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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Scott Field, May 6, 2012.

  1. Scott Field

    Scott Field New Member

    So first thing i want to say hi and apologize for the long story but i want to be sure to provide every detail i can. I have been here browsing these forums for a few months now and decided to finally create an account.

    I'm a college student living in an apartment just off campus with 3 of my friends who i have known since i was real little. Just last winter i started smoking with some new friends i met on campus and have been loving it. About 2-3 times a week i would go over to my friends house and smoke and hang out with them. Eventually my roommates found out and decided i needed an intervention. Well this only annoyed me because they were trying to throw facts at me and call me an addict. I continued going over and they eventually just left me alone.

    Just recently i started purchasing my own, and to keep my roommates from knowing i would keep everything in tupperware (for the smell) and would only smoke outside (and at night, i.e. midnight). Well one night my roommate must have been awake and ordered pizza, because he claims he saw me smoking outside and he started lecturing me about having that around here. I listened like i usually do and eventually he starts threatening me saying if he sees it around here again he "WILL do something about it".

    I'm not really sure what to do. I dont want to stop smoking. I was trying to find another place to live but couldnt afford anywhere without roommates and i really couldnt find anyone else that wanted to live in an apartment. So i was forced to sign another year lease with them. I never have more than an 1/8 on me and here in ky thats only a misdemeanor but if he does turn me in im not sure what my college/parents/landlord/police will do.

    any help/tips? thank you!
  2. Trevor214

    Trevor214 New Member

    That sounds like a really tough situation. If you want to keep smoking, no matter how much you want to (and believe me, it can be hard) don't smoke unless you either go hang out at a friends house who is okay with it, or walk/drive far enough away from your appartments he won't see you smoking. The issue being whether or not you smoked in the car on the drive there, if you drive back after you smoked you run the risk of clumsily misobeying a traffic law and getting pulled over by a cop, so walking might be better overall.

    Does he know you are smoking weed necessarily? I often passed the weed scent on my off as cigarrette smoke to suspicous, nosy people. However if he does know it is weed then you have to take his threats seriously. If the cops think that what he reports is enough to try and search you, they can. Usually your house has the best security (Cops may only ever enter your house without a warrant, or your permission, if something serioiusly illegal is going on-though a few could try "smelling marijuana," but for the most part if you say nothing is going on inside, and that you won't let them in without a search warrent you are ok.
    Since he is your roommate, if they knock and he answers, they could easily be searching the apartment in the ten seconds.

    Sorry for the long reply, but the most often excuse used on this forum; I'm high right now
  3. Scott Field

    Scott Field New Member

    He definitely knows what it is. Walking is tougher since I'm in the city but I think my apt has a park. I only ever smoke really late so that should be ok. I wouldn't let them in, not sure about my roommate though. I have been reading up on my rights and all that too. Smell inside doesn't even exist other then what's left on my cloths, and when I open my tupperwear I always have a candle burning to deal with the immediate rush of smell.

    And no need for the apology. I appreciate the reply. :)
  4. Angelo Dundee

    Angelo Dundee New Member

    just get a smoke buddy bro. It's PERFECT for your situation.

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