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  1. Hey all. Couldn't find any threads on this already, so I decided to ask it myself.

    What generation roach joint is everybody on?

    I've got 2 fourth generation roaches right now. Building up for a 5th generation roach joint.

    If y'all don't practice this method, I'll explain:

    The roach from a roach joint would be a 2nd generation roach.

    In theory, 5-6 roach joints would allow you to roll one 2nd generation roach joint. These things are resiny as hell, and get you messed up noticebaly more than a regular joint.

    Also do you guys roll your roach joints with or without the papers? I do mine without the papers. ( Save em and make oil).

    I dunno if you guys do these things, but I'm pretty preservative with weed, haha.

    If I don't make sense, blame the 420. I'll edit when i'm not stoned. Heh. Later.
  2. Charon

    Charon New Member

    Before I finish the joint were there is a litttle bit of weed left, I put it in my bong cause the weed is full of resin, and hittingg it gets me soooo high

  3. howdooyoodoo

    howdooyoodoo New Member

    I tried making a 2nd generation joint once by taking 5 or 6 roaches and just wrapping them in a rollie(the paper still on them) but it didn't really do much to me so I haven't done it since. Now if I have a roach i'll usually just use a roach clip or a pipe and finish it all.
  4. WhiteBoy

    WhiteBoy Sloth

    i rolled a second generation roach joint the a few days ago. it was all really bad schwag, and i was barely feeling a head change when i smoked the other 6 or 7 joints, but the 2nd generation roach joint (long title) got me kinda high
  5. GreenGator

    GreenGator New Member

    Yea I find joint roaches are best used in pipes or bongs. I haven't tried putting them into another joint... that would seem to mess with the paper. It would be sooo slow burning, you better have some slow papers.

    With my friends, we usually put what is left of the roach (without the paper, although I'd smoke it anyway heh) into a pipe and pass it around forever. It just keeps hitting and hitting, probably because my friend has alot of resin in his pipe too hehe. :D
  6. Buzz-a-licous

    Buzz-a-licous New Member

    Dude, this confused me greatly.
  7. FootlongFatty

    FootlongFatty Senior Member

    Nobody really understands the Generations....

    A first gen. roach doob takes about 5 roaches rolled into one joint.

    A second generation is just like Human take 1 KID (roach) from FIVE DIFFERENT PARENTS (first generation roach doobs) and they have sex , making a greasy nasty kid that will knock you on your ass(ROLL THEM INTO A NEW JOINT) and then you have a Second Generation Roach that would take 25 roaches
    (assuming 5 roaches are used to roll each new doob)
    and so on and so on. probly dont like being told anyway....:wave:
  8. ThaNarc

    ThaNarc New Member

    I don't know about any of yall, but a friend turned me onto whats called Super Roach Sunday. Oddly enough me and alot of my boys are always dry on sunday. So if your like me you smoke at least one joint a day, so after 6 days, you have 6 joint fat nug roaches. So you at least have enough to roll another joint, and if you have a friend who does the same thing, thats more weed. My personal best is having a month and half supply of roaches which got me stoned for two days.
    Plus if your like me, someone who likes to clean their pipes you'll will have a big ball of resin. Since its been awhile since I have been dry enough to smoke resin, I currently have a resin ball as big as my thumb. And since harvest time is around I hope not to smoke that resin until it is the size of a golf ball.
  9. McGyver

    McGyver Guest

    Personally i roll all my joints with a tip of rolled cardboard(whatever i havelying around, usually a peice of a matchbook or paper box.) that way i have no roach. There is absolutely no waste and it allows you to hit those precious last resin filled hits with ease. It also makes it easier to hit the joint normally because it opens an air channal.
  10. generation joint

    Isn't a generation joint were you collect your roaches then roll them into joints then save those roaches and roll another joint or however many so on and so forth till your out of weed. the oldest bud ive smoked was 4 generation
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  11. Stoner_Paul

    Stoner_Paul New Member we go...
    So. You smoke a joint an save the roach.
    Repeat this w/ 5 to 6 joints.
    U now have 5 to 6 roaches.
    Roll these roaches into a joint.
    You now have a 2nd generation
    Repeat this process till you have 5-6 2nd generation joints rolled.
    Smoke these...
    Now U have 5-6 2nd generation roaches from these joints.
    Roll these (5-6) roaches into a joint.
    This is now a 3rd generation joint.
    This can continue forever but is easier to do if the roaches are bigger so you require less roaches per joint or blunt.
    This procedure is cool if different types of weed is tossed in causing a salad effect.
    It would be crazy to have like a fat 10th generation blunt rolled up w/ dirt/shwag/middies/dro/chronic/dank/haze sprinkled w/ sum hash.
    OMG thatd be crazy and would take time and patience but would fudge you up w/ all different kindsa highs...
    For ex. Mind high/Body high/Light headedness/Droopy Doobie high/Hippy Dippy high/Mind altering high/Halucinatory high....I could go on but this would be a smokers dream.:eek: :jawdrop:
  12. McGyver

    McGyver Guest

    I do agree that high generation roach joints are just the shniznizit! teh oldest ive had the pleasure of smoking is 3rd gen. And it did have a mix of bud because i like to buy different stuff all the time. I just kind of keep reexperiencing the different highs...i love it.
  13. Heathen

    Heathen New Member

  14. aus_stoner

    aus_stoner New Member

    well i dont smoke j's cos i reckon they waste weed but if i do I just stick the roach in my bong and hit that shiznit HARD! :devil:
  15. OhioSmoker

    OhioSmoker New Member

    I have this alter cup that a friend of mine, who made it in pottery class, gave to me a few years back, in which, is where I collect my roaches. The mentality behind its keeping is it is sort of an offering to the gods. They lil bugs steadily fill it until, heavens forbid, the day comes when I don't have smoke! Then, I do a rain dance which involves pouring tap water into the bong, followed by a special cerimony wherein the roaches are sacrificed. These kinds of sacrifices are sometimes necessary.

    Shake a leg, Pick the bugs out, 'n eat 'em, the OhioSmoker
  16. McGyver

    McGyver Guest

    ummm..............whats going on?
  17. gibsisrib

    gibsisrib New Member

    Yah my roaches never get past second gen.. they seem kinda dirty

    but anyways i dont get how you roll a roach joint without using a rolling paper..
    it just kinda seemed weird...
    Ohh i just had a sudden realization that u might have been talking about keeping the paper on each roach
  18. RyanB

    RyanB Sr. Member

    (Your about 6 years and 2 months too late :p) This thread was from 2002
  19. Buzzby

    Buzzby Buddhist Curmudgeon

    Roaches taste shitty enough without compounding it by smoking whole joints and "generation" joints made out of them. Yeah. I did it too. Forty years ago. I don't know any old heads who do it.

    I'd much rather smoke fresh green than smelly old toxin-filled roaches. They get you "high" by poisoning you - just a little. :D
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  20. nik12937

    nik12937 New Member

    i just put a little filter thingy in my joints so i can always smoke all of it

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