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  1. I am going on a trip with my entire family to Romania in a couple days and am wondering if anyone has been there before and what the marijuana party scene is...
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    I havent been to romania, that was one of two places that i REALLY wanted to go but didnt get the chance while i was in europe the past year (the other place being amsterdam :crybaby: ) but i did go to eastern europe, prague, bratislava, budapest.... and in those places im pretty sure it was pretty easy to score some herb, a bunch of people told us that they had been asked if they wanted to buy multiple times while wandering the city. we never were approached, but it did seem like it would be easy to find. the only thing is just to be careful of the authorities.... being put into a eastern european prison probably isnt on your list of things to do on vacation. my friend and i almost got locked up in bratislava because of an english rugby team dancing naked for us (story for another day i suppose :D )
    anyways no matter what have a freakin blast :)
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    when are you you coming here?? i'm from bucharest...if you come here please bing me some weed beacuse here is very rare and expensive (like 25$/gram) . i would really aprecciate if you can sell 14 grams or smthng like this to me...hope to come here soon. Peace Mod note--please don't ask people to "hook you up" as such behavior is against the rules here. Please reread the posting guidelines and contact me or any other staff member if you have questions
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    Aside from what I said in the mod note above, one would be wise to check the dates of posts they are replying too. If he was asking about Romania a year ago, chances are he has already made the trip

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