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  1. Lite Me Up

    Lite Me Up New Member

    Ok.. Im new here and was lookin for advice...

    I was gettin some trees for me and my friends and i got robbed of a good amount of money..

    What steps should i take to get this money back or gettinwhat i paid for..
  2. teco

    teco New Member

    I dont think this is the place to come and ask people how get "revenge" on someone.If i got robbed i would be really mad but did you even know who did it? cuz if you did you could use your imaginstion and think of somthing or tell the cops.

    but if i misread and you got jacked by the guy selling you the weed i would go and ask for my money back and if he didnt give it back i'd kick his ass.
  3. Lite Me Up

    Lite Me Up New Member

    and yes it was the guy selling to me
  4. weedzinger

    weedzinger Seasoned Activist

    Do what you feel is right. By a good amount of money, how much do you mean? Either way its not going to be good.
  5. teco

    teco New Member

    i'd go kick his ass if he didnt give me my money back but hey thats just me:D.
  6. Ross

    Ross Seasoned Activist

    If this degrades into a discussion of kicking ass, causing any other bodily injury, or anything else of the sort, it will be closed. There's not a whole lot that you can do in this situation, you're in a tough spot...
  7. WNB

    WNB Seasoned Activist

    I asked for revenge here once and the topic didn't get closed. And my post had absolutely nothing to do with weed :D my experience, revenge only escalates and leads to bad consequences for everyone. An eye for an eye really does leave everyone blind. I'd suggest trying to get your money back without the use of threats or violence, and if it doesn't work out, whatever, it happens sometimes to everyone. And deffinatly be more careful with your money in the future :D
  8. jebus

    jebus Senior Member

    just tell everyone you knwo that the guy rips people off. soon noone will go to him and he will be sad and have no money
  9. TheCleric

    TheCleric Novice Healer

    Step 1. Live and learn : This is something everyone in the marijuana community has gone through at least once. Thanks to drug laws its a lucrative business to rip people off and sadly there are people out there who will have no problem doing this to you. So what you do is take all the mistakes you made this time and study them.

    Step 2. Apply the knowledge : Ok so you got ripped off and you have studied your mistakes now comes the process of applying what you know to future situations. Next time someone says yeah i can hook you up you say, ok good go get me the weed and i will be right here. If they say they need the money say you dont need to be ripped off, or better yet say that you need his shoes. Dont actually take his shoes as collateral but, he needs your money about as much as you need his shoes so its ok. If this guy is not able to go to his supplier to get weed without showing the money first hes not trustworthy and i would suggest making a new friend :D

    Step 3. Never give beggars money : Ok this has nothing to do with your situation but as im dispensing advice i thought id throw this in here. Giving beggars money doesn't help them and even though it makes you feel like a samaritan you're only causing them to leech off society rather than try and become productive working citizens. :nono: If someone asks you for a dollar ask them for an employment history.

    Step 4. Inform potential customers : So now you realise what you did wrong and you are saying to yourself, wow that Cleric guy is really smart I should listen to him/ send him money via paypal so he can buy a cd player for his car. :goof: Cool but, before you do that you should inform people that this person ripped you off. No need for slander, you dont gotta call the guy all the names in the book but, make sure you tell the people that buy weed off this guy that he ripped you off. Buying marijuana from a dealer is just like buying fresh produce from a supermarket. If you went into Big Y or Stop and Shop and paid for a head of lettuce that you didnt receive, or got bad lettuce or were over charged for said lettuce, you as a consumer have the right to now spread the word about how this place burned you. This is the only way that you can get some sort of revenge on this place. The more people that know this place burned you, the more people this places loses to burn.

    Step 5. Kiss your money goodbye : Ok so this is all great stuff to know but, how do you get your money back? Well tough luck sparky cause ya don't, these things rarely work like that. Now some of you might say ohh well im going to get my buddies together and drive up there and kick his ass. This is just wrong. Ok first of all you are not from a rap video, you are not a thug, you are not a cool tough guy and this is not the hood. If you think going up there and beating this guy senseless over weed is going to help anything than you shouldn't even be smoking weed because you are missing the main point of the marijuana culture. The fault here lies on both fronts, yours and the dude that burned you. Sure he ripped you off but, you allowed him to do so by not paying attention or knowing the way the game works. Its tough to admit but, you done fugged up here and now planning to go beat this guy over it is just another way to fugg up again. I know its terribly cliche but in the end he will get his, you dont need to do anything more than spread the word about his wrong doings and already the universe is set in motion to correct this problem for you.

    Step 6. Graduation from newb to veteran : Well here you are, you got burned but now you have all this great information under your belt, the only last step is never letting it happen again. This should be fairly easy if you read this thoroughly and apply it to your life. I know because i was once new to this game and got ripped off myself so im only speaking from a "this happened to me as well" stand point. In my 7 years of smoking i have been ripped off once, I've gotten ****ty bags but only once have i given someone money and not got my weed because it only took that one time for me to smarten up and never front money again. Im just a smart cookie like that.

    So hopefully you will take my advice and not get ripped off again. Its a crummy world sometimes man but, a little bit of knowledge can help you significantly as you will learn.

    Good luck and be safe.
  10. suede

    suede Activist

    If you live long enough,and continue buying Marijuana

    You will be ripped off again,and @ some future point,the law of averages say you will be busted.To survive in this culture,you have to learn from the mistakes of others,or you wil become a statistic in the WOD...............My suggestion is,learn to grow;) b.s.

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  11. ComfortablyNumb

    ComfortablyNumb New Member

    Wow Cleric, that was great! How much do I send to your pay pal account? ;)
  12. j2krj

    j2krj New Member

    Did he just take the money and run?

    I know a lot of people who get robbed because their stoned and hanging out with people and some guy just comes up, 'hey anybody wanna buy some trees?' So the kid looks at him, 'nah man I already got some' and so the kid says 'cool man, lemme see them dank nugs' or something like that. The kid pulls out his weed, holds on to it and just lets the kid look but the kid just grabs them, pushes him, and runs.

    Kind of a shiitty thing to do, but I know of this one kid who does it a lot who is also a 'big time' dealer. I don't know if he smokes his stolen goods or sells them though
  13. Lite Me Up

    Lite Me Up New Member

    thanks for the advice..

    maybe ill see him walkin around the streets one day and have a nice friendly chat with him about out lil situation..

    I just found out his real name 2day... So I'll let you know if iget my money back...

    $600 is a lotta cash... at least for me.. bein 17 and all..
  14. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden New Member

    *in my best "Fat Bastard" voice*

    "thats a buncha crap!"

    man, hes either incredibly stupid or incredibly ballsy or incredibly confident that you wont come to collect...

    jeez, thats like two consecutive death sentences every place ive ever lived..

    usually things that i have seen get serious happened around $150+...but DANG, six hundred?

    yeah, thats death..twice
  15. Larmer

    Larmer Seasoned Activist


    Cleric told me to give you his account username, it's uh, Larmer....:lookaroun:

    That's L-A-R-M-E-R.....

    But anyways, why the hell are you buying $600 worth from an unreliable source, fronting the money?!?:confused:

    Social Darwinism at work, my friend!:D
  16. TheCleric

    TheCleric Novice Healer

    LMAO wicked good call Larmer :p

    Naw my advice is free, alls ya have to do is ask, or not in most cases ;)
  17. deadman420

    deadman420 New Member

    Just find out the pertinent information, and then call the police on him for dealing. Simple as that. It won't get your money back, but if you're lucky it will put his theiving ass in prison, or at the very least necessitate him spending a time and effort dealing with the police, and if he goes to trial, money on a lawyer.

    But that's my advice only because it's illegal to murder him:D .
  18. Lite Me Up

    Lite Me Up New Member

    It was my boys boy.. thought it be reliable but he ****ed me ova... My boys not talkin to him anymore eitha...

    And I wouldnt call the cops.. I'm not like that, Im not a snitch...
  19. teco

    teco New Member

    hello 9-1-1 this dealer just stole my money for weed:D
  20. Conine

    Conine Seasoned Activist

    If he does it a lot, why aren't people catching on? I'd think the guy would get a reputation pretty quick.

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