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  1. mark87fndr

    mark87fndr Sr. Member

    who here enjoys the actual act of rolling joints. Not necisrally smoking the joint but just the act of rolling it? I personally love it. If I mess up a joint in the littlest way when I'm at my house I have to redo it to make it perfect. Not to toot my own horn or anything but Im really good at rolling now just cause I like to do it so much. Me and my friends all argue over who gets to roll the weed every time. Now we've all gotten so good at it whoever has the weed normally rolls.

    Who else here likes to roll? :D
  2. Jake

    Jake Sr. Member

    I love the whole process of pre-smoking, whether it is rolling a joint, blunt, or packing a bowl:)

    I used to love rolling joints and would always try to make it perfect, but then I moved up to blunts (with people) or bowls (myself).
  3. mark87fndr

    mark87fndr Sr. Member

    Yea I'm just starting to try and roll blunts now. I love smoking a good blunt almost as much as a good joint (better when with people). We normally left blunts to my one friend but now I'm trying to get good at that. Actually leaving the skin of a messed up blunt in my brother's and my car (we share one) is what made us get drug tested last friday :/.
  4. SpiralArchitect

    SpiralArchitect The Cosmic Chronic

    Yeah, I love rolling joints. I am one awesome joint roller.

    I roll mine inside out though, just because I'm cool like that.... ;)
  5. b1s8e3

    b1s8e3 Subscriber

    I would roll inside out, but I tend to smoke alot of indoors, and the dense nuggets of the indoors tend to not burn as easily. Unless I'm using a grinder!
  6. i love weed 420

    i love weed 420 New Member

    i love rolling spliffs, but i love smoking them 20x more:wave:

    not to toot my own horn, but now i can roll a perfect cone in literally 30 seconds(including breaking up the bud):cool: :D

    but bowls are much better, especially since i am getting a new bong tomorrow:D
  7. warchief

    warchief New Member

    i love the entire process me n one other person in my group of stoner buddys can roll and she doesnt unless its her weed so i roll pretty much 80% of the joints we smoke and that like atleast 8-9 a week. i started really crappy but i am getting pretty good now its just straight up cool and in my oppinion you can tell alot about how someone rolls a joint
  8. SpliffMan420

    SpliffMan420 New Member

    Me and my mate are a bit inexperinenced at rolling because we always make the joint uneven and sometimes if we forced to smoke outside it all goes down the drain(not literialy)
  9. ~MASTA{*}SHAKE~

    ~MASTA{*}SHAKE~ New Member

    I used to be good at rolling but i got a glass pipe and havnt rolled in a while. But i always liked to smell my fingers after rolling a joint:D
  10. Noeone

    Noeone Sr. Member

    Man I love everything about weed. I love the way the plants look and smell, I love how the buds look and smell, I love growing it, I love reading about it, I love writing about it, I love talking about, I love rolling it, packing it, and just plain smoking it, and I love the way it makes me feel.
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  11. i_hate_frau_lee

    i_hate_frau_lee New Member

    Agreed just fixing up anything with some fine herb, well i just dont know how to explain it.
  12. Hour

    Hour Sr. Member

    With my mates getting the weed ready and prepeared, getting everything that we need to use is just the "mission". Smoking the weed is the reward at the end of the "mission".

    So I do enjoy rolling my joints! Its just what you have to do to get that reward! =D
  13. stoner93

    stoner93 New Member

    Oh yea I love it too. It helps you anticipate and look forward to smoking, and I try to make it perfect too.
  14. Mikeebud

    Mikeebud Sr. Member

    Of course, Im pretty new at rolling, but can still roll a nice dub.
  15. Canta

    Canta Sr. Member

    I went through a stage of caring so much about rolling the perfect cone. Nowadays my joints look maybe worse but they always smoke perfectly, what it looks like no longer matter if you can toke it.
  16. I like rolling joints, but I love afterwards when everyone compliments you. You feel like you single handedly saved the night with your amazing rolling skills.

    Also, I of course enjoy smoking a home rolled J of herb...
  17. rubes

    rubes Guest

    Amen! :D
  18. chevyhotboxer

    chevyhotboxer New Member

    I love to make my own bowls and bongs and pack them. I would love to learn to eoll a joint but I just don't know how and have nobody that is good at rolling joints to really show me which really sucks. My homemade wooden bowls are like top of the line though.
  19. rubes

    rubes Guest

    got any videos/pictures? id like to see what it looks like
  20. TheInCircuit

    TheInCircuit New Member

    Rolling a joint is a fine art in my personal opinion.

    I remember the days when I first started smoking, or even beforehand, watching somebody roll anything was amazing.

    The way you roll it, the mix you use, the speed you roll it with, and how well it comes out... I'm honestly beginning to believe I have some sort of joint rolling fetish.
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