a pre-employement test.
  10. Bobby0211

    Bobby0211 New Member

    Home tests are 99.6 accurate. They use the standard 50ng/l cutoff levels that most drug screens and tests use. Are you sure your test was not a higher standard one where the cutoff levels are 20ng/l?

    That info would be nice to know before you scAre and worry people out there who do pass with faint lines on their take home tests

    Anyhow, quit smoking for 7 days and 13 hrs. I passed two take home tests (you can see a pic on he thread I recently created). Both were faint lines. One was with my 5th void of the day and the second one was from the morning---my dirtiest piss.

    I am now going in to take a 10 panel test and reading your post is making me nervous as hell. I am not going to dilute. I am going to drink water like any normal person would throughtout the day. I did take vitamin b complex just to be safe. I figured it wouldnt hurt as long as my urine is not glowing. Wish me luck
  11. FullyBaked1975

    FullyBaked1975 New Member

    @Bobby0211: I was scared also even after passing my home urine tests every time after about my 7-8 day of being smoke free. I do have a faster metabolism and played basketball every single day in the hot sun (sometimes until I almost collapsed), sweated my balls off, and drank at least 1-2 gallons of water and Gatorade daily (I know it doesn't get the thc out faster BUT it does speed up metabolism). I was still scared cause it was a very faint line; at times the line would look darker, other times (even after the darker lines) it would appear lighter again. I just think it is the material it is cut from but most are pretty accurate and show you if you passed at the 50ng level. I was still freaking out so I shipped my piss overnight to the lab (it cost me about $30 (I took the At Home Drug Test kit - $15 each, but they provide the stuff for you to send it in to them), they got it the following day it took about 3 days after they received it before I got my results. I had passed 100% under the 50ng line. About 3 days later I took my work urine test and passed with not problems :) There's my story... you should be fine without diluting - just don't give your first piss or two of the day. If you are still worried and have a chance, ship it overnight to the lab to be 100% sure.

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